BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
21.3i965: increase BRW_MAX_UBO to 16Yiwei Zhang4 weeks
22.0docs: update sha256 for 22.0.5Dylan Baker2 months
22.1VERSION: update to 22.1.6Dylan Baker6 days
22.2VERSION: bump to 22.2.0-rc2Dylan Baker6 days
mainnir_to_tgsi_info: drop const_buffers_declaredDave Airlie3 hours
marge_bot_batch_merge_jobir3: Assert that we cannot have enough concurrent waves for CS with barrierDanylo Piliaiev7 months
staging/21.3docs Add sha256 sums for 21.3.9Dylan Baker2 months
staging/22.0aco: fix spilling of phis without temp operandsDaniel Schürmann3 months
staging/22.1nir/lower_gs_intrinsics: fix primitive count for pointsQiang Yu6 hours
staging/22.2.pick_status.json: Mark 11ab6087797f805cf158048915c67945613c9a72 as denominatedDylan Baker6 hours
mesa-22.2.0-rc2commit df035d2894...Dylan Baker6 days
mesa-22.1.6commit 65fbedd8c4...Dylan Baker6 days
mesa-22.1.5commit f94151ee80...Dylan Baker13 days
mesa-22.2.0-rc1commit f8367fc41e...Dylan Baker13 days
22.2-branchpointcommit 373b232675...Dylan Baker13 days
mesa-22.1.4commit b6b790720c...Dylan Baker5 weeks
mesa-22.1.3commit f0cda4094d...Dylan Baker7 weeks
mesa-22.1.2commit a037d8e199...Dylan Baker2 months
mesa-21.3.9commit 78c96ae5b6...Dylan Baker2 months
mesa-22.0.5commit 18f91b5895...Dylan Baker2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2016-06-14glsl: make sure UBO arrays are sized in EScros-mesa-12.1.0-r7-vanillacros-mesa-12.1.0-r5-vanillacros-mesa-12.1.0-r3-vanillachadv/cros-mesa-12.1.0-r7-vanillachadv/cros-mesa-12.1.0-r5-vanillachadv/cros-mesa-12.1.0-r3-vanillaTimothy Arceri1-0/+14
2016-06-13clover: Update OpenCL version string to match OpenGLVedran Miletić2-2/+6
2016-06-13i965/fs: Fix regs_written for SIMD-lowered instructions some more.Francisco Jerez1-3/+3
2016-06-13i965: Fix cross-primitive scratch corruption when changing the per-thread all...Francisco Jerez17-18/+31
2016-06-13i965: Keep track of the per-thread scratch allocation in brw_stage_state.Francisco Jerez8-49/+70
2016-06-13i965: Fix scratch overallocation if the original slot size was already a powe...Francisco Jerez1-1/+1
2016-06-13mesa: Make TexSubImage check negative dimensions sooner.Kenneth Graunke1-19/+43
2016-06-13util: update some assertions in util_resource_copy_region()Brian Paul1-4/+8
2016-06-13i965: Fix encode_slm_size() to take a generation, not a device info.Kenneth Graunke2-3/+4
2016-06-13i965: Don't leak scratch BOs for TCS/TES.Kenneth Graunke1-0/+4