AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2010-11-26Disable debugging output.HEADmasterZack Rusin1-1/+1
2010-11-26Hack to finally start generating llvm ir for opencl kernels.Zack Rusin3-5/+47
2010-11-22Build fixes for llvm-libdir != /usr/lib.Piotr Rak2-2/+6
2010-11-20Various fixes.Zack Rusin1-28/+41
2010-11-18Cleaner compiler setup and new builins build setupZack Rusin4-81/+85
2010-11-17Initial version of the builtinsZack Rusin2-30/+76
2010-11-13Fix compilationZack Rusin3-3/+21
2010-11-13Bring in more of the compiler codeZack Rusin2-15/+55
2010-11-11Get it all a little closer to being reasonable.Zack Rusin7-264/+98
2010-11-10Implement more of the api stubsZack Rusin21-70/+298
2010-11-10Remove the cpu winsysZack Rusin7-267/+4
2010-11-10Update the header files.Zack Rusin7-31/+4460
2010-03-27Lots of various changesZack Rusin36-378/+1520
2010-01-04Fix some bugs found by the unit tests.Igor Oliveira2-6/+18
2010-01-04Create the cmake test infrastructureIgor Oliveira8-0/+303
2010-01-04PATCH[1/1]: OpenCL: create and implement stub context methodsIgor Oliveira5-10/+89
2009-08-30reorganize the directory structure a bitZack Rusin18-20/+11
2009-08-29add readme and fix libutil.a issueZack Rusin2-1/+12
2009-08-29lots of various changesZack Rusin10-77/+359
2009-08-21link in llvm/clangZack Rusin23-49/+1405
2009-08-20fix compilation and add some cmake codeZack Rusin19-1285/+82
2008-12-29add gl stubsZack Rusin3-1/+98
2008-12-28fix definitionZack Rusin1-1/+1
2008-12-28fix a linking issueZack Rusin1-1/+1
2008-12-27fix some build sytem issuesZack Rusin3-1/+20
2008-12-16some cleanupsZack Rusin4-820/+0
2008-12-16build using cmakeZack Rusin21-1918/+848
2008-12-16small changesZack Rusin4-7/+139
2008-12-14a little nicer scheme of creating devicesZack Rusin3-33/+35
2008-12-14moving more things to the deviceZack Rusin3-120/+201
2008-12-14first semi working exampleZack Rusin6-5/+90
2008-12-13cleanup some makefile configsZack Rusin3-83/+10
2008-12-13add some ignoresZack Rusin3-0/+4
2008-12-13new headers and some device changesZack Rusin7-66/+141
2008-12-13c++ is simply a better fit for openclZack Rusin16-42/+63
2008-12-07Starting work on OpenCLZack Rusin36-0/+4226