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-/build.lst/1.10/Wed Aug 20 14:15:04 2008//Tcws_dev300_frmdlg
-/d.lst/1.6/Fri Aug 17 11:27:10 2007//Tcws_dev300_frmdlg
-/rpt.xml/1.2/Mon Jul 09 11:56:12 2007//Tcws_dev300_frmdlg
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-Issue number:
-Submitted by:
-Reviewed by:
-CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
-CVS: Issue number:
-CVS: If this change addresses one or more issues,
-CVS: then enter the issue number(s) here.
-CVS: Submitted by:
-CVS: If this code has been contributed to the project by someone else; i.e.,
-CVS: they sent us a patch or a set of diffs, then include their name/email
-CVS: address here. If this is your work then delete this line.
-CVS: Reviewed by:
-CVS: If we are doing pre-commit code reviews and someone else has
-CVS: reviewed your changes, include their name(s) here.
-CVS: If you have not had it reviewed then delete this line.
-CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
-CVS: Committers,
-CVS: Please follow these protocols:
-CVS: * Please include in the log message
-CVS: reference(s) by ID / number and/or URL
-CVS: to any and all relevant issue(s).
-CVS: * If the code is contributed from outside Sun
-CVS: then please verify using the list at the following URL
-CVS: that Sun has received a signed Copyright Assignment Form
-CVS: from the submitter.
-CVS: Otherwise,
-CVS: please send an email TO: the submitter; and CC:
-CVS: the letter (CopyRightRequest.txt) to request assignment of copyright to Sun
-CVS: (
-CVS: Please do NOT commit code until you have verified (as detailed above) that
-CVS: Sun has received a signed Copyright Assignment Form from the submitter.
-CVS: * Please send an email TO: the submitter
-CVS: (particularly, if from outside Sun)
-CVS: advising that the code has been committed,
-CVS: and gratefully recognizing the contribution.