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4 daysDrop apparently German-inspired use of hyphensHEADmasterAdolfo Jayme Barrientos3-5/+5
5 daystdf#141474 Cdbl, Cint, Clng, Csng accept keyword argumentsAlain Romedenne4-47/+50
7 daysDocument SF_Dialog new Resize() and Center() methodsAlain Romedenne2-6/+81
8 daystdf#148413 Help: Remove mention of dropped Character Set settingAdolfo Jayme Barrientos1-3/+0
9 daysRefactor Direct SQL help pageOlivier Hallot1-2/+1
9 daysRevisit Base Query pageOlivier Hallot1-11/+30
10 daysFix bad filename and links in Query Desing Help pageOlivier Hallot1-7/+6
10 daysFix typoAndrea Gelmini1-1/+1
10 daystdf#149086 Fix Help page for Direct SQL commandOlivier Hallot1-9/+27
11 daysFix YouTube display for Help online/offlineOlivier Hallot2-2/+4
11 daysFix bookmark semicolonOlivier Hallot1-8/+8
11 daysDocument new CompactLeft and CompactUp methods from the Calc serviceRafael Lima1-4/+86
12 daysFilelen() Basic function's upper limit is 2GB.Alain Romedenne2-12/+13
13 daystdf#148861 update Outline bar for ImpressSeth Chaiklin5-57/+39
13 daystdf#149012 updating of Options tab for Frame, Object, ImageSeth Chaiklin2-21/+23
13 daystdf#148943 Clarify CSV import token 4Olivier Hallot1-2/+6
2022-05-10Fix typoAndrea Gelmini1-2/+2
2022-05-09tdf#141474 tdf#148466 Choose function accepts keyword argumentsAlain Romedenne3-26/+44
2022-05-05Fix typoAndrea Gelmini1-3/+3
2022-05-04tdf#148444 corrections to Print Preview Bar and related pagesSeth Chaiklin7-59/+103
2022-05-04clarify use of Alt+Enter for sections and tablesSeth Chaiklin1-1/+2
2022-05-03Cleanup ScriptForge examplesflywire5-55/+55
2022-05-03tdf#148485 add missing options for Vertical positioningSeth Chaiklin2-3/+23
2022-05-02Update Basic function Shell pageOlivier Hallot1-13/+20
2022-04-30refactor some switchinlines to avoid translation problemsSeth Chaiklin2-6/+14
2022-04-28Drop reference to AskBot and update linkAdolfo Jayme Barrientos1-1/+1
2022-04-28tdf#148797 improve explanation of multiple selection in add to listSeth Chaiklin1-13/+14
2022-04-28tdf#114263 Basic 'New' operator is optional when setting 'Option Compatible'Alain Romedenne3-3/+7
2022-04-27(related tdf#140818) update to "no character style" in helpSeth Chaiklin1-1/+1
2022-04-19Related:tdf#147107;tdf#144493 update B&N bar command names and explanationsSeth Chaiklin9-90/+85
2022-04-19tdf#148621 Make ScriptForge service tables mobile-friendlyIlmari Lauhakangas1-16/+12
2022-04-19Fix typoAndrea Gelmini1-1/+1
2022-04-17tdf#148621 Improve Basic Help layoutIlmari Lauhakangas1-1519/+761
2022-04-16refactoring Line tab help pagesSeth Chaiklin3-37/+53
2022-04-11tdf#102265 Add Format - List submenu for ImpressOlivier Hallot8-21/+58
2022-04-11Fix alternate text in images for Manual Break pageOlivier Hallot1-7/+15
2022-04-11Improve text furtherAdolfo Jayme Barrientos1-1/+1
2022-04-07tdf#141237 Improve text on PDF securityOlivier Hallot1-1/+1
2022-04-07tdf#148443 corrections to print icons and labelsSeth Chaiklin3-8/+21
2022-04-07Remove a GermanismAdolfo Jayme Barrientos1-2/+2
2022-04-06Some ScriptForge services lack a pre-requisite note 2/3:Alain Romedenne10-1/+28
2022-04-06tdf#127477, tdf#131382 scope of function MinuteOlivier Hallot1-50/+52
2022-04-06tdf#131382 Scope of functions LOG and ASCOlivier Hallot2-12/+8
2022-04-05Minor string fixesAdolfo Jayme Barrientos3-3/+3
2022-04-05Minor string fixesAdolfo Jayme Barrientos4-4/+4
2022-04-04add a warning about data exfiltration on allowing update of links/webserviceCaolán McNamara1-0/+1
2022-04-02Add information on Writer manual row breakOlivier Hallot1-4/+77
2022-04-01Some SF services lack pre-requisite noteAlain Romedenne9-1/+28
2022-04-01tdf#148302: Outline folding no more experimentalJulien Nabet1-1/+0
2022-03-30tdf#145754 Corrections to 'Option Compatible' Basic help pageAlain Romedenne1-6/+0