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# Hunspell affix file
-# (c) 2006-2011 OpenTaal
+# (c) 2006-2010 OpenTaal
# Coded by R. Baars
-# version 2.10G
-# version date 2011-09-23
+# version 2.00b2
+# d.d. 17-9-2010
# define char set
-# statistical order as shown by Pander, except for the -, ‘’ and capitals
-TRY -ernitsaoldgkupmchbvjwfzyx'’ëqïéèö.êü12635407çà8û9îñäôERNITSAOLDGKUPMCHBVJWFZYX
+# - in front of try to suggest compuounds with - earlier
+TRY -esiadnrtolcugmphbyfvkwjkqxzëéèêïîäàâöüû'ESIANRTOLCDUGMPHBYFVKWJKQXZ
# combined layout for BE and NL keyboards NL en BE
KEY qwertyuiop|asdfghjkl|zxcvbnm|qawsedrftgyhujikolp|azsxdcfvgbhnjmk|aze|qsd|lm|wx|aqz|qws|
@@ -24,37 +24,23 @@ WORDCHARS '’0123456789ij.-\/
# Issue has been communicated with Hunspell's author.
# do not offer split words (to prevent English desease, splitting up words)
+# it would be usefull, when suggestions would be last in list, but certainly not in front.
-# maximum number of compound suggestions
-# limit to 1 to prevent nonsense suggestions
-# max difference to be applied for all words (compounds and n-gram suggestions)
-# max difference in chars for ngram suggestions
-# 3 limits wild suggestions a lot, but also drops suggestions for words with multiple errors
# avoid wrong spelling of letterwords in full uppercase (DVD should be dvd)
-# set the flag for warning with confusing words (kunne)
-# force uppercase for some word ends
-# BREAK 0 causes the - to be seen as part of the word,
+# BREAK 0 does not work (reported as bug), so this is a work-around
+# This also causes the - to be seen as part of the word,
# which is necessary to support the optional - in compounded words
# use double chars as flags, for more choice and readability
# For readability reasons, use of flags is (mostly) restricted tu Upper-Lowercase combinations
FLAG long
-# explicitly forbid words
+# explicitly forbid words, wrongly generated by compounding
# don't suggest words with extra accents
@@ -69,7 +55,6 @@ MAP oóòöô
MAP uüúùû
# replace correct accented double vowels with unaccented ones for acceptance
-# also take care of apostrophe differences and ij as one character
ICONV áá aa
ICONV éé ee
@@ -87,244 +72,156 @@ OCONV 2
OCONV ij ij
-REP 593
-REP a's$ a # centra's=>centra
-REP a's$ ums # centra's=>centrums
-REP pt$ bd # dichtgeslipt
-REP ^ad ad_ # adrem
-REP kju cue # barbekju
-REP ^blackbox black_box
-REP ^bonvivant bon_vivant
-REP en e # wolkenloos=>wolkeloos
-REP on ont # onvankelijk=>ontvankelijk
-REP ingswaard enswaard # benoemingswaard=>benoemenswaard
-REP enswaard igenswaard # behartenswaard=>behartigenswaard
-REP 'er ër # havo'er => havoër
-REP ër 'er # mboër=>mbo'er
-REP ^immes$ immers
-REP os$ o's # autos=>auto's
-REP as$ a's # papas=>papa's
-REP us$ u's # tutus => tutu's
-REP t th # etisch=>ethisch
-REP oren oors # pastoren=>pastoors
-REP ^een een_
-REP wijziging wijzing # aanwijziging => aanwijzing
-REP ^clever$ slim
-REP ^clevere$ slimme
-REP pake opa
-REP rene René
-REP ^hoe hoe_
-REP andere$ _andere
-REP ^ge-update$ geüpdatet
-REP ^als als_
-REP ^tenonder$ ten_onder
-REP ^goeiedag$ goedendag
-REP ^kunstof$ kunststof
-REP ^dattie$ dat_hij
-REP ^tezijnertijd$ te_zijner_tijd
-REP ^te te_
-REP ai e
-REP ^ter ter_
-REP ^stap-voor-stap stap_voor_stap
-REP elkaar$ _elkaar
-REP ^hierrond$ hieromheen # Vlaams
-REP ^topdrie$ top_drie
-REP ^topvier$ top_vier
-REP ^topvijf$ top_vijf
-REP ^andre$ André
-REP ^eerstelijn$ eerste_lijn
-REP ^aande$ aan_de
-REP ^opde$ op_de
-REP ^zg$ zgn.
-REP ^'s 's_ # 'savonds => 's avonds
-REP ^ook ook_
-REP check cheque
-REP ^us$ VS
-REP ore oire
-REP oor oir
-REP ä -a
-REP ü ue
-REP shock choqu
-REP talmud Talmoed
-REP kritik critic
-REP copier kopiër
-REP ^new-york$ New_York
-REP ske je
-REP hoof hoofd
-REP ^mmv$ m.m.v.
-REP ii ij
-REP ^obv$ o.b.v.
-REP ^hawaii Hawaï
-REP ^alledrie$ alle_drie
-REP ^voorzover$ voor_zover
-REP ^dr$ dr.
-REP ^da's$ dat_is
-REP ings ing
-REP heids heid
-REP d$ t # speeld=>speelt
-REP t$ d # gespeelt=>gespeeld
-REP ^newage$ new_age
-REP ^newwave$ new_wave
-REP oren$ oors$ # pastoren=>pastoors
-REP erer er
-REP heid heids
-REP ing ings
-REP aa a-a # collisions, forming 2-char vowels (klink
-REP ae a-e
-REP ai a-i
-REP au a-u
-REP ee e-e
-REP ei e-i
-REP eu e-u
-REP ie i-e
-REP ij i-j
-REP oe o-e
-REP oi o-i
-REP oo o-o
-REP ou o-u
-REP ui u-i
-REP uu u-u # tutuuitzet => tutu-uitzet
-REP te tte # om verwarring met verleden tijd te corri
-REP s$ 's$ # scène's=>scènes
-REP s ss
+REP 487
REP e en
-REP er ërs
-REP ji ij # extra omdat ij in iconv tot 1 teken word
+REP ji ij
REP u oe
-REP cleric klerik
REP acten akte
-REP ^uitge uit_ge
-REP ^optijd$ op_tijd
-REP ^zoja$ zo_ja
-REP ^overtijd$ over_tijd
-REP ^oja$ o_ja
-REP ^hautecouture$ haute_couture
-REP ^opweg$ op_weg
-REP ^vlnr$ v.l.n.r.
-REP ^aanme$ aan_me
-REP ^zodadelijk$ zo_dadelijk
+REP voormij voor_mij
+REP meekan mee_kan
+REP uitge uit_ge
+REP optijd op_tijd
+REP zoja zo_ja
+REP overtijd over_tijd
+REP oja o_ja
+REP adhoc ad_hoc
+REP hautecouture haute_couture
+REP opweg op_weg
+REP vlnr v.l.n.r.
+REP aanme aan_me
+REP zodadelijk zo_dadelijk
REP ppie bje
REP te ten
-REP ^levenlang$ leven_lang
-REP ^zogoed$ zo_goed
+REP levenlang leven_lang
+REP zogoed zo_goed
REP iging ing
REP l ll
REP acapella a_capella
+REP oorlogvoeren oorlog_voeren
REP ors oren
REP ke tje
-REP ^volgas$ vol_gas
-REP se-zee se_Zee
+REP volgas vol_gas
+REP se-Zee se_Zee
REP ssie sje
-REP ^zovaak$ zo_vaak
-REP ^nouja$ nou_ja
-REP ^vz$ vz.
-REP ^vwb$ v.w.b.
+REP zovaak zo_vaak
+REP nouja nou_ja
+REP vz vz.
+REP vwb v.w.b.
REP d dd
-REP ^jongsaf$ jongs_af
-REP ^nml$ namelijk
-REP ^bijde$ bij_de
-REP ^rekeninghoudend$ rekening_houdend
+REP s ss
+REP jongsaf jongs_af
+REP nml namelijk
+REP bijde bij_de
+REP rekeninghoudend rekening_houdend
REP achterkomen achter_komen
-REP ^usa$ VS
-REP ^wnd$ wnd.
-REP ^beslaggenomen$ beslag_genomen
-REP ^meerbepaald$ meer_bepaald
-REP ^aanw$ aanw.
-REP ^gebr$ gebr.
-REP ^langetermijn$ lange_termijn
-REP ^afl$ afl.
-REP ^thv$ t.h.v.
-REP ^normaalgesproken$ normaal_gesproken
-REP ^afm$ afm.
-REP ^uppie$ eentje
-REP ^prio$ prioriteit
-REP ^kortgeding$ kort_geding
+REP usa VS
+REP wnd wnd.
+REP beslaggenomen beslag_genomen
+REP meerbepaald meer_bepaald
+REP aanw aanw.
+REP gebr gebr.
+REP langetermijn lange_termijn
+REP afl afl.
+REP thv t.h.v.
+REP normaalgesproken normaal_gesproken
+REP afm afm.
+REP uppie eentje
+REP prio prioriteit
+REP kortgeding kort_geding
REP iesie itie
REP pliesie politie
-REP ^dondersgoed$ donders_goed
-REP ^inw$ inw.
-REP kui cul
-REP ^allertijden$ aller_tijden
-REP ^nogsteeds$ nog_steeds
+REP dondersgoed donders_goed
+REP inw inw.
+REP kui cul kuituur - cultuur
+REP allertijden aller_tijden
+REP nogsteeds nog_steeds
REP kamer Kamer
-REP ^jammergenoeg$ jammer_genoeg
-REP ^secr$ secr.
-REP ^joint-venture$ joint_venture
+REP jammergenoeg jammer_genoeg
+REP secr secr.
+REP joint-venture joint_venture
REP top- top_
-REP ^werkleer werk-leer
-REP ^afweet$ af_weet
-REP ^status-quo$ status_quo
+REP werkleer werk-leer
+REP afweet af_weet
+REP status-quo status_quo
REP heef heeft
-REP ^zg.$ zgn.
-REP ^achtneming$ inachtneming
+REP zg. zgn.
+REP achtneming inachtneming
REP recht rechts
-REP ^jl$ jl.
-REP ^app$ applicatie
-REP ^errug$ erg
-REP ^inplaats$ in_plaats
-REP ^nr$$ nr.
+REP jl jl.
+REP apps applicaties
+REP errug erg
+REP inplaats in_plaats
+REP nr nr.
REP jrg jarig
-REP ^euri$ euro's
-REP ^bijelkaar$ bij_elkaar
-REP ^efkes$ eventjes
-REP ^bbq$ barbecue
-REP -ie$ _hij # dat-ie => dat hij
-REP ^toeg$ toeg.
-REP ^hr$ hr.
-REP ^afb$ afb.
-REP ^rekenkamer Rekenkamer
-REP ^weldegelijk$ wel_degelijk
-REP ^van ^van_
-REP ^notabene$ nota_bene
-REP ^div$ div.
-REP ^toptien$ top_tien
-REP ^hey$ hé
-REP ^b-h-v$ BHV
-REP ^wwf$ WNF
-REP ^maar maar_
-REP ^rk$ r.-k.
-REP ^vert$ vert.
+REP euri euro's
+REP bijelkaar bij_elkaar
+REP efkes eventjes
+REP bbq barbecue
+REP iedergeval ieder_geval
+REP -ie _hij
+REP toeg toeg.
+REP hr hr.
+REP afb afb.
+REP opzich op_zich
+REP doormiddel door_middel
+REP rekenkamer Rekenkamer
+REP weldegelijk wel_degelijk
+REP van van_
+REP notabene nota_bene
+REP div div.
+REP toptien top_tien
+REP hey hé
+REP maar maar_
+REP rk r.-k.
+REP vert vert.
REP rechtzaak rechtszaak
-REP ^afin$ enfin
-REP ^fig$ fig.
-REP ^dee$ deed
-REP ^drs$ drs.
+REP afin enfin
+REP fig fig.
+REP dee deed
+REP drs drs.
REP ittee ité
-REP ^zorgdra zorg_dra
-REP ^pag$ pag.
+REP zorgdra zorg_dra
+REP pag pag.
REP x ks
-REP ^etcetera$ et_cetera
-REP ^mar$ maar
-REP ^marrok Marok
+REP etcetera et_cetera
+REP mar maar
REP c k
-REP ^ing$ ing.
-REP ^vgl$ vgl.
-REP ^stcrt$ Stcrt.
-REP ^evt$ evt.
-REP ^vd$ van_de
-REP ^effe$ even
-REP ^geb$ geb.
+REP ing ing.
+REP vgl vgl.
+REP Stcrt Stcrt.
+REP max max.
+REP evt evt.
+REP vd v.d.
+REP vd van_de
+REP effe even
+REP geb geb.
REP nie niet
REP derde _derde
REP tweede _tweede
-REP vierde$ _vierde
-REP vijfde$ _vijfde # eenvijfde => een vijfde
-REP ^bijv$ bijv.
+REP vierde _vierde
+REP vijfde _vijfde
+REP bijv bijv.
+REP mr mr.
REP copy kopie
REP j ij
-REP ij ij # omdat de ij intern ligatuur is
+REP Ij ij
REP ï -i
REP c ss
REP e ij
REP é ee
REP g ch
REP ï ii
-REP t d # gebiest=>gebiesd
+REP t d # gebiest=>gebiesd
REP u ij
REP x cz
REP y ij
REP z ss
+REP o eau
REP s sch
+REP en e # wolkenloos => wolkeloos
REP ss zz
REP ch g
REP gg ch
@@ -338,11 +235,12 @@ REP ae ë
REP je ë
REP e's és # cafe's => cafés
REP m'n mijn
-REP ^d'r$ haar
-REP ^'r$ er
-REP ^'r$ haar
-REP voor voort # voorplanting => voortplanting
-REP voort voor # voortdeur=>voordeur
+REP d'r haar
+REP 'r er
+REP 'r haar
+REP voor voort
+REP voort voor
+REP tewerk te_werk
REP cht gd
REP burka boerka
REP eë e-e
@@ -406,9 +304,11 @@ REP len llenn
REP ttel tell
REP acab abrac
REP ubi ibu
-REP croc krok
+REP croc krok
REP ten than
-REP uuk uc # truuk => truc
+REP uuk uc
+REP ings ens
+REP ens ings
REP eid ijdt
REP ters teress
REP iep ype
@@ -421,18 +321,18 @@ REP statie staatsie
REP glij gelei
REP noot note
REP knoot cnote
-REP usqu uusk # brusque=>bruusk
+REP usqu uusk
REP kass caiss
REP akel acle
REP crash krach
REP gynek gynaec
REP gine gynae
REP music muzik
-REP ^kiet$ quitte
+REP kiet quitte
REP persé per_se
REP ruggegraad ruggengraat
-REP ^geupdate$ geüpdatet
-REP ^zowiezo$ sowieso
+REP geupdate geüpdatet # to make it first option
+REP zowiezo sowieso
REP ceedee cd
REP ceedees cd's
REP grafitti graffiti
@@ -441,21 +341,21 @@ REP kassiere caissière
REP britanië Brittannië
REP britanie Brittannië
REP capucino cappuccino
-REP celcius Celsius
+REP celcius Celsius
REP kado cadeau
REP kado's cadeaus
REP kadootje cadeautje
REP comittee comité
REP committee comité
-REP komitee comité
-REP komittee comité
-REP kommitee comité
+REP komitee comité
+REP komittee comité
+REP kommitee comité
REP kommittee comité
-REP kwis quiz
+REP kwis quiz
REP kwissen quizzen
REP loupe loep
REP copy kopij
-REP pitoresque pittoreske
+REP pitoresque pittoreske
REP reikweite reikwijdte
REP snietsel schnitzel
REP snitsel schnitzel
@@ -463,16 +363,17 @@ REP spagetie spaghetti
REP spagettie spaghetti
REP lazanja lasagne
REP attack attaque
-REP ^uptodate$ up-to-date
+REP uptodate up-to-date
REP caffeine cafeïne
REP enigsinds enigszins
REP klup club
-REP wiskid whizzkid
-REP kontakt contact
-REP kontekst context
-REP korrekt correct
-REP ^gestressed$ gestrest
-REP ^zoëven$ zo-even
+REP wiskid whizzkid
+REP kontakt contact
+REP kontekst context
+REP korrekt correct
+REP kritikus criticus
+REP gestressed gestrest
+REP zoëven zo-even
REP dislek dyslec
REP dislektie dyslexie
REP disleksie dyslexie
@@ -484,256 +385,238 @@ REP spel spelling
REP spelcheck spellingcontrole
REP spellingcheck spellingcontrole
REP spellingscheck spellingcontrole
-REP aflas afgelas
-REP ^imho$ n.m.m.
-REP ^nmm$ n.m.m.
-REP ^ff$ even
-REP ^ad$ A.D.
-REP ^dv$ D.V.
-REP ^hkh$ H.K.H.
-REP ^hm$ H.M. # Hare majesteit
-REP ^lb$ L.B.
-REP ^nb$ N.B.
-REP ^nh$ N.H. # Noord-Holland
-REP ^nn$ N.N.
-REP ^no$ N.O.
-REP ^nv$ N.V.
-REP ^nw$ N.W.
-REP ^olv$ O.L.V.
-REP ^rip$ R.I.P.
-REP ^st- St.-
-REP ^zh$ Z.H.
-REP ^zkh$ Z.K.H.
-REP ^ahw$ a.h.w.
-REP ^ajb$ a.j.b.
-REP ^am$ a.m.
-REP ^as$ a.s.
-REP ^aub$ a.u.b.
-REP ^bd$ b.d.
-REP ^bgg$ b.g.g.
-REP ^bvd$ b.v.d.
-REP ^cq$ c.q.
-REP ^cs$ c.s.
-REP ^ca$ ca.
-REP ^dd$ d.d.
-REP ^di$ d.i.
-REP ^dmv$ d.m.v.
-REP ^dwz$ d.w.z.
-REP ^ea$ e.a.
-REP ^ed$ e.d.
-REP ^eea$ e.e.a.
-REP ^eo$ e.o.
-REP ^ev$ e.v.
-REP ^eva$ e.v.a.
-REP ^ggd$ g.g.d.
-REP ^ic$ i.c.
-REP ^ie$ i.e.
-REP ^iha$ i.h.a.
-REP ^ihb$ i.h.b.
-REP ^im$ i.m.
-REP ^io$ i.o.
-REP ^iov$ i.o.v.
-REP ^ipv$ i.p.v.
-REP ^ism$ i.s.m.
-REP ^itt$ i.t.t.
-REP ^ivm$ i.v.m.
-REP ^izgst$
-REP ^kk$ k.k.
-REP ^m$ m.
-REP ^maw$ m.a.w.
-REP ^mbt$ m.b.t.
-REP ^mbv$ m.b.v.
-REP ^mvg$ m.v.g.
-REP ^mi$ m.i.
-REP ^miv$ m.i.v.
-REP ^mm$ m.m.
-REP ^mn$ m.n.
-REP ^muv$ m.u.v.
-REP ^max$ max.
-REP ^mevr$ mevr.
-REP ^min$ min.
-REP ^mld$ mld.
-REP ^mln$ mln.
-REP ^mr$ mr.
-REP ^mw$ mw.
-REP ^nav$ n.a.v.
-REP ^notk$ n.o.t.k.
-REP ^nvt$ n.v.t.
-REP ^nl$ nl.
-REP ^nr$ nr.
-REP ^oa$ o.a.
-REP ^oi$ o.i.
-REP ^oid$ o.i.d.
-REP ^olv$ o.l.v.
-REP ^om$ o.m.
-REP ^ott$ o.t.t.
-REP ^ovt$ o.v.t.
-REP ^ovv$ o.v.v.
-REP ^p$ p.
-REP ^pm$ p.m.
-REP ^pp$ p.p.
-REP ^pw$ p.w.
-REP ^qed$ q.e.d.
-REP ^qq$ q.q.
-REP ^r-k$ r.-k.
-REP ^sj$ s.j.
-REP ^svp$ s.v.p.
-REP ^sr$ sr.
-REP ^tav$ t.a.v.
-REP ^tbv$ t.b.v.
-REP ^tgv$ t.g.v.
-REP ^tht$ t.h.t.
-REP ^tnv$ t.n.v.
-REP ^tov$ t.o.v.
-REP ^tw$ t.w.
-REP ^twv$ t.w.v.
-REP ^tzt$ t.z.t.
-REP ^vchr$ v.Chr.
-REP ^vd$ v.d.
-REP ^vh$ v.h.
-REP ^vtt$ v.t.t.
-REP ^vv$ v.v.
-REP ^vvt$ v.v.t.
-REP ^wo$ w.o.
-REP ^wvttk$ w.v.t.t.k.
-REP ^zg$ z.g.
-REP ^zgan$ z.g.a.n.
-REP ^zi$ z.i.
-REP ^zoz$ z.o.z.
-REP ^zsm$ z.s.m.
-REP ^idd$ inderdaad
-REP ^etc$ etc.
+REP aflassen afgelasten
+REP imho n.m.m.
+REP nmm n.m.m.
+REP ff even
+REP St- St.-
+REP ahw a.h.w.
+REP ajb a.j.b.
+REP am a.m.
+REP as a.s.
+REP aub a.u.b.
+REP bd b.d.
+REP bgg b.g.g.
+REP bvd b.v.d.
+REP cq c.q.
+REP cs c.s.
+REP ca ca.
+REP dd d.d.
+REP di d.i.
+REP dmv d.m.v.
+REP dwz d.w.z.
+REP ea e.a.
+REP ed e.d.
+REP eea e.e.a.
+REP eo e.o.
+REP ev e.v.
+REP eva e.v.a.
+REP ggd g.g.d.
+REP ic i.c.
+REP ie i.e.
+REP iha i.h.a.
+REP ihb i.h.b.
+REP im i.m.
+REP io i.o.
+REP iov i.o.v.
+REP ipv i.p.v.
+REP ism i.s.m.
+REP itt i.t.t.
+REP ivm i.v.m.
+REP izgst
+REP kk k.k.
+REP m m.
+REP maw m.a.w.
+REP mbt m.b.t.
+REP mbv m.b.v.
+REP mvg m.v.g.
+REP mi m.i.
+REP miv m.i.v.
+REP mm m.m.
+REP mn m.n.
+REP muv m.u.v.
+REP max max.
+REP mevr mevr.
+REP min min.
+REP mld mld.
+REP mln mln.
+REP mr mr.
+REP mw mw.
+REP nav n.a.v.
+REP notk n.o.t.k.
+REP nvt n.v.t.
+REP nl nl.
+REP nr nr.
+REP oa o.a.
+REP oi o.i.
+REP oid o.i.d.
+REP olv o.l.v.
+REP om o.m.
+REP ott o.t.t.
+REP ovt o.v.t.
+REP ovv o.v.v.
+REP p p.
+REP pm p.m.
+REP pp p.p.
+REP pw p.w.
+REP qed q.e.d.
+REP qq q.q.
+REP r-k r.-k.
+REP sj s.j.
+REP svp s.v.p.
+REP sr sr.
+REP tav t.a.v.
+REP tbv t.b.v.
+REP tgv t.g.v.
+REP tht t.h.t.
+REP tnv t.n.v.
+REP tov t.o.v.
+REP tw t.w.
+REP twv t.w.v.
+REP tzt t.z.t.
+REP vChr v.Chr.
+REP vd v.d.
+REP vh v.h.
+REP vtt v.t.t.
+REP vv v.v.
+REP vvt v.v.t.
+REP wo w.o.
+REP wvttk w.v.t.t.k.
+REP zg z.g.
+REP zgan z.g.a.n.
+REP zi z.i.
+REP zoz z.o.z.
+REP zsm z.s.m.
+REP idd inderdaad
+REP etc etc.
REP mn mijn
-REP ^zn$ zijn
-REP ^enz$ enz.
-REP ^dr$ haar
-REP ^dr$ er
+REP zn zijn
+REP enz enz.
+REP ok oké
+REP dr haar
+REP dr er
REP o eau
REP k c
-REP reïn re-in # reïntegratie=>re-integratie
-REP ^ontginden$ ontgonnen
+REP reïn re-in # puts re-integratie in front of suggestions
+REP ontginden ontgonnen
REP ginde gon
-REP gind gonnen
+REP gind onnen
REP cc k
REP rijgden regen
REP rijgde reeg
-REP ^gerijgd$ geregen
-REP ^geweefd$ geweven
+REP gerijgd geregen
+REP geweefd geweven
REP ervaarde ervoer
REP ervaarden ervoeren
REP ok oké
+REP Ok Oké
REP spercibo sperziebo
-REP ^ondermeer$ onder_meer
-REP ^maargoed$ maar_goed
-REP ^opzich$ op_zich
-REP ^openhaard$ open_haard
-REP zover$ _zover # voorzover=>voor zover
-REP ^zoniet$ zo_niet
-REP ^vrijetijd$ vrije_tijd
-REP ^danwel$ dan_wel
-REP ^danwel$ of
-REP ^maarja$ maar_ja
-REP ^woonzorg woon-zorg
-REP ^warmtekracht warmte-kracht
-REP ^maagdarm maag-darm
-REP ^hartlong hart-long
-REP ^woonwerk woon-werk
-REP ^manvrouw man-vrouw
-REP ^bonusmalus bonus-malus
-REP ^ofzo$ of_zo
-REP ^email$ e-mail
-REP ^doormiddel$ door_middel
-REP ^iedergeval$ ieder_geval
-REP ^zometeen$ zo_meteen
-REP ^hedentendage$ heden_ten_dage
-REP ^puertorica Puerto_Rica
-REP koko coco # cocon
+REP ondermeer onder_meer
+REP maargoed maar_goed
+REP opzich op_zich
+REP openhaard open_haard
+REP zover _zover
+REP zoniet zo_niet
+REP vrijetijd vrije_tijd
+REP danwel dan_wel
+REP danwel of
+REP maarja maar_ja
+REP woonzorg woon-zorg # pushes woon-zorg into front of suggestions list
+REP warmtekracht warmte-kracht
+REP maagdarm maag-darm
+REP hartlong hart-long
+REP woonwerk woon-werk
+REP manvrouw man-vrouw
+REP bonusmalus bonus-malus
+REP totstandkomen tot_stand_komen
+REP ofzo of_zo
+REP email e-mail
+REP doormiddel door_middel
+REP iedergeval ieder_geval
+REP zometeen zo_meteen
+REP temidden te_midden
+REP hedentendage heden_ten_dage
+REP Puertoricaanse Puerto_Ricaanse
+REP koko coco #cocon
REP ie i
-REP i'i ii # shi'itisch
-REP ^srilan Sri_Lan # Sri Lanka
-REP ^terzake$ ter_zake
-REP ^zonodig$ zo_nodig
-REP ^enzo$ en_zo
-REP ^ingebruiknemen$ in_gebruik_nemen
-REP ^instandhouden$ in_stand_houden
-REP ^instandgehouden$ in_stand_gehouden
-REP ^eraantoe$ er_aan_toe
-REP ^totstandgekomen$ tot_stand_gekomen
-REP ^totstandkomen$ tot_stand_komen
-REP ^totnogtoe$ tot_nog_toe
-REP ^inbeslaggenomen$ in_beslag_genomen
-REP ^ervanuit$ er_van_uit
-REP ^oorlogvoeren$ oorlog_voeren
-REP ^nek-aan-nek$ ^nek_aan_nek$
-REP ^hoedanook$ hoe_dan_ook
-REP ^voormij$ voor_mij
-REP ^meekan$ mee_kan
-REP ^perongeluk$ per_ongeluk
-REP ^2e tweede # 2ehands
-REP ei ie # gebeid=>gebied
-REP heidstel stel # zekerheidstelling=>zekerstelling
-REP ij ei # Ij=>ei
-REP intelligentie inlichtingen # intelligentiediensten_=_inlichtingendien
-REP roestvrijstaal roestvrij staal
-REP gebeid gebied
-REP dattie dat hij
-REP veras verras
-REP aanvaart aanvaardt
-REP persentage percentage
-REP deja-vu déjà_vu
-# no minimum chars for compounding (just don't flag the dangerous ones)
+REP i'i ii
+REP shiietisch sjiitisch
+REP shi’ietisch sjiitisch
+REP Srilan Sri_Lan
+REP terzake ter_zake
+REP zonodig zo_nodig
+#REP enzo en_zo (removed because of unwanted suggestions like getijden zone)
-#N1 = eenen, tweeën etc
-#N2 = twintig .. negentig
-#N3 = een .. negentien
-COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(n2) # eenen+zestig[ste]
-COMPOUNDRULE (Nh)(n3) # honderden+twee[de]
-COMPOUNDRULE (Nh)(n2) # honderden+twintig[ste]
-COMPOUNDRULE (Nh)(N1)(n2) # honderden+eenen+dertig
-COMPOUNDRULE (N4)(NH) # vijf+honderd
-COMPOUNDRULE (N4)(Nh)(n3) # vijf+honderden+een
-COMPOUNDRULE (N4)(Nh)(n2) # vijf+honderd+twintig
-COMPOUNDRULE (N4)(Nh)(N1)(n2) # vijf+honderd+eenen+zestig
-COMPOUNDRULE (N4)(Nd) # vijf+duizend
-COMPOUNDRULE (N2)(Nd) # zestig+duizend[ste]
-COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(N2)(Nh) # eenen+zestig+honderd
-COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(N2)(Nh)(n3)
-COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(N2)(Nh)(n2)
-COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(N2)(Nh)(N1)(n2)
-COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(N2)(Nh)(N3)(Nd)
-COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(N2)(Nh)(N2)(Nd)
-COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(N2)(Nh)(N1)(N2)(Nd)
-COMPOUNDRULE (N4)(Nh)(N1)(N2)(Nd)
-COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(N2)(NH)(Nd) # eenentwintighonderdduizend
-COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(N2)(Nj) # eenen+zestig+jarig
-COMPOUNDRULE (N3)(Nj) # acht+jarig
-COMPOUNDRULE (N2)(Nj) # twintig+jarig
-COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(N2)(Nj) # eenen+zestig+jarig
-COMPOUNDRULE (G1)(G0)(NJ) # 12-jarig~
-COMPOUNDRULE (G1)(G0)(G0)(NJ) # 102-jarig~
-COMPOUNDRULE (G1)(NJ) # 8-jarig~
-COMPOUNDRULE (Sv)(Sn) # -straat, -plein etc.
-COMPOUNDRULE (Ll)(Hp)(Lr) # Nederlands-Ghanese
-COMPOUNDRULE (Ll)(Hp)(Ll)(Le) # Nederlands-Duits+e
+# (Disabled because of interference and (in cvs solved) pointer bug ...)
+# bug
+# also look at the bottom of this file for a workaround
+#COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(N2)(Nh)(N1)(N2)
+#COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(N2)(Nh)(N3)(Nd)
+#COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(N2)(Nh)(N2)(Nd)
+#COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(N2)(Nh)(N1)(N2)(Nd)
+#COMPOUNDRULE (N4)(Nh)(N1)(N2)(Nd)
+#COMPOUNDRULE (N1)(N2)(NH)(Nd) # eenentwintighonderdduizend
+#COMPOUNDRULE (Sv)(Sn) # -straat, -plein etc.
+# numbers (digits) cannot be spellchecked, unfortunately.
+# number affixes for use with numbers (8ste etc.)
+SFX Na N 1
+SFX Na 0 ste
+SFX Nb N 1
+SFX Nb 0 de
+SFX Nc N 2
+SFX Nc rie erde rie
+SFX Nc n rste n
# don't compound on case-different word borders
+# no minimum chars for compounding (just don't flag the dangerous ones)
# general compounding
@@ -764,19 +647,17 @@ CHECKCOMPOUNDDUP
# checkcompoundrep does not work as desired.
-# preventing unwanted compounds
-# not all chars of colliding parts can be used !
-CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN /Ch /Xc # prevent training+s+port
-CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN a /C1 # klinkerbotsingen
+# unfortunately, checkcompoundpattern does not work correctly (2.08, 2.09) when compounding > 2 parts
+# bug has been reported
CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN /Xf /Xf # moeder-dochter etc
-CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN oon zor # woon-zorgflat
+CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN oon zor # woon-zorgflat (detectie werkt niet in 2.08)
CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN armte krach # warmte-krachtcentrale
CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN aag dar # maag-darmandoening
CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN aagd ar # maag-darmandoening
@@ -811,12 +692,6 @@ CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN e ring # voorkomt subsidie+ring
CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN urger meeste # burgemeester
CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN uis vestin # voorkomt huis+vesting+ waar het huisvesting+s+ moet zijn
CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN linden dar # voorkomt blindendarm
-CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN r ring # voorkomt erring
-CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN p pijn # voorkomt step+pijn
# (unfortunately, I haven't found a method to suppress the affix s at the compound end
@@ -837,8 +712,8 @@ SFX CB 0 -/CbCp
# for words that have a plural s and an s when compounding
# the second one allows for the optional hyphen
SFX Cd Y 2
-SFX Cd 0 s/CaCbCcCp .
-SFX Cd 0 s-/CaCbCcCp .
+SFX Cd 0 s/CaCbCcCp .
+SFX Cd 0 s-/CaCbCcCp .
# for reasons of good results, parts that could have a compounding s
# but no plural s
@@ -863,275 +738,275 @@ PFX Cw 0 -/CbCcCp .
# tuin=>tuintje
SFX Ya Y 3
-SFX Ya 0 tje . ts:NN1r
-SFX Ya 0 tjes/CaCbCp . ts:NN2r
-SFX Ya 0 tjes-/CaCbCp . ts:NN2r
+SFX Ya 0 tje .
+SFX Ya 0 tjes/CaCbCp .
+SFX Ya 0 tjes-/CaCbCp .
# huis=>huisje
SFX Yb Y 6
-SFX Yb 0 je [^m] ts:NN1r
-SFX Yb 0 jes/CaCbCp [^m] ts:NN2r
-SFX Yb 0 jes-/CaCbCp [^m] ts:NN2r
-SFX Yb 0 pje [m] ts:NN1r
-SFX Yb 0 pjes/CaCbCp [m] ts:NN1r
-SFX Yb 0 pjes-/CaCbCp [m] ts:NN1r
+SFX Yb 0 je [^m]
+SFX Yb 0 jes/CaCbCp [^m]
+SFX Yb 0 jes-/CaCbCp [^m]
+SFX Yb 0 pje [m]
+SFX Yb 0 pjes/CaCbCp [m]
+SFX Yb 0 pjes-/CaCbCp [m]
# opleiding=>opleidinkje
SFX Yc Y 3
-SFX Yc g kje . ts:NN1r
-SFX Yc g kjes/CaCbCp . ts:NN2r
-SFX Yc g kjes-/CaCbCp . ts:NN2r
+SFX Yc g kje .
+SFX Yc g kjes/CaCbCp .
+SFX Yc g kjes-/CaCbCp .
# ding=>dingetje
SFX Yd Y 3
-SFX Yd 0 etje . ts:NN1r
-SFX Yd 0 etjes/CaCbCp . ts:NN2r
-SFX Yd 0 etjes-/CaCbCp . ts:NN2r
+SFX Yd 0 etje .
+SFX Yd 0 etjes/CaCbCp .
+SFX Yd 0 etjes-/CaCbCp .
# auto=>autootje
SFX Ye Y 15
-SFX Ye 0 atje a ts:NN1r
-SFX Ye 0 utje u ts:NN1r
-SFX Ye 0 otje o ts:NN1r
-SFX Ye 0 etje i ts:NN1r
-SFX Ye é eetje é ts:NN1r
-SFX Ye 0 atjes/CaCbCp a ts:NN2r
-SFX Ye 0 atjes-/CaCbCp a ts:NN2r
-SFX Ye 0 utjes/CaCbCp u ts:NN2r
-SFX Ye 0 utjes-/CaCbCp u ts:NN2r
-SFX Ye 0 otjes/CaCbCp o ts:NN2r
-SFX Ye 0 otjes-/CaCbCp o ts:NN2r
-SFX Ye 0 etjes/CaCbCp i ts:NN2r
-SFX Ye 0 etjes-/CaCbCp i ts:NN2r
-SFX Ye é eetjes/CaCbCp é ts:NN2r
-SFX Ye é eetjes-/CaCbCp é ts:NN2r
+SFX Ye 0 atje a
+SFX Ye 0 utje u
+SFX Ye 0 otje o
+SFX Ye 0 etje i
+SFX Ye é eetje é
+SFX Ye 0 atjes/CaCbCp a
+SFX Ye 0 atjes-/CaCbCp a
+SFX Ye 0 utjes/CaCbCp u
+SFX Ye 0 utjes-/CaCbCp u
+SFX Ye 0 otjes/CaCbCp o
+SFX Ye 0 otjes-/CaCbCp o
+SFX Ye 0 etjes/CaCbCp i
+SFX Ye 0 etjes-/CaCbCp i
+SFX Ye é eetjes/CaCbCp é
+SFX Ye é eetjes-/CaCbCp é
# bal=>balletje
SFX Yf Y 27
-SFX Yf 0 betje b ts:NN1r
-SFX Yf 0 getje g ts:NN1r
-SFX Yf 0 ketje k ts:NN1r
-SFX Yf 0 letje l ts:NN1r
-SFX Yf 0 metje m ts:NN1r
-SFX Yf 0 netje n ts:NN1r
-SFX Yf 0 petje p ts:NN1r
-SFX Yf 0 retje r ts:NN1r
-SFX Yf 0 setje s ts:NN1r
-SFX Yf 0 betjes/CaCbCp b ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 getjes/CaCbCp g ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 ketjes/CaCbCp k ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 letjes/CaCbCp l ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 metjes/CaCbCp m ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 netjes/CaCbCp n ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 petjes/CaCbCp p ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 retjes/CaCbCp r ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 setjes/CaCbCp s ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 betjes-/CaCbCp b ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 getjes-/CaCbCp g ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 ketjes-/CaCbCp k ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 letjes-/CaCbCp l ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 metjes-/CaCbCp m ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 netjes-/CaCbCp n ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 petjes-/CaCbCp p ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 retjes-/CaCbCp r ts:NN2r
-SFX Yf 0 setjes-/CaCbCp s ts:NN2r
+SFX Yf 0 betje b
+SFX Yf 0 getje g
+SFX Yf 0 ketje k
+SFX Yf 0 letje l
+SFX Yf 0 metje m
+SFX Yf 0 netje n
+SFX Yf 0 petje p
+SFX Yf 0 retje r
+SFX Yf 0 setje s
+SFX Yf 0 betjes/CaCbCp b
+SFX Yf 0 getjes/CaCbCp g
+SFX Yf 0 ketjes/CaCbCp k
+SFX Yf 0 letjes/CaCbCp l
+SFX Yf 0 metjes/CaCbCp m
+SFX Yf 0 netjes/CaCbCp n
+SFX Yf 0 petjes/CaCbCp p
+SFX Yf 0 retjes/CaCbCp r
+SFX Yf 0 setjes/CaCbCp s
+SFX Yf 0 betjes-/CaCbCp b
+SFX Yf 0 getjes-/CaCbCp g
+SFX Yf 0 ketjes-/CaCbCp k
+SFX Yf 0 letjes-/CaCbCp l
+SFX Yf 0 metjes-/CaCbCp m
+SFX Yf 0 netjes-/CaCbCp n
+SFX Yf 0 petjes-/CaCbCp p
+SFX Yf 0 retjes-/CaCbCp r
+SFX Yf 0 setjes-/CaCbCp s
# AOW=>AOW'tje
SFX Yg Y 2
-SFX Yg 0 'tje . ts:NN1r
-SFX Yg 0 'tjes . ts:NN2r
+SFX Yg 0 'tje .
+SFX Yg 0 'tjes .
# team=>teams
SFX Za Y 1
-SFX Za 0 s . ts:NN2
+SFX Za 0 s .
# ium => iums, ia, icus->ici
SFX Zu Y 4
SFX Zu 0 s ium
-SFX Zu ium ia ium ts:NN2
-SFX Zu icus ici icus ts:NN2
-SFX Zu icus ica icus ts:NN2
+SFX Zu ium ia ium
+SFX Zu icus ici icus
+SFX Zu icus ica icus
# tuin=>tuinen
SFX Zb Y 4
-SFX Zb 0 en/CaCbCp [^eo] ts:NN2
-SFX Zb 0 ën/CaCbCp [eo] ts:NN2
-SFX Zb 0 en-/CaCbCp [^eo] ts:NN2
-SFX Zb 0 ën-/CaCbCp [eo] ts:NN2
+SFX Zb 0 en/CaCbCp [^eo]
+SFX Zb 0 ën/CaCbCp [eo]
+SFX Zb 0 en-/CaCbCp [^eo]
+SFX Zb 0 ën-/CaCbCp [eo]
# auto=>auto's, cd => cd's
SFX Zc Y 1
-SFX Zc 0 's . ts:NN2
+SFX Zc 0 's .
# schoonheid=>schoonheden
SFX Zd Y 2
-SFX Zd heid heden/CaCbCp . ts:NN2
-SFX Zd heid heden-/CaCbCp . ts:NN2
+SFX Zd heid heden/CaCbCp .
+SFX Zd heid heden-/CaCbCp .
# tas=>tassen
SFX Ze Y 24
-SFX Ze 0 ben/CaCbCp b ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 den/CaCbCp d ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 fen/CaCbCp f ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 gen/CaCbCp g ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 ken/CaCbCp k ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 len/CaCbCp l ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 men/CaCbCp m ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 nen/CaCbCp n ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 pen/CaCbCp p ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 sen/CaCbCp s ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 ren/CaCbCp r ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 ten/CaCbCp t ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 ben-/CaCbCp b ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 den-/CaCbCp d ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 fen-/CaCbCp f ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 gen-/CaCbCp g ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 ken-/CaCbCp k ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 len-/CaCbCp l ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 men-/CaCbCp m ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 nen-/CaCbCp n ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 pen-/CaCbCp p ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 sen-/CaCbCp s ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 ren-/CaCbCp r ts:NN2
-SFX Ze 0 ten-/CaCbCp t ts:NN2
+SFX Ze 0 ben/CaCbCp b
+SFX Ze 0 den/CaCbCp d
+SFX Ze 0 fen/CaCbCp f
+SFX Ze 0 gen/CaCbCp g
+SFX Ze 0 ken/CaCbCp k
+SFX Ze 0 len/CaCbCp l
+SFX Ze 0 men/CaCbCp m
+SFX Ze 0 nen/CaCbCp n
+SFX Ze 0 pen/CaCbCp p
+SFX Ze 0 sen/CaCbCp s
+SFX Ze 0 ren/CaCbCp r
+SFX Ze 0 ten/CaCbCp t
+SFX Ze 0 ben-/CaCbCp b
+SFX Ze 0 den-/CaCbCp d
+SFX Ze 0 fen-/CaCbCp f
+SFX Ze 0 gen-/CaCbCp g
+SFX Ze 0 ken-/CaCbCp k
+SFX Ze 0 len-/CaCbCp l
+SFX Ze 0 men-/CaCbCp m
+SFX Ze 0 nen-/CaCbCp n
+SFX Ze 0 pen-/CaCbCp p
+SFX Ze 0 sen-/CaCbCp s
+SFX Ze 0 ren-/CaCbCp r
+SFX Ze 0 ten-/CaCbCp t
# baal=>balen
SFX Zf Y 88
-SFX Zf al len/CaCbCp l ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ar ren/CaCbCp r ts:NN2
-SFX Zf an nen/CaCbCp n ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ad den/CaCbCp d ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ak ken/CaCbCp k ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ap pen/CaCbCp p ts:NN2
-SFX Zf as zen/CaCbCp s ts:NN2
-SFX Zf af ven/CaCbCp f ts:NN2
-SFX Zf am men/CaCbCp m ts:NN2
-SFX Zf at ten/CaCbCp t ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ag gen/CaCbCp g ts:NN2
-SFX Zf el len/CaCbCp l ts:NN2
-SFX Zf er ren/CaCbCp r ts:NN2
-SFX Zf en nen/CaCbCp n ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ed den/CaCbCp d ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ek ken/CaCbCp k ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ep pen/CaCbCp p ts:NN2
-SFX Zf es zen/CaCbCp s ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ef ven/CaCbCp f ts:NN2
-SFX Zf em men/CaCbCp m ts:NN2
-SFX Zf et ten/CaCbCp t ts:NN2
-SFX Zf eg gen/CaCbCp g ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ol len/CaCbCp l ts:NN2
-SFX Zf or ren/CaCbCp r ts:NN2
-SFX Zf on nen/CaCbCp n ts:NN2
-SFX Zf od den/CaCbCp d ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ok ken/CaCbCp k ts:NN2
-SFX Zf op pen/CaCbCp p ts:NN2
-SFX Zf os zen/CaCbCp s ts:NN2
-SFX Zf of ven/CaCbCp f ts:NN2
-SFX Zf om men/CaCbCp m ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ot ten/CaCbCp t ts:NN2
-SFX Zf og gen/CaCbCp g ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ul len/CaCbCp l ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ur ren/CaCbCp r ts:NN2
-SFX Zf un nen/CaCbCp n ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ud den/CaCbCp d ts:NN2
-SFX Zf uk ken/CaCbCp k ts:NN2
-SFX Zf up pen/CaCbCp p ts:NN2
-SFX Zf us zen/CaCbCp s ts:NN2
-SFX Zf uf ven/CaCbCp f ts:NN2
-SFX Zf um men/CaCbCp m ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ut ten/CaCbCp t ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ug gen/CaCbCp g ts:NN2
-SFX Zf al len-/CaCbCd l ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ar ren-/CaCbCp r ts:NN2
-SFX Zf an nen-/CaCbCp n ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ad den-/CaCbCp d ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ak ken-/CaCbCp k ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ap pen-/CaCbCp p ts:NN2
-SFX Zf as zen-/CaCbCp s ts:NN2
-SFX Zf af ven-/CaCbCp f ts:NN2
-SFX Zf am men-/CaCbCp m ts:NN2
-SFX Zf at ten-/CaCbCp t ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ag gen-/CaCbCp g ts:NN2
-SFX Zf el len-/CaCbCp l ts:NN2
-SFX Zf er ren-/CaCbCp r ts:NN2
-SFX Zf en nen-/CaCbCp n ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ed den-/CaCbCp d ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ek ken-/CaCbCp k ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ep pen-/CaCbCp p ts:NN2
-SFX Zf es zen-/CaCbCp s ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ef ven-/CaCbCp f ts:NN2
-SFX Zf em men-/CaCbCp m ts:NN2
-SFX Zf et ten-/CaCbCp t ts:NN2
-SFX Zf eg gen-/CaCbCp g ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ol len-/CaCbCp l ts:NN2
-SFX Zf or ren-/CaCbCp r ts:NN2
-SFX Zf on nen-/CaCbCp n ts:NN2
-SFX Zf od den-/CaCbCp d ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ok ken-/CaCbCp k ts:NN2
-SFX Zf op pen-/CaCbCp p ts:NN2
-SFX Zf os zen-/CaCbCp s ts:NN2
-SFX Zf of ven-/CaCbCp f ts:NN2
-SFX Zf om men-/CaCbCp m ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ot ten-/CaCbCp t ts:NN2
-SFX Zf og gen-/CaCbCp g ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ul len-/CaCbCp l ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ur ren-/CaCbCp r ts:NN2
-SFX Zf un nen-/CaCbCp n ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ud den-/CaCbCp d ts:NN2
-SFX Zf uk ken-/CaCbCp k ts:NN2
-SFX Zf up pen-/CaCbCp p ts:NN2
-SFX Zf us zen-/CaCbCp s ts:NN2
-SFX Zf uf ven-/CaCbCp f ts:NN2
-SFX Zf um men-/CaCbCp m ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ut ten-/CaCbCp t ts:NN2
-SFX Zf ug gen-/CaCbCp g ts:NN2
+SFX Zf al len/CaCbCp l
+SFX Zf ar ren/CaCbCp r
+SFX Zf an nen/CaCbCp n
+SFX Zf ad den/CaCbCp d
+SFX Zf ak ken/CaCbCp k
+SFX Zf ap pen/CaCbCp p
+SFX Zf as zen/CaCbCp s
+SFX Zf af ven/CaCbCp f
+SFX Zf am men/CaCbCp m
+SFX Zf at ten/CaCbCp t
+SFX Zf ag gen/CaCbCp g
+SFX Zf el len/CaCbCp l
+SFX Zf er ren/CaCbCp r
+SFX Zf en nen/CaCbCp n
+SFX Zf ed den/CaCbCp d
+SFX Zf ek ken/CaCbCp k
+SFX Zf ep pen/CaCbCp p
+SFX Zf es zen/CaCbCp s
+SFX Zf ef ven/CaCbCp f
+SFX Zf em men/CaCbCp m
+SFX Zf et ten/CaCbCp t
+SFX Zf eg gen/CaCbCp g
+SFX Zf ol len/CaCbCp l
+SFX Zf or ren/CaCbCp r
+SFX Zf on nen/CaCbCp n
+SFX Zf od den/CaCbCp d
+SFX Zf ok ken/CaCbCp k
+SFX Zf op pen/CaCbCp p
+SFX Zf os zen/CaCbCp s
+SFX Zf of ven/CaCbCp f
+SFX Zf om men/CaCbCp m
+SFX Zf ot ten/CaCbCp t
+SFX Zf og gen/CaCbCp g
+SFX Zf ul len/CaCbCp l
+SFX Zf ur ren/CaCbCp r
+SFX Zf un nen/CaCbCp n
+SFX Zf ud den/CaCbCp d
+SFX Zf uk ken/CaCbCp k
+SFX Zf up pen/CaCbCp p
+SFX Zf us zen/CaCbCp s
+SFX Zf uf ven/CaCbCp f
+SFX Zf um men/CaCbCp m
+SFX Zf ut ten/CaCbCp t
+SFX Zf ug gen/CaCbCp g
+SFX Zf al len-/CaCbCd l
+SFX Zf ar ren-/CaCbCp r
+SFX Zf an nen-/CaCbCp n
+SFX Zf ad den-/CaCbCp d
+SFX Zf ak ken-/CaCbCp k
+SFX Zf ap pen-/CaCbCp p
+SFX Zf as zen-/CaCbCp s
+SFX Zf af ven-/CaCbCp f
+SFX Zf am men-/CaCbCp m
+SFX Zf at ten-/CaCbCp t
+SFX Zf ag gen-/CaCbCp g
+SFX Zf el len-/CaCbCp l
+SFX Zf er ren-/CaCbCp r
+SFX Zf en nen-/CaCbCp n
+SFX Zf ed den-/CaCbCp d
+SFX Zf ek ken-/CaCbCp k
+SFX Zf ep pen-/CaCbCp p
+SFX Zf es zen-/CaCbCp s
+SFX Zf ef ven-/CaCbCp f
+SFX Zf em men-/CaCbCp m
+SFX Zf et ten-/CaCbCp t
+SFX Zf eg gen-/CaCbCp g
+SFX Zf ol len-/CaCbCp l
+SFX Zf or ren-/CaCbCp r
+SFX Zf on nen-/CaCbCp n
+SFX Zf od den-/CaCbCp d
+SFX Zf ok ken-/CaCbCp k
+SFX Zf op pen-/CaCbCp p
+SFX Zf os zen-/CaCbCp s
+SFX Zf of ven-/CaCbCp f
+SFX Zf om men-/CaCbCp m
+SFX Zf ot ten-/CaCbCp t
+SFX Zf og gen-/CaCbCp g
+SFX Zf ul len-/CaCbCp l
+SFX Zf ur ren-/CaCbCp r
+SFX Zf un nen-/CaCbCp n
+SFX Zf ud den-/CaCbCp d
+SFX Zf uk ken-/CaCbCp k
+SFX Zf up pen-/CaCbCp p
+SFX Zf us zen-/CaCbCp s
+SFX Zf uf ven-/CaCbCp f
+SFX Zf um men-/CaCbCp m
+SFX Zf ut ten-/CaCbCp t
+SFX Zf ug gen-/CaCbCp g
# paragraaf => paragrafen
SFX Zg Y 2
-SFX Zg af fen/CaCbCp . ts:NN2
-SFX Zg af fen-/CaCbCp . ts:NN2
+SFX Zg af fen/CaCbCp .
+SFX Zg af fen-/CaCbCp .
SFX Zh Y 4
-SFX Zh s zen/CaCbCp s ts:NN2
-SFX Zh f ven/CaCbCp f ts:NN2
-SFX Zh s zen-/CaCbCp s ts:NN2
-SFX Zh f ven-/CaCbCp f ts:NN2
+SFX Zh s zen/CaCbCp s
+SFX Zh f ven/CaCbCp f
+SFX Zh s zen-/CaCbCp s
+SFX Zh f ven-/CaCbCp f
# legende=>legenden (non-compounding)
SFX Zi Y 1
-SFX Zi 0 n . ts:NN2
+SFX Zi 0 n .
# dode=>doden (compounding)
SFX Zj Y 2
-SFX Zj 0 n/CaCbCp . ts:NN2
-SFX Zj 0 n-/CaCbCp . ts:NN2
+SFX Zj 0 n/CaCbCp .
+SFX Zj 0 n-/CaCbCp .
-SFX PN 0 ' [hsxz] ts:DT
-SFX PN 0 's [^a][a] ts:DT
-SFX PN 0 s [a]a ts:DT
-SFX PN 0 's [^aeou][i] ts:DT
-SFX PN 0 's [^o][o] ts:DT
-SFX PN 0 's [^aeou][u] ts:DT
-SFX PN 0 s [bcdefghjklmnpqrtuüvwxzéëâïóçà] ts:DT
-SFX PN 0 s [oe]y ts:DT
-SFX PN 0 's [^eo]y ts:DT
-SFX PN 0 s [aeuo]i ts:DT
-SFX PN 0 's [bcdeéfghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz]a ts:DT
-SFX PN 0 's che ts:DT
-SFX PN 0 's dge ts:DT
+SFX PN 0 ' [hsxz]
+SFX PN 0 's [^a][a]
+SFX PN 0 s [a]a
+SFX PN 0 's [^aeou][i]
+SFX PN 0 's [^o][o]
+SFX PN 0 's [^aeou][u]
+SFX PN 0 s [bcdefghjklmnpqrtuüvwxzéëâïóçà]
+SFX PN 0 s [oe]y
+SFX PN 0 's [^eo]y
+SFX PN 0 s [aeuo]i
+SFX PN 0 's [bcdeéfghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz]a
+SFX PN 0 's che
+SFX PN 0 's dge
# FLAG for female inhabitant of place (Alphen=>Alphense)
-SFX PI 0 se . ts:NN1d ts:AJe
+SFX PI 0 se .
# FLAG for male inhabitant of place (Eindhoven=>Eindhovenaar)
-SFX PJ 0 aar en ts:NN1d
-SFX PJ 0 mer m ts:NN1d
+SFX PJ 0 aar en
+SFX PJ 0 mer m
@@ -1180,260 +1055,364 @@ PFX Pt 0 na .
# 3d person, add a t to the stem
SFX V3 Y 1
-SFX V3 0 t . ts:VB3
+SFX V3 0 t .
# past tense, add de or den to the stem
SFX Vp Y 2
-SFX Vp 0 de . ts:VBh1
-SFX Vp 0 den . ts:VBh
+SFX Vp 0 de .
+SFX Vp 0 den .
# past tense, add te or ten to the stem
SFX Vq Y 2
-SFX Vq 0 te . ts:VBh1
-SFX Vq 0 ten . ts:VBh
+SFX Vq 0 te .
+SFX Vq 0 ten .
# verb +d, +de
SFX Vi Y 2
-SFX Vi 0 d . ts:PPn
-SFX Vi 0 de . ts:PPe
+SFX Vi 0 d .
+SFX Vi 0 de .
# aangetekend => aangetekende
SFX Ve Y 1
-SFX Ve 0 e . ts:VBpe
+SFX Ve 0 e .
# viezig => viezige, moe => moeë
SFX Aa Y 2
-SFX Aa 0 e [^e] ts:AJe
-SFX Aa 0 ë [e] ts:AJe
+SFX Aa 0 e [^e]
+SFX Aa 0 ë [e]
# lelijk => lelijker, raar => raarder
SFX Ab Y 2
-SFX Ab 0 er [^r] ts:AJcn
-SFX Ab 0 der r ts:AJcn
+SFX Ab 0 er [^r]
+SFX Ab 0 der r
# lelijk => lelijkere, dor => dordere
SFX Ac Y 2
-SFX Ac 0 ere [^r] ts:AJce
-SFX Ac 0 dere r ts:AJce
+SFX Ac 0 ere [^r]
+SFX Ac 0 dere r
# lelijk => lelijkst
SFX Ad Y 2
-SFX Ad 0 st/A0 [^s] ts:AJsn
-SFX Ad 0 t/A0 [s] ts:AJsn
-# lelijkst => allerlijkst
-PFX A0 Y 1
-PFX A0 0 aller
+SFX Ad 0 st [^s]
+SFX Ad 0 t [s]
# lelijk => lelijkste
SFX Ae Y 2
-SFX Ae 0 ste/A0 [^s] ts:AJse
-SFX Ae 0 te/A0 [s] ts:AJse
+SFX Ae 0 ste [^s]
+SFX Ae 0 te [s]
# lelijk => lelijks
SFX Ai Y 1
-SFX Ai 0 s . ts:i
+SFX Ai 0 s .
# baar => bare, boos=> boze
SFX Al Y 29
-SFX Al ob be oob ts:AJe
-SFX Al ad de aad ts:AJe
-SFX Al ed de eed ts:AJe
-SFX Al od de ood ts:AJe
-SFX Al af ve aaf ts:AJe
-SFX Al of ve oof ts:AJe
-SFX Al ag ge aag ts:AJe
-SFX Al eg ge eeg ts:AJe
-SFX Al og ge oog ts:AJe
-SFX Al ak ke aak ts:AJe
-SFX Al ek ke eek ts:AJe
-SFX Al ok ke ook ts:AJe
-SFX Al al le aal ts:AJe
-SFX Al el le eel ts:AJe
-SFX Al ol le ool ts:AJe
-SFX Al am me aam ts:AJe
-SFX Al om me oom ts:AJe
-SFX Al um me uum ts:AJe
-SFX Al an ne aan ts:AJe
-SFX Al en ne een ts:AJe
-SFX Al on ne oon ts:AJe
-SFX Al ar re aar ts:AJe
-SFX Al or re oor ts:AJe
-SFX Al es se ees ts:AJe
-SFX Al at te aat ts:AJe
-SFX Al et te eet ts:AJe
-SFX Al ot te oot ts:AJe
-SFX Al os ze oos ts:AJe
-SFX Al us se uus ts:AJe
+SFX Al ob be oob
+SFX Al ad de aad
+SFX Al ed de eed
+SFX Al od de ood
+SFX Al af ve aaf
+SFX Al of ve oof
+SFX Al ag ge aag
+SFX Al eg ge eeg
+SFX Al og ge oog
+SFX Al ak ke aak
+SFX Al ek ke eek
+SFX Al ok ke ook
+SFX Al al le aal
+SFX Al el le eel
+SFX Al ol le ool
+SFX Al am me aam
+SFX Al om me oom
+SFX Al um me uum
+SFX Al an ne aan
+SFX Al en ne een
+SFX Al on ne oon
+SFX Al ar re aar
+SFX Al or re oor
+SFX Al es se ees
+SFX Al at te aat
+SFX Al et te eet
+SFX Al ot te oot
+SFX Al os ze oos
+SFX Al us se uus
# industrieel => industriële
SFX Am Y 1
-SFX Am eel ële ieel ts:AJe
+SFX Am eel ële ieel
# zwak => zwakke
SFX An Y 11
-SFX An 0 de d ts:AJe
-SFX An 0 fe f ts:AJe
-SFX An 0 ge g ts:AJe
-SFX An 0 ke k ts:AJe
-SFX An 0 le l ts:AJe
-SFX An 0 me m ts:AJe
-SFX An 0 ne n ts:AJe
-SFX An 0 pe p ts:AJe
-SFX An 0 re r ts:AJe
-SFX An 0 se s ts:AJe
-SFX An 0 te t ts:AJe
+SFX An 0 de d
+SFX An 0 fe f
+SFX An 0 ge g
+SFX An 0 ke k
+SFX An 0 le l
+SFX An 0 me m
+SFX An 0 ne n
+SFX An 0 pe p
+SFX An 0 re r
+SFX An 0 se s
+SFX An 0 te t
# zwak => zwakker
SFX Ao Y 11
-SFX Ao 0 der d ts:AJc
-SFX Ao 0 fer f ts:AJc
-SFX Ao 0 ger g ts:AJc
-SFX Ao 0 ker k ts:AJc
-SFX Ao 0 ler l ts:AJc
-SFX Ao 0 mer m ts:AJc
-SFX Ao 0 ner n ts:AJc
-SFX Ao 0 per p ts:AJc
-SFX Ao 0 rer r ts:AJc
-SFX Ao 0 ser s ts:AJc
-SFX Ao 0 ter t ts:AJc
+SFX Ao 0 der d
+SFX Ao 0 fer f
+SFX Ao 0 ger g
+SFX Ao 0 ker k
+SFX Ao 0 ler l
+SFX Ao 0 mer m
+SFX Ao 0 ner n
+SFX Ao 0 per p
+SFX Ao 0 rer r
+SFX Ao 0 ser s
+SFX Ao 0 ter t
# zwak => zwakkere
SFX Ap Y 11
-SFX Ap 0 dere d ts:AJce
-SFX Ap 0 fere f ts:AJce
-SFX Ap 0 gere g ts:AJce
-SFX Ap 0 kere k ts:AJce
-SFX Ap 0 lere l ts:AJce
-SFX Ap 0 mere m ts:AJce
-SFX Ap 0 nere n ts:AJce
-SFX Ap 0 pere p ts:AJce
-SFX Ap 0 rere r ts:AJce
-SFX Ap 0 sere s ts:AJce
-SFX Ap 0 tere t ts:AJce
+SFX Ap 0 dere d
+SFX Ap 0 fere f
+SFX Ap 0 gere g
+SFX Ap 0 kere k
+SFX Ap 0 lere l
+SFX Ap 0 mere m
+SFX Ap 0 nere n
+SFX Ap 0 pere p
+SFX Ap 0 rere r
+SFX Ap 0 sere s
+SFX Ap 0 tere t
# kaad => kwader, boos=> bozer
SFX Aq Y 27
-SFX Aq ob ber oob ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq ad der aad ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq ed der eed ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq od der ood ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq af ver aaf ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq of ver oof ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq ag ger aag ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq eg ger eeg ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq og ger oog ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq ak ker aak ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq ek ker eek ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq ok ker ook ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq al ler aal ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq el ler eel ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq ol ler ool ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq am mer aam ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq om mer oom ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq um mer uum ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq an ner aan ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq en ner een ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq on ner oon ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq es ser ees ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq at ter aat ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq et ter eet ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq ot ter oot ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq os zer oos ts:AJcn
-SFX Aq us ser uus ts:AJcn
+SFX Aq ob ber oob
+SFX Aq ad der aad
+SFX Aq ed der eed
+SFX Aq od der ood
+SFX Aq af ver aaf
+SFX Aq of ver oof
+SFX Aq ag ger aag
+SFX Aq eg ger eeg
+SFX Aq og ger oog
+SFX Aq ak ker aak
+SFX Aq ek ker eek
+SFX Aq ok ker ook
+SFX Aq al ler aal
+SFX Aq el ler eel
+SFX Aq ol ler ool
+SFX Aq am mer aam
+SFX Aq om mer oom
+SFX Aq um mer uum
+SFX Aq an ner aan
+SFX Aq en ner een
+SFX Aq on ner oon
+SFX Aq es ser ees
+SFX Aq at ter aat
+SFX Aq et ter eet
+SFX Aq ot ter oot
+SFX Aq os zer oos
+SFX Aq us ser uus
# lief => lieve, precicieus => precisieuze
SFX Ar Y 2
-SFX Ar f ve f ts:AJce
-SFX Ar s ze s ts:AJce
+SFX Ar f ve f
+SFX Ar s ze s
# lief => liever
SFX As Y 2
-SFX As f ver f ts:AJcn
-SFX As s zer s ts:AJcn
+SFX As f ver f
+SFX As s zer s
# kaad => kwaders, boos=> bozers
SFX At Y 27
-SFX At ob bers oob ts:AJci
-SFX At ad ders aad ts:AJci
-SFX At ed ders eed ts:AJci
-SFX At od ders ood ts:AJci
-SFX At af vers aaf ts:AJci
-SFX At of vers oof ts:AJci
-SFX At ag gers aag ts:AJci
-SFX At eg gers eeg ts:AJci
-SFX At og gers oog ts:AJci
-SFX At ak kers aak ts:AJci
-SFX At ek kers eek ts:AJci
-SFX At ok kers ook ts:AJci
-SFX At al lers aal ts:AJci
-SFX At el lers eel ts:AJci
-SFX At ol lers ool ts:AJci
-SFX At am mers aam ts:AJci
-SFX At om mers oom ts:AJci
-SFX At um mers uum ts:AJci
-SFX At an ners aan ts:AJci
-SFX At en ners een ts:AJci
-SFX At on ners oon ts:AJci
-SFX At es sers ees ts:AJci
-SFX At at ters aat ts:AJci
-SFX At et ters eet ts:AJci
-SFX At ot ters oot ts:AJci
-SFX At os zers oos ts:AJci
-SFX At us sers uus ts:AJci
+SFX At ob bers oob
+SFX At ad ders aad
+SFX At ed ders eed
+SFX At od ders ood
+SFX At af vers aaf
+SFX At of vers oof
+SFX At ag gers aag
+SFX At eg gers eeg
+SFX At og gers oog
+SFX At ak kers aak
+SFX At ek kers eek
+SFX At ok kers ook
+SFX At al lers aal
+SFX At el lers eel
+SFX At ol lers ool
+SFX At am mers aam
+SFX At om mers oom
+SFX At um mers uum
+SFX At an ners aan
+SFX At en ners een
+SFX At on ners oon
+SFX At es sers ees
+SFX At at ters aat
+SFX At et ters eet
+SFX At ot ters oot
+SFX At os zers oos
+SFX At us sers uus
# lief => lievers
SFX Au Y 2
-SFX Au f vers f ts:AJci
-SFX Au s zers s ts:AJci
+SFX Au f vers f
+SFX Au s zers s
# zwak => zwakkers
SFX Av Y 11
-SFX Av 0 ders d ts:AJci
-SFX Av 0 fers f ts:AJci
-SFX Av 0 gers g ts:AJci
-SFX Av 0 kers k ts:AJci
-SFX Av 0 lers l ts:AJci
-SFX Av 0 mers m ts:AJci
-SFX Av 0 ners n ts:AJci
-SFX Av 0 pers p ts:AJci
-SFX Av 0 rers r ts:AJci
-SFX Av 0 sers s ts:AJci
-SFX Av 0 ters t ts:AJci
-# lelijk => lelijkers, raar => raarders
+SFX Av 0 ders d
+SFX Av 0 fers f
+SFX Av 0 gers g
+SFX Av 0 kers k
+SFX Av 0 lers l
+SFX Av 0 mers m
+SFX Av 0 ners n
+SFX Av 0 pers p
+SFX Av 0 rers r
+SFX Av 0 sers s
+SFX Av 0 ters t
+# lelijk => lelijker, raar => raarder
SFX Aw Y 2
-SFX Aw 0 ers [^r] ts:AJci
-SFX Aw 0 ders r ts:AJci
-# kaad => kwadere, boos=> bozere
-SFX Ax Y 27
-SFX Ax ob bere oob ts:AJce
-SFX Ax ad dere aad ts:AJce
-SFX Ax ed dere eed ts:AJce
-SFX Ax od dere ood ts:AJce
-SFX Ax af vere aaf ts:AJce
-SFX Ax of vere oof ts:AJce
-SFX Ax ag gere aag ts:AJce
-SFX Ax eg gere eeg ts:AJce
-SFX Ax og gere oog ts:AJce
-SFX Ax ak kere aak ts:AJce
-SFX Ax ek kere eek ts:AJce
-SFX Ax ok kere ook ts:AJce
-SFX Ax al lere aal ts:AJce
-SFX Ax el lere eel ts:AJce
-SFX Ax ol lere ool ts:AJce
-SFX Ax am mere aam ts:AJce
-SFX Ax om mere oom ts:AJce
-SFX Ax um mere uum ts:AJce
-SFX Ax an nere aan ts:AJce
-SFX Ax en nere een ts:AJce
-SFX Ax on nere oon ts:AJce
-SFX Ax es sere ees ts:AJce
-SFX Ax at tere aat ts:AJce
-SFX Ax et tere eet ts:AJce
-SFX Ax ot tere oot ts:AJce
-SFX Ax os zere oos ts:AJce
-SFX Ax us sere uus ts:AJce
+SFX Aw 0 ers [^r]
+SFX Aw 0 ders r
+# languages
+SFX Tl Y 4
+SFX Tl 0 talig/Aa
+SFX Tl 0 sprekend/Aa
+SFX Tl 0 taligheid
+SFX Tl 0 sprekendheid
+# numbers, because of compounding issues
+SFX Q2 Y 1
+SFX Q2 0 ste .
+SFX Q3 N 1
+SFX Q3 0 de .
+SFX Q4 Y 6
+SFX Q4 0 honderd .
+SFX Q4 0 honderdste .
+SFX Q4 0 duizend .
+SFX Q4 0 duizendste .
+SFX Q4 0 jarig .
+SFX Q4 0 jarige .
+PFX Q5 Y 9
+PFX Q5 0 eenen .
+PFX Q5 0 tweeën .
+PFX Q5 0 drieën .
+PFX Q5 0 vieren .
+PFX Q5 0 vijfen .
+PFX Q5 0 zesen .
+PFX Q5 0 zevenen .
+PFX Q5 0 achten .
+PFX Q5 0 negenen .
+PFX Q9 Y 101
+PFX Q9 0 0- .
+PFX Q9 0 1- .
+PFX Q9 0 2- .
+PFX Q9 0 3- .
+PFX Q9 0 4- .
+PFX Q9 0 5- .
+PFX Q9 0 6- .
+PFX Q9 0 7- .
+PFX Q9 0 8- .
+PFX Q9 0 9- .
+PFX Q9 0 10- .
+PFX Q9 0 11- .
+PFX Q9 0 12- .
+PFX Q9 0 13- .
+PFX Q9 0 14- .
+PFX Q9 0 15- .
+PFX Q9 0 16- .
+PFX Q9 0 17- .
+PFX Q9 0 18- .
+PFX Q9 0 19- .
+PFX Q9 0 20- .
+PFX Q9 0 21- .
+PFX Q9 0 22- .
+PFX Q9 0 23- .
+PFX Q9 0 24- .
+PFX Q9 0 25- .
+PFX Q9 0 26- .
+PFX Q9 0 27- .
+PFX Q9 0 28- .
+PFX Q9 0 29- .
+PFX Q9 0 30- .
+PFX Q9 0 31- .
+PFX Q9 0 32- .
+PFX Q9 0 33- .
+PFX Q9 0 34- .
+PFX Q9 0 35- .
+PFX Q9 0 36- .
+PFX Q9 0 37- .
+PFX Q9 0 38- .
+PFX Q9 0 39- .
+PFX Q9 0 40- .
+PFX Q9 0 41- .
+PFX Q9 0 42- .
+PFX Q9 0 43- .
+PFX Q9 0 44- .
+PFX Q9 0 45- .
+PFX Q9 0 46- .
+PFX Q9 0 47- .
+PFX Q9 0 48- .
+PFX Q9 0 49- .
+PFX Q9 0 50- .
+PFX Q9 0 51- .
+PFX Q9 0 52- .
+PFX Q9 0 53- .
+PFX Q9 0 54- .
+PFX Q9 0 55- .
+PFX Q9 0 56- .
+PFX Q9 0 57- .
+PFX Q9 0 58- .
+PFX Q9 0 59- .
+PFX Q9 0 60- .
+PFX Q9 0 61- .
+PFX Q9 0 62- .
+PFX Q9 0 63- .
+PFX Q9 0 64- .
+PFX Q9 0 65- .
+PFX Q9 0 66- .
+PFX Q9 0 67- .
+PFX Q9 0 68- .
+PFX Q9 0 69- .
+PFX Q9 0 70- .
+PFX Q9 0 71- .
+PFX Q9 0 72- .
+PFX Q9 0 73- .
+PFX Q9 0 74- .
+PFX Q9 0 75- .
+PFX Q9 0 76- .
+PFX Q9 0 77- .
+PFX Q9 0 78- .
+PFX Q9 0 79- .
+PFX Q9 0 80- .
+PFX Q9 0 81- .
+PFX Q9 0 82- .
+PFX Q9 0 83- .
+PFX Q9 0 84- .
+PFX Q9 0 85- .
+PFX Q9 0 86- .
+PFX Q9 0 87- .
+PFX Q9 0 88- .
+PFX Q9 0 89- .
+PFX Q9 0 90- .
+PFX Q9 0 91- .
+PFX Q9 0 92- .
+PFX Q9 0 93- .
+PFX Q9 0 94- .
+PFX Q9 0 95- .
+PFX Q9 0 96- .
+PFX Q9 0 97- .
+PFX Q9 0 98- .
+PFX Q9 0 99- .
+PFX Q9 0 100- .