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Add Swedish hyphen dictionary provided by Niklas Johansson
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+This Swedish Hyphenation Dictionary is maintained by
+Niklas Johansson <>.
+The most recent version should be available through
+the libreoffice extensions respiratory at:
+If you find a Swedish word that is hyphenated incorrectly
+please send me a mail at
+* Copyright *
+Copyright © 2013 Niklas Johansson <>
+******* BEGIN LICENSE BLOCK *******
+* MPL/LGPLv3+ dual license
+******* END LICENSE BLOCK *******
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+ <node oor:name="HyphDic_sv" oor:op="fuse">
+ <prop oor:name="Locations" oor:type="oor:string-list">
+ <value>%origin%/hyph_sv.dic</value>
+ </prop>
+ <prop oor:name="Format" oor:type="xs:string">
+ <value>DICT_HYPH</value>
+ </prop>
+ <prop oor:name="Locales" oor:type="oor:string-list">
+ <value>sv-SE sv-FI</value>
+ </prop>
+ </node>
<node oor:name="ThesDic_sv-SE1" oor:op="fuse">
<prop oor:name="Locations" oor:type="oor:string-list">
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