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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<helpdocument version="1.0">
* This file is part of the LibreOffice project.
@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@
* except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
* the License at .
<topic id="textshared0101100200xml" indexer="include" status="PUBLISH">
<title xml-lang="en-US" id="tit">General</title>
@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@
<paragraph xml-lang="en-US" id="par_id3153748" role="paragraph" l10n="U" oldref="8">Displays the date and time and author when the file was first saved.</paragraph>
<paragraph xml-lang="en-US" id="hd_id3149182" role="heading" level="2" l10n="U" oldref="9">Modified:</paragraph>
<paragraph xml-lang="en-US" id="par_id3150355" role="paragraph" l10n="U" oldref="10">Displays the date and time and author when the file was last saved in a $[officename] file format.</paragraph>
+<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="hid/sfx/ui/documentinfopage/signature" id="bm_id3149284" localize="false"/>
<paragraph xml-lang="en-US" id="par_idN106C5" role="heading" level="2" l10n="NEW">Digitally signed:</paragraph>
<paragraph xml-lang="en-US" id="par_idN106C9" role="paragraph" l10n="NEW">Displays the date and the time when the file was last signed as well as the name of the author who signed the document.</paragraph>
<paragraph xml-lang="en-US" id="par_idN106CC" role="heading" level="2" l10n="NEW">Digital Signature</paragraph>