BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
21.0docs: update sha256 sum for mesa 21.0.3Dylan Baker6 months
21.1VERSION: bump for 21.1.8Eric Engestrom6 weeks
21.2docs: add sha256 sum for 21.2.4 releaseDylan Baker9 days
21.3VERSION: bump for 21.3.0-rc2Eric Engestrom3 days
mainpanfrost: Remove duplicated #ifAlyssa Rosenzweig24 hours
mastermesa: NOTE! Default branch is now mainJordan Justen6 months
staging/21.0anv: Support pushing shader constantsJason Ekstrand5 months
staging/21.1VERSION: bump for 21.1.8Eric Engestrom6 weeks
staging/21.2ac/surface: disallow display DCC for big resolutionsMarek Olšák3 days
staging/21.3st/mesa: don't crash when draw indirect buffer has no storageMarek Olšák29 hours
mesa-21.3.0-rc2commit 7976828ae3...Eric Engestrom3 days
mesa-21.2.4commit 05529ac803...Dylan Baker9 days
mesa-21.3.0-rc1commit 2dc6aa567f...Eric Engestrom10 days
21.3-branchpointcommit 02435f1294...Eric Engestrom10 days
mesa-21.2.3commit 5da276cf33...Dylan Baker3 weeks
mesa-21.2.2commit 15c8aeef1d...Dylan Baker5 weeks
mesa-21.1.8commit 127871cd1e...Eric Engestrom6 weeks
mesa-21.2.1commit f5d4509d36...Dylan Baker2 months
mesa-21.1.7commit a09f5d9294...Eric Engestrom2 months
mesa-21.2.0commit 33595f88d6...Dylan Baker3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2011-10-24apple: Implement applegl_unbind_context7.10Jeremy Huddleston1-0/+18
2011-10-24apple: Silence some debug spewJeremy Huddleston1-3/+3
2011-10-03r600g: bump domain selection up one layer.Dave Airlie3-6/+24
2011-07-31Fix PPC detection on darwinJeremy Huddleston1-2/+2
2011-07-20glsl: Rewrote _mesa_glsl_process_extension to use table-driven logic.Paul Berry1-71/+213
2011-07-20glsl: Changed extension enable bits to bools.Paul Berry1-12/+12
2011-07-20glsl: Ensure that sampler declarations are always uniform or "in" parameters.Paul Berry1-0/+35
2011-07-20glsl: Move type_contains_sampler() into glsl_type for later reuse.Paul Berry3-16/+23
2011-07-20linker: Only over-ride built-ins when a prototype has been seenIan Romanick2-5/+21
2011-07-19glx: Avoid calling __glXInitialize() in driReleaseDrawables().Henri Verbeet2-9/+4