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tdf#40460 Improve help for Calc IRR function
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<emph>Guess</emph> (optional) is the estimated value. An iterative method is used to calculate the internal rate of return. If you can provide only few values, you should provide an initial guess to enable the iteration.</paragraph>
<paragraph xml-lang="en-US" id="hd_id3151258" role="heading" level="3">Example</paragraph>
<paragraph xml-lang="en-US" id="par_id3150630" role="paragraph">Under the assumption that cell contents are A1=<item type="input">-10000</item>, A2=<item type="input">3500</item>, A3=<item type="input">7600</item> and A4=<item type="input">1000</item>, the formula <item type="input">=IRR(A1:A4)</item> gives a result of 11,33%.</paragraph>
+ <paragraph xml-lang="en-US" id="par_id461513468030965" role="warning">Because of the iterative method used, it is possible for IRR to fail and return <link href="text/scalc/05/02140000.xhp" name="Error 523">Error 523</link>, with "Error: Calculation does not converge" in the status bar. In that case, try another value for Guess.</paragraph>
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