BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
22.1VERSION: update to 22.1.7Dylan Baker7 months
22.2docs: Add sha256 sum for 22.2.5Dylan Baker4 months
22.3docs/relnotes: add sha256sum for 22.3.7Eric Engestrom3 weeks
23.0docs: Add sha256 sum for 23.0.1Dylan Baker44 hours
amberi965: Plumb YUV range to nir_lower_tex().Andres Calderon Jaramillo3 months
maindocs: prefer http-links over ftpErik Faye-Lund5 hours
staging/22.1docs: add release notes for 22.1.7Eric Engestrom6 months
staging/22.2meson: Enable system_has_kms_drm for androidRoman Stratiienko4 months
staging/22.3docs/relnotes: add sha256sum for 22.3.7Eric Engestrom3 weeks
staging/23.0d3d12: Fix video decode for interlaced streams with reference only textures r...Sil Vilerino2 days
mesa-23.0.1commit b590fd1951...Dylan Baker44 hours
mesa-22.3.7commit 127b1f0b06...Eric Engestrom3 weeks
mesa-23.0.0commit bbf142b8de...Dylan Baker5 weeks
mesa-22.3.6commit 234055882d...Eric Engestrom5 weeks
mesa-23.0.0-rc5commit 95b9a13e27...Dylan Baker6 weeks
mesa-22.3.5commit 6570a15662...Eric Engestrom7 weeks
mesa-23.0.0-rc4commit 2c2629f280...Dylan Baker8 weeks
mesa-22.3.4commit a5ffb70f86...Eric Engestrom8 weeks
mesa-23.0.0-rc3commit b27354806a...Dylan Baker2 months
mesa-23.0.0-rc2commit 667218a8d2...Dylan Baker2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2008-09-24Prepare changelog for uploadmesa-7.2-1Julien Cristau1-2/+2
2008-09-24intel: don't warn about TTM init failure.Julien Cristau3-0/+16
2008-09-24Remove the build-dep on dri2proto, DRI2 support has been removed.Julien Cristau2-1/+4
2008-09-23Update the changelog, refresh patch 04.Timo Aaltonen2-7/+12
2008-09-23Merge commit 'mesa_7_2' into debian-experimentalTimo Aaltonen196-5528/+4758
2008-09-20mesa: docs: remove parenthesismesa_7_2Brian Paul1-1/+1
2008-09-20mesa: set 7.2 version for tarballsBrian Paul1-4/+4
2008-09-20mesa: prep for 7.2 releaseBrian Paul2-2/+8
2008-09-20Update to SGI FreeB 2.0.Adam Jackson135-4442/+3780
2008-09-18document _tnl_InvalidateState() fixBrian Paul1-0/+1