BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
22.1VERSION: update to 22.1.7Dylan Baker7 months
22.2docs: Add sha256 sum for 22.2.5Dylan Baker3 months
22.3docs/relnotes: add sha256sum for 22.3.7Eric Engestrom2 weeks
23.0docs: Add sha256 sum for 23.0.0Dylan Baker4 weeks
amberi965: Plumb YUV range to nir_lower_tex().Andres Calderon Jaramillo2 months
mainr600: fix refcnt imbalance related to shaderPatrick Lerda2 hours
staging/22.1docs: add release notes for 22.1.7Eric Engestrom6 months
staging/22.2meson: Enable system_has_kms_drm for androidRoman Stratiienko4 months
staging/22.3docs/relnotes: add sha256sum for 22.3.7Eric Engestrom2 weeks
staging/23.0d3d12: Fix video decode for interlaced streams with reference only textures r...Sil Vilerino38 min.
mesa-22.3.7commit 127b1f0b06...Eric Engestrom2 weeks
mesa-23.0.0commit bbf142b8de...Dylan Baker4 weeks
mesa-22.3.6commit 234055882d...Eric Engestrom4 weeks
mesa-23.0.0-rc5commit 95b9a13e27...Dylan Baker6 weeks
mesa-22.3.5commit 6570a15662...Eric Engestrom6 weeks
mesa-23.0.0-rc4commit 2c2629f280...Dylan Baker7 weeks
mesa-22.3.4commit a5ffb70f86...Eric Engestrom8 weeks
mesa-23.0.0-rc3commit b27354806a...Dylan Baker8 weeks
mesa-23.0.0-rc2commit 667218a8d2...Dylan Baker2 months
mesa-23.0.0-rc1commit f081fa4047...Dylan Baker2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-01-22docs: Add 9.0.2 release notesmesa-9.0.2Andreas Boll2-0/+281
2013-01-22mesa: Bump version to 9.0.2Andreas Boll4-5/+5
2013-01-22egl/wayland: Destroy the pending buffer callback with the egl surfaceAnder Conselvan de Oliveira2-0/+7
2013-01-20mesa: update .cherry-ignore listAndreas Boll1-1/+6
2013-01-20Revert "r600g: try to fix streamout for the cases where BURST_COUNT > 0"Andreas Boll1-1/+1
2013-01-20tests: AM_CPPFLAGS must include $(top_srcdir) instead of $(top_builddir).Johannes Obermayr3-12/+13
2013-01-20r600g: Use LOOP_START_DX10 for loopsTom Stellard3-2/+11
2013-01-20gallivm: support more immediates in lp_build_tgsi_info()Brian Paul1-1/+1
2013-01-20clover: Adapt libclc's INCLUDEDIR and LIBEXECDIR to make use of the new intro...Johannes Obermayr4-6/+22
2013-01-20gallium/auxiliary: Add -fno-rtti to CXXFLAGS on LLVM >= 3.2.Johannes Obermayr1-0/+5