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+# This is the hyphenation file "hyph_de_DE.dic" of the German dictionary #
+# according to the reform of 2006-08-01 (i.e. reformed or new spelling) #
+# #
+# Language: German (de DE) #
+# #
+# Version: 2012-06-09 #
+# Enhanced blacklist to improve the hyphenation module by Karl Zeiler #
+# #
+# Origin: Based on the TeX hyphenation tables "dehyphn.tex", revision level 31. #
+# #
+# The TeX hyphenation tables are released under the LaTeX Project #
+# Public License (LPPL) #
+# #
+# License: Adaptions of this package are licensed under the #
+# GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL 2 or later) and are under #
+# Copyright by #
+# #
+# Author: conversion author: Marco Huggenberger<> #
+# revised conversion and extensions: Daniel Naber #
+# #
+# Please note, this dictionary is based on syllable matching patterns #
+# and thus should be suitable under other variations of German #
+# #
+# HYPH de DE hyph_de_DE #
+# HYPH de AT hyph_de_AT #
+# HYPH de CH hyph_de_CH #