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<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="hid/HID_GALLERY_LISTVIEW" id="bm_id3152821" localize="false"/>
<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3148983" xml-lang="en-US" l10n="U" oldref="47"><ahelp hid="HID_GALLERY_LISTVIEW" visibility="hidden">Displays the contents of the <emph>Gallery </emph>as small icons, with title and path information.</ahelp></paragraph>
<section id="stargallery">
-<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="index" id="bm_id3153894"><bookmark_value>sounds; UNIX</bookmark_value>
-<bookmark_value>audio; UNIX</bookmark_value>
<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="hid/SID_GALLERY" id="bm_id2975847" localize="false"/><!-- HID added by script -->
<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="hid/.uno:Gallery" id="bm_id3150616" localize="false"/>
<paragraph role="heading" id="hd_id3153894" xml-lang="en-US" level="1" l10n="U" oldref="1"><link href="text/shared/01/gallery.xhp" name="Gallery">Gallery</link></paragraph>
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<embed href="text/shared/01/gallery_files.xhp#stargallerymanager"/>
<embed href="text/shared/00/00000010.xhp#hinzufuegen"/>
<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="hid/HID_GALLERY_PREVIEW" id="bm_id3153896" localize="false"/><embed href="text/shared/00/00000010.xhp#vorschau"/>
-<section id="unixaudio">
-<paragraph role="heading" id="hd_id3145068" xml-lang="en-US" level="3" l10n="U" oldref="36"><switchinline select="sys">
-<caseinline select="UNIX">Supported Audio Servers
-<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3154936" xml-lang="en-US" l10n="U" oldref="37"><switchinline select="sys">
-<caseinline select="UNIX">If your system cannot play sounds, install version 1.2 release 4 or higher of the Network Audio System (NAS). You can download NAS from Platforms that are supported by NAS include Linux x86 (provided that audio drivers are available for the card), SGI, HP, and SUN. You only need to install NAS on a server, and not on the clients.
-<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3150542" xml-lang="en-US" l10n="U" oldref="38"><switchinline select="sys">
-<caseinline select="UNIX">After you install NAS, add it as an AUDIOSERVER to the environment variables using the format "name:0".
-<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3149649" xml-lang="en-US" l10n="U" oldref="39"><switchinline select="sys">
-<caseinline select="UNIX">If you do not set the AUDIOSERVER variable, the DISPLAY variable is used instead (if the audio and video servers are on the same host). You cannot start the audio server from a command line.
-<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3154141" xml-lang="en-US" l10n="U" oldref="40"><switchinline select="sys">
-<caseinline select="UNIX">You can also use rplayd to play sound files, but only in X Window.
-<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3150742" xml-lang="en-US" l10n="U" oldref="42"><switchinline select="sys">
-<caseinline select="UNIX">Otherwise, use SalSound and the Open Sound System (OSS) to play sound files.