BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
22.2docs: Add sha256 sum for 22.2.5Dylan Baker6 months
22.3docs/relnotes: add sha256sum for 22.3.7Eric Engestrom3 months
23.0docs: Add sha256 sum for 23.0.4Dylan Baker9 days
23.1docs/relnotes: add sha256sum for 23.1.1Eric Engestrom13 days
amberi965: Plumb YUV range to nir_lower_tex().Andres Calderon Jaramillo5 months
maincompiler: use align instead glsl_align and remove glsl_alignYonggang Luo58 min.
staging/22.2meson: Enable system_has_kms_drm for androidRoman Stratiienko6 months
staging/22.3docs/relnotes: add sha256sum for 22.3.7Eric Engestrom3 months
staging/23.0radeonsi: call ac_init_llvm_once before any util_queue initializationMarek Olšák2 weeks
staging/23.1anv: Set CS stall bit during HIZ_CCS_WT surface fast clearSagar Ghuge16 hours
mesa-23.0.4commit b516242c15...Dylan Baker9 days
mesa-23.1.1commit fa55e3c026...Eric Engestrom13 days
mesa-23.1.0commit be4f7fb656...Eric Engestrom4 weeks
mesa-23.1.0-rc4commit fd6968991a...Eric Engestrom5 weeks
mesa-23.1.0-rc3commit d04b95b27e...Eric Engestrom6 weeks
mesa-23.0.3commit 77661a6022...Dylan Baker7 weeks
mesa-23.1.0-rc2commit aa348a35ec...Eric Engestrom7 weeks
mesa-23.1.0-rc1commit f53f445b97...Eric Engestrom8 weeks
23.1-branchpointcommit 45826e42c5...Eric Engestrom8 weeks
mesa-23.0.2commit 4d5e73870e...Dylan Baker2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2022-04-21VERSION: bump for 22.0.2 releasemesa-22.0.2Dylan Baker1-1/+1
2022-04-21docs: add release notes for 22.0.2Dylan Baker1-0/+293
2022-04-21.pick_status.json: Update to 9f44a264623461c98368185b023d99446676e039Dylan Baker1-1/+1
2022-04-21spirv: fix OpBranchConditional when both branches are the sameAlexey Bozhenko2-5/+8
2022-04-21util/stencil: fix stencil fallback blit shader texture types.Dave Airlie2-3/+3
2022-04-21u_blitter/stencil: take dstbox x/y into accounts for dst fb widthDave Airlie2-3/+3
2022-04-21intel/dev: Add device info for RPL-PJordan Justen3-1/+14
2022-04-21crocus: export GEM handle with RDWR access rightsMichael Olbrich2-2/+2
2022-04-21util/draw: fix indirect draw count readbackMike Blumenkrantz2-3/+2
2022-04-21util/draw: handle draw_count=0 when reading indirect parametersMike Blumenkrantz2-1/+5