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Tutorial step #9 update help for .ui conversion
1. Add/Convert a help entry for the dialog itself. There are typically two entries already here, one for the UI entry, and one for the associated uno command, convert the UI entry (or if the uno one is duplicated pick one of the duplicated ones) to hid/path/to/ui-without-suffix/<DIALOG-NAME> i.e. hid/svx/ui/chineseconversiondialog/ChineseConversionDialog 2. replace all other per-widget hid entries with path/to/ui-without-suffix/<WIDGET-NAME> unfortunately there are none in this specific example, but you get the picture. 2.1. There are no explicit help-ids in .uis, they are identified by their .ui unique widget name within the also unique .ui path
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--- a/source/text/shared/01/06010600.xhp
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<bookmark_value>traditional Chinese;conversion to simplified Chinese</bookmark_value>
<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="hid/.uno:ChineseConversion" id="bm_id9033860" localize="false"/><!-- HID added by script -->
-<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="hid/.uno:ChineseConversion" id="bm_id2549516" localize="false"/>
+<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="hid/svx/ui/chineseconversiondialog/ChineseConversionDialog" id="bm_id2549516" localize="false"/>
<paragraph role="heading" id="par_idN10547" xml-lang="en-US" level="1" l10n="NEW"><link href="text/shared/01/06010600.xhp">Chinese Conversion</link></paragraph>
<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_idN10557" xml-lang="en-US" l10n="NEW"><ahelp hid=".">Converts the selected Chinese text from one Chinese writing system to the other. If no text is selected, the entire document is converted.</ahelp> You can only use this command if you enable Asian language support in <emph>Tools - Options - Language Settings - Languages</emph>.</paragraph>