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<comment> Title in descriptions of functions </comment>
- <variable id="func_head_syntax">
+ <section id="func_head_syntax">
<paragraph id="hd_id126511265112651" role="heading" level="3" xml-lang="en-US">
- </variable>
- <variable id="func_head_example">
+ </section>
+ <section id="func_head_example">
<paragraph id="hd_id980889808898088" role="heading" level="3" xml-lang="en-US">
- </variable>
+ </section>
<comment> Notes for functions </comment>
<paragraph id="par_id2595283314097" role="note" xml-lang="en-US">
@@ -61,10 +61,10 @@
The imaginary part is equal to zero, so it is not displayed in the result.
- <variable id="func_im_des">
+ <section id="func_im_des">
<paragraph id="par_id29750345314640" role="paragraph" xml-lang="en-US">
The result is presented in the string format and has the character "i" or "j" as an imaginary unit.
- </variable>
+ </section>