BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
21.1VERSION: bump for 21.1.8Eric Engestrom4 months
21.2docs: add sha256 sums for 21.2.6 relnotesDylan Baker8 weeks
21.3VERSION: bump for 21.3.4Eric Engestrom6 days
mainradeonsi: determine MEM_ORDERED after generating a shader variantMarek Olšák4 hours
marge_bot_batch_merge_jobir3: Assert that we cannot have enough concurrent waves for CS with barrierDanylo Piliaiev11 days
mastermesa: NOTE! Default branch is now mainJordan Justen8 months
staging/21.0anv: Support pushing shader constantsJason Ekstrand8 months
staging/21.1VERSION: bump for 21.1.8Eric Engestrom4 months
staging/21.2spirv: run nir_copy_prop before nir_rematerialize_derefs_in_use_blocks_implRhys Perry8 weeks
staging/21.3VERSION: bump for 21.3.4Eric Engestrom6 days
mesa-21.3.4commit bfe18835b5...Eric Engestrom6 days
mesa-21.3.3commit a65ad66c47...Eric Engestrom3 weeks
mesa-21.3.2commit a06cd045d1...Eric Engestrom5 weeks
mesa-21.3.1commit 9da08702b0...Eric Engestrom7 weeks
mesa-21.2.6commit bc7160c025...Dylan Baker8 weeks
mesa-21.3.0commit 9a33ae9467...Eric Engestrom2 months
mesa-21.3.0-rc5commit eb2f43553a...Eric Engestrom2 months
mesa-21.3.0-rc4commit 15751fbdf7...Eric Engestrom2 months
mesa-21.2.5commit d152999345...Dylan Baker3 months
mesa-21.3.0-rc3commit bb9bdc4b73...Eric Engestrom3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2020-11-19bump VERSION for 20.3.0-rc2 releasemesa-20.3.0-rc2Dylan Baker1-1/+1
2020-11-19glcpp: Handle bison-3.6 error message changesMatt Turner3-2/+6
2020-11-19.pick_status.json: Update to bac6cc586fe4c1b24351e0574d3a961eb631f6aeDylan Baker1-0/+1314
2020-11-17anv/image: Fix isl_surf_usage_flags for stencil imagesChad Versace2-5/+5
2020-11-17anv/image: Check DISJOINT in vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties2 (v2)Chad Versace2-1/+26
2020-11-17zink: more accurately track supported blitsErik Faye-Lund4-6/+14
2020-11-17turnip: Close sync_fd only if it is a valid file descriptor.Vinson Lee2-5/+5
2020-11-17clover/spirv: Add missing break for SpvOpExecutionMode case.Vinson Lee2-1/+2
2020-11-17frontends/va: Fix *num_entrypoints check.Vinson Lee2-2/+2
2020-11-17freedreno: Fix leak of shader binary on disk cache hits.Eric Anholt2-2/+2