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+# This is the affix file of the de_DE-frami Hunspell dictionary
+# derived from the igerman98 dictionary
+# Version: 20120607+frami20120609 (build 20120609)
+# Copyright (C) 1998-2012 Bjoern Jacke <>; for the Addon: Franz Michael Baumann <>
+# License: GPLv2, GPLv3 or OASIS distribution license agreement
+# There should be a copy of both of this licenses included
+# with every distribution of this dictionary. Modified
+# versions using the GPL may only include the GPL
+SET ISO8859-1
+TRY esijanrtolcdugmphbyfvkwqxzESIJANRTOLCDUGMPHBYFVKWQXZ-.
+PFX U Y 1
+PFX U 0 un .
+PFX V Y 1
+PFX V 0 ver .
+SFX F Y 35
+SFX F 0 nen in
+SFX F e in e
+SFX F e innen e
+SFX F 0 in [^i]n
+SFX F 0 innen [^i]n
+SFX F 0 in [^enr]
+SFX F 0 innen [^enr]
+SFX F 0 in [^e]r
+SFX F 0 innen [^e]r
+SFX F 0 in [^r]er
+SFX F 0 innen [^r]er
+SFX F 0 in [^e]rer
+SFX F 0 innen [^e]rer
+SFX F 0 in ierer
+SFX F 0 innen ierer
+SFX F er in [^i]erer
+SFX F er innen [^i]erer
+SFX F in In in
+SFX F in Innen in
+SFX F e In e
+SFX F e Innen e
+SFX F 0 In [^i]n
+SFX F 0 Innen [^i]n
+SFX F 0 In [^en]
+SFX F 0 Innen [^en]
+SFX F 0 In [^e]r
+SFX F 0 Innen [^e]r
+SFX F 0 In [^r]er
+SFX F 0 Innen [^r]er
+SFX F 0 In [^e]rer
+SFX F 0 Innen [^e]rer
+SFX F 0 In ierer
+SFX F 0 Innen ierer
+SFX F er In [^i]erer
+SFX F er Innen [^i]erer
+#SFX F en innen en
+#SFX F en Innen en
+SFX L N 12
+SFX L 0 tlich n
+SFX L 0 tliche n
+SFX L 0 tlicher n
+SFX L 0 tliches n
+SFX L 0 tlichem n
+SFX L 0 tlichen n
+SFX L 0 lich [^n]
+SFX L 0 liche [^n]
+SFX L 0 licher [^n]
+SFX L 0 liches [^n]
+SFX L 0 lichem [^n]
+SFX L 0 lichen [^n]
+#SFX H N 2
+#SFX H 0 heit .
+#SFX H 0 heiten .
+#SFX K N 2
+#SFX K 0 keit .
+#SFX K 0 keiten .
+SFX M N 10
+SFX M 0 chen [^se]
+SFX M 0 chens [^se]
+SFX M ass sschen ass
+SFX M ass sschens ass
+SFX M oss sschen oss
+SFX M oss sschens oss
+SFX M uss sschen uss
+SFX M uss sschens uss
+SFX M e chen e
+SFX M e chens e
+SFX A Y 46
+SFX A 0 r e
+SFX A 0 n e
+SFX A 0 m e
+SFX A 0 s e
+SFX A 0 e [^elr]
+SFX A 0 er [^elr]
+SFX A 0 en [^elr]
+SFX A 0 em [^elr]
+SFX A 0 es [^elr]
+SFX A 0 e [^e][rl]
+SFX A 0 er [^e][rl]
+SFX A 0 en [^e][rl]
+SFX A 0 em [^e][rl]
+SFX A 0 es [^e][rl]
+SFX A 0 e [^u]er
+SFX A 0 er [^u]er
+SFX A 0 en [^u]er
+SFX A 0 em [^u]er
+SFX A 0 es [^u]er
+SFX A er re uer
+SFX A er rer uer
+SFX A er ren uer
+SFX A er rem uer
+SFX A er res uer
+SFX A 0 e [eil]el
+SFX A 0 er [eil]el
+SFX A 0 en [eil]el
+SFX A 0 em [eil]el
+SFX A 0 es [eil]el
+SFX A el le [^eil]el
+SFX A el ler [^eil]el
+SFX A el len [^eil]el
+SFX A el lem [^eil]el
+SFX A el les [^eil]el
+SFX A lig elig [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX A lig elige [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX A lig eliger [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX A lig eligen [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX A lig eligem [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX A lig eliges [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX A erig rig [^hi]erig
+SFX A erig rige [^hi]erig
+SFX A erig riger [^hi]erig
+SFX A erig rigen [^hi]erig
+SFX A erig rigem [^hi]erig
+SFX A erig riges [^hi]erig
+SFX C Y 88
+SFX C 0 ere [^elr]
+SFX C 0 erer [^elr]
+SFX C 0 eren [^elr]
+SFX C 0 erem [^elr]
+SFX C 0 eres [^elr]
+SFX C 0 re e
+SFX C 0 rer e
+SFX C 0 ren e
+SFX C 0 rem e
+SFX C 0 res e
+SFX C 0 ere [^e][lr]
+SFX C 0 erer [^e][lr]
+SFX C 0 eren [^e][lr]
+SFX C 0 erem [^e][lr]
+SFX C 0 eres [^e][lr]
+SFX C el lere el
+SFX C el lerer el
+SFX C el leren el
+SFX C el lerem el
+SFX C el leres el
+SFX C er rere uer
+SFX C er rerer uer
+SFX C er reren uer
+SFX C er rerem uer
+SFX C er reres uer
+SFX C 0 ere [^u]er
+SFX C 0 erer [^u]er
+SFX C 0 eren [^u]er
+SFX C 0 erem [^u]er
+SFX C 0 eres [^u]er
+SFX C lig eligere [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX C lig eligerer [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX C lig eligeren [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX C lig eligerem [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX C lig eligeres [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX C erig rigere [^hi]erig
+SFX C erig rigerer [^hi]erig
+SFX C erig rigeren [^hi]erig
+SFX C erig rigerem [^hi]erig
+SFX C erig rigeres [^hi]erig
+SFX C 0 est [ksuxz]
+SFX C 0 este [ksuxz]
+SFX C 0 ester [ksuxz]
+SFX C 0 esten [ksuxz]
+SFX C 0 estem [ksuxz]
+SFX C 0 estes [ksuxz]
+SFX C 0 st et
+SFX C 0 ste et
+SFX C 0 ster et
+SFX C 0 sten et
+SFX C 0 stem et
+SFX C 0 stes et
+SFX C 0 est [^e]t
+SFX C 0 este [^e]t
+SFX C 0 ester [^e]t
+SFX C 0 esten [^e]t
+SFX C 0 estem [^e]t
+SFX C 0 estes [^e]t
+SFX C 0 st [^kstxz]
+SFX C 0 ste [^kstxz]
+SFX C 0 ster [^kstxz]
+SFX C 0 sten [^kstxz]
+SFX C 0 stem [^kstxz]
+SFX C 0 stes [^kstxz]
+SFX C 0 st nd
+SFX C 0 ste nd
+SFX C 0 ster nd
+SFX C 0 sten nd
+SFX C 0 stem nd
+SFX C 0 stes nd
+SFX C 0 est [^n]d
+SFX C 0 este [^n]d
+SFX C 0 ester [^n]d
+SFX C 0 esten [^n]d
+SFX C 0 estem [^n]d
+SFX C 0 estes [^n]d
+SFX C lig eligst [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX C lig eligste [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX C lig eligster [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX C lig eligsten [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX C lig eligstem [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX C lig eligstes [^aeiouhlr]lig
+SFX C erig rigst [^hi]erig
+SFX C erig rigste [^hi]erig
+SFX C erig rigster [^hi]erig
+SFX C erig rigsten [^hi]erig
+SFX C erig rigstem [^hi]erig
+SFX C erig rigstes [^hi]erig
+SFX E Y 1
+SFX E 0 e .
+SFX f Y 4
+SFX f ph f ph
+SFX f ph fen ph
+SFX f phie fie phie
+SFX f phie fien phie
+SFX N Y 1
+SFX N 0 n .
+SFX P Y 1
+SFX P 0 en .
+SFX p Y 26
+SFX p auf ufe auf
+SFX p auf ufen auf
+SFX p aus user [hH]aus
+SFX p aus usern [hH]aus
+SFX p arkt rkte [mM]arkt
+SFX p arkt rkten [mM]arkt
+SFX p ang nge ang
+SFX p ang ngen ang
+SFX p u e u
+SFX p u en u
+SFX p o e o
+SFX p o en o
+SFX p aum ume aum
+SFX p aum umen aum
+SFX p ag ge ag
+SFX p ag gen ag
+SFX p ug ge ug
+SFX p ug gen ug
+SFX p all lle all
+SFX p all llen all
+SFX p ass sse ass
+SFX p ass ssen ass
+SFX p uss sse uss
+SFX p uss ssen uss
+SFX p oss sse oss
+SFX p oss ssen oss
+# last ...oss rules are for swiss de_CH only - but do not affect de_DE
+SFX R Y 3
+SFX R 0 er [^e]
+SFX R 0 ern [^e]
+SFX R 0 r e
+SFX S Y 1
+SFX S 0 s .
+SFX q Y 2
+SFX q 0 se s
+SFX q 0 sen s
+SFX Q Y 1
+SFX Q 0 ses s
+#SFX Q 0 se s
+#SFX Q 0 sen s
+SFX T Y 1
+SFX T 0 es .
+SFX J Y 12
+SFX J n ung [bgkpsz]eln
+SFX J n ungen [bgkpsz]eln
+SFX J eln lung eln
+SFX J n ung ern
+SFX J en ung en
+SFX J eln lungen eln
+SFX J n ungen ern
+SFX J en ungen en
+SFX J 0 ung [^n]
+SFX J 0 ungen [^n]
+SFX J el lung el
+SFX J el lungen el
+SFX B N 12
+SFX B n bar e[lr]n
+SFX B n bare e[lr]n
+SFX B n baren e[lr]n
+SFX B n barer e[lr]n
+SFX B n bares e[lr]n
+SFX B n barem e[lr]n
+SFX B en bar en
+SFX B en bare en
+SFX B en baren en
+SFX B en barer en
+SFX B en bares en
+SFX B en barem en
+SFX D Y 6
+SFX D 0 d n
+SFX D 0 de n
+SFX D 0 den n
+SFX D 0 der n
+SFX D 0 des n
+SFX D 0 dem n
+SFX W Y 5
+SFX W en 0 en
+SFX W n 0 [^e]n
+SFX W st 0 [^s]st
+SFX W t 0 sst
+SFX W t 0 [^s]t
+SFX I Y 16
+SFX I n 0 en
+SFX I eln le eln
+SFX I n e eln
+SFX I ern re ern
+SFX I n e ern
+SFX I n t e[lr]n
+SFX I n t [dt]en
+SFX I en t [^dimnt]en
+SFX I en t eien
+SFX I n t [^e]ien
+SFX I n t chnen
+SFX I en t [^c]h[mn]en
+SFX I n t [^aehilmnour][mn]en
+SFX I en t [aeilmnour][mn]en
+SFX I n e un
+SFX I n t un
+SFX X Y 26
+SFX X n t e[lr]n
+SFX X n t [dtw]en
+SFX X en t eien
+SFX X n t [^e]ien
+SFX X en t [^ditmnw]en
+SFX X n t chnen
+SFX X en t [^c]h[mn]en
+SFX X n t [^aehilmnour][mn]en
+SFX X en t [aeilmnour][mn]en
+SFX X n t un
+SFX X st 0 tst
+SFX X n st e[lr]n
+SFX X n st [dtw]en
+SFX X en st [^dimnstwzx]en
+SFX X en st eien
+SFX X n st [^e]ien
+SFX X n st chnen
+SFX X en st [^c]h[mn]en
+SFX X n st [^aehilmnour][mn]en
+SFX X en st [aeilmnour][mn]en
+SFX X n st un
+SFX X n st [sxz]en
+SFX X n st ssen
+SFX X n st schen
+SFX X t st [^sz]t
+SFX X t est zt
+SFX Y Y 36
+SFX Y n te e[lr]n
+SFX Y n te [dtw]en
+SFX Y en te [^dimntw]en
+SFX Y en te eien
+SFX Y n te [^e]ien
+SFX Y n te chnen
+SFX Y en te [^c]h[mn]en
+SFX Y n te [^aehilmnour][mn]en
+SFX Y en te [aeilmnour][mn]en
+SFX Y n test e[lr]n
+SFX Y n test [dtw]en
+SFX Y en test [^dimntw]en
+SFX Y en test eien
+SFX Y n test [^e]ien
+SFX Y n test chnen
+SFX Y en test [^c]h[mn]en
+SFX Y n test [^aehilmnour][mn]en
+SFX Y en test [aeilmnour][mn]en
+SFX Y n tet e[lr]n
+SFX Y n tet [dtw]en
+SFX Y en tet [^dimntw]en
+SFX Y en tet eien
+SFX Y n tet [^e]ien
+SFX Y n tet chnen
+SFX Y en tet [^c]h[mn]en
+SFX Y n tet [^aehilmnour][mn]en
+SFX Y en tet [aeilmnour][mn]en
+SFX Y n ten e[lr]n
+SFX Y n ten [dtw]en
+SFX Y en ten [^dimntw]en
+SFX Y en ten eien
+SFX Y n ten [^e]ien
+SFX Y n ten chnen
+SFX Y en ten [^c]h[mn]en
+SFX Y n ten [^aehilmnour][mn]en
+SFX Y en ten [aeilmnour][mn]en
+SFX Z Y 15
+SFX Z 0 st [^hsz]
+SFX Z 0 st [^c]h
+SFX Z 0 st [^s]ch
+SFX Z 0 est [dfkstz]
+SFX Z 0 est ch
+SFX Z 0 est [au]
+SFX Z 0 est ie
+SFX Z 0 est [io]ss
+SFX Z 0 t [^dt]
+SFX Z 0 et [dt]
+SFX Z 0 n e
+SFX Z 0 en ie
+SFX Z 0 en [^e]
+SFX Z 0 est iess
+SFX Z 0 est [au]ss
+# last two rules only used for swiss de_CH - but de_DE is unaffected
+SFX O Y 21
+SFX O n tes e[lr]n
+SFX O n tes [dtw]en
+SFX O en tes [^dmntw]en
+SFX O n tes chnen
+SFX O en tes [^c]h[mn]en
+SFX O n tes [^aehilmnour][mn]en
+SFX O en tes [aeilmnour][mn]en
+SFX O n ter e[lr]n
+SFX O n ter [dtw]en
+SFX O en ter [^dmntw]en
+SFX O n ter chnen
+SFX O en ter [^c]h[mn]en
+SFX O n ter [^aehilmnour][mn]en
+SFX O en ter [aeilmnour][mn]en
+SFX O n tem e[lr]n
+SFX O n tem [dtw]en
+SFX O en tem [^dmntw]en
+SFX O n tem chnen
+SFX O en tem [^c]h[mn]en
+SFX O n tem [^aehilmnour][mn]en
+SFX O en tem [aeilmnour][mn]en
+REP 28
+REP f ph
+REP ph f
+REP ss
+REP ss
+REP s ss
+REP ss s
+REP i ie
+REP ie i
+REP ee e
+REP o oh
+REP oh o
+REP a ah
+REP ah a
+REP e eh
+REP eh e
+REP ae
+REP oe
+REP ue
+REP d t
+REP t d
+REP th t
+REP t th
+REP r rh
+REP ch k
+REP k ch
+#REP eee ee-E
+# this one will allow "-Eltern" - Hunspell 1.1.5 bug, but CHECKSHARPS obsoletes LANG de_DE
+#LANG de_DE
+# Prefixes are allowed at the beginning of compounds,
+# suffixes are allowed at the end of compounds by default:
+# (prefix)?(root)+(affix)?
+# Affixes with COMPOUNDPERMITFLAG may be inside of compounds.
+# my PSEUDOROOT h(elper) flag
+# forbid uppercase characters at compound word bounds
+# BUT I want to take care about it myself ;-)
+# Affixes signed with CIRCUMFIX flag may be on a word when this word also has a prefix with CIRCUMFIX flag and vice versa.
+# for decapitalizing nouns with fogemorphemes
+# this one would make a separate dict entry "Denkmalsschutz" invalidate the
+# compound of "Denkmal"+"schutz". We do not want this feature here...
+# make not all possible suggestions for typos of Flicken or some rare words
+# - setting this to 2 decreases performance by 1/10 but is needed for "l" and "ei"
+# - setting this to 1 for handling Fuge-elements with dashes (Arbeits-) dash will
+# be a special word but - is handled as a affix now
+# this ones are for Duden R36 (old orthography)
+# also need oo o
+# this one needs to be flagable to be used for old orthography
+PFX i Y 1
+PFX i 0 -/coyf .
+SFX j Y 3
+SFX j 0 0/xoc .
+SFX j 0 -/zocf .
+SFX j 0 -/cz .
+# Female forms for compound/Compound words:
+# attention: [^e][^n] does also filter out "" !
+SFX g Y 12
+SFX g 0 innen/xyoc [^n]
+SFX g en innen/xyoc en
+SFX g 0 Innen/xyoc [^n]
+SFX g en Innen/xyoc en
+SFX g 0 innen/xyocf [^n]
+SFX g en innen/xyocf en
+SFX g 0 Innen/xyocf [^n]
+SFX g en Innen/xyocf en
+SFX g 0 innen-/cz [^n]
+SFX g en innen-/cz en
+SFX g 0 Innen-/cz [^n]
+SFX g en Innen-/cz en
+PFX k Y 2
+PFX k 0 -/coxf .
+PFX k 0 0/coy .
+SFX e Y 2
+SFX e 0 0/yoc .
+SFX e 0 -/zc .
+# for Uppercased end-words to prepend - and lowercase: (Tier/EPSm) (EX: Bettbezge und *-laken*)
+# AND
+# for lowercased end-words to prepend - and re-uppercase : (tier/EPSozm) (EX: Arbeits*-Tier*)
+#PFX m A -a/co A
+#PFX m a -/ a
+PFX m Y 58
+PFX m A -a A
+PFX m B -b B
+PFX m C -c C
+PFX m D -d D
+PFX m E -e E
+PFX m F -f F
+PFX m G -g G
+PFX m H -h H
+PFX m I -i I
+PFX m J -j J
+PFX m K -k K
+PFX m L -l L
+PFX m M -m M
+PFX m N -n N
+PFX m O -o O
+PFX m P -p P
+PFX m Q -q Q
+PFX m R -r R
+PFX m S -s S
+PFX m T -t T
+PFX m U -u U
+PFX m V -v V
+PFX m W -w W
+PFX m X -x X
+PFX m Y -y Y
+PFX m Z -z Z
+PFX m -
+PFX m -
+PFX m -
+PFX m a -A/co a
+PFX m b -B/co b
+PFX m c -C/co c
+PFX m d -D/co d
+PFX m e -E/co e
+PFX m f -F/co f
+PFX m g -G/co g
+PFX m h -H/co h
+PFX m i -I/co i
+PFX m j -J/co j
+PFX m k -K/co k
+PFX m l -L/co l
+PFX m m -M/co m
+PFX m n -N/co n
+PFX m o -O/co o
+PFX m p -P/co p
+PFX m q -Q/co q
+PFX m r -R/co r
+PFX m s -S/co s
+PFX m t -T/co t
+PFX m u -U/co u
+PFX m v -V/co v
+PFX m w -W/co w
+PFX m x -X/co x
+PFX m y -Y/co y
+PFX m z -Z/co z
+PFX m -/co
+PFX m -/co
+PFX m -/co
+# Decapitalizing: (not used ATM... )
+# /co(f) : compound permit, in coumpount only, (decapitalizing with fogemorphemes)
+#PFX l Y 29
+#PFX l A a/co A
+#PFX l /co
+#PFX l B b/co B
+#PFX l C c/co C
+#PFX l D d/co D
+#PFX l E e/co E
+#PFX l F f/co F
+#PFX l G g/co G
+#PFX l H h/co H
+#PFX l I i/co I
+#PFX l J j/co J
+#PFX l K k/co K
+#PFX l L l/co L
+#PFX l M m/co M
+#PFX l N n/co N
+#PFX l O o/co O
+#PFX l /co
+#PFX l P p/co P
+#PFX l Q q/co Q
+#PFX l R r/co R
+#PFX l S s/co S
+#PFX l T t/co T
+#PFX l U u/co U
+#PFX l /co
+#PFX l V v/co V
+#PFX l W w/co W
+#PFX l X x/co X
+#PFX l Y y/co Y
+#PFX l Z z/co Z
+# private hunspell flags:
+# --x : not for capmain (rare words)
+# With "BREAK -" some wrong forms are accepted but that is needed for US-Wirtschaft etc.
+# So enabling this is the lesser evil. No perfect solution found so far...