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and to keep a copy of it with every copy you make of this language file.
1. Name: Dutch word list for spell checking - OpenTaal
-2. Version of words list: 2.00G; version of spell checking: 2.00G.
+2. Version of words list: 2.10G; version of spell checking: 2.10G.
3. Requirements: Hunspell 1.2.8 and higher
4. Spelling Seal of Dutch Language Union: The OpenTaal list of lemmas has
received the Spelling Seal of Approval from the Dutch Language Union, the
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Dutch Language Union, i.e. their spelling instruction and word list. In case
you believe OpenTaal is violating your rights, we ask you to send us a
written notice as soon as possible.
-10.Contact: OpenTaal Foundation,,
+10.Contact: OpenTaal Foundation,, \ No newline at end of file