BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
20.3docs: Add sha256sum for medsa 20.3.5Dylan Baker4 months
21.0docs: update sha256 sum for mesa 21.0.3Dylan Baker3 months
21.1VERSION: bump for 21.1.6Eric Engestrom3 days
21.2VERSION: bump for 21.2.0-rc3Dylan Baker3 days
mainzink: add locking for zink_shader::programsMike Blumenkrantz9 hours
mastermesa: NOTE! Default branch is now mainJordan Justen3 months
staging/20.3radeonsi: don't crash on NULL images in si_check_needs_implicit_syncMarek Olšák4 months
staging/21.0anv: Support pushing shader constantsJason Ekstrand2 months
staging/21.1VERSION: bump for 21.1.6Eric Engestrom3 days
staging/21.2pan/bi: Remove incorrect errata workaroundAlyssa Rosenzweig30 hours
mesa-21.1.6commit 165816fd96...Eric Engestrom3 days
mesa-21.2.0-rc3commit 731f989135...Dylan Baker3 days
mesa-21.2.0-rc2commit b47de6e919...Dylan Baker10 days
mesa-21.1.5commit 997a5e6227...Eric Engestrom2 weeks
mesa-21.2.0-rc1commit b6c34d6cec...Dylan Baker2 weeks
21.2-branchpointcommit 3cb203303c...Dylan Baker2 weeks
mesa-21.1.4commit ac105a8e6e...Eric Engestrom4 weeks
mesa-21.1.3commit 07ebfa36c8...Eric Engestrom6 weeks
mesa-21.1.2commit 3e59d54daa...Eric Engestrom8 weeks
mesa-21.1.1commit abac12bc75...Eric Engestrom2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-02-19Version: update to 19.0-rc5mesa-19.0.0-rc5chadv/arc-mesa-19.0-r31-vanillachadv/arc-mesa-19.0-r1-vanillaarc-mesa-19.0-r1-vanillaDylan Baker1-1/+1
2019-02-19mesa: return NULL if we exceed MaxColorAttachments in get_fb_attachmentTapani Pälli1-2/+6
2019-02-19radv: ensure export arguments are always floatRhys Perry1-5/+1
2019-02-19radv: bitcast 16-bit outputs to integersRhys Perry1-2/+2
2019-02-19v3d: Fix the check for "is the last thrsw inside control flow"Eric Anholt2-8/+17
2019-02-19v3d: Use the early_fragment_tests flag for the shader's disable-EZ field.Eric Anholt4-17/+23
2019-02-19radv: fix writing the alpha channel of MRT0 when alpha coverage is enabledSamuel Pitoiset1-7/+8
2019-02-19radv: write the alpha channel of MRT0 when alpha coverage is enabledSamuel Pitoiset1-0/+8
2019-02-19nir: Don't reassociate add/mul chains containing only constantsKenneth Graunke1-5/+5
2019-02-15intel/compiler/test: Add unit test for mismatched signedness comparisonMatt Turner1-0/+32