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Fix more thesauri
...that a more picky idxdict now complains about when it is not able to read an integer count where it expects to find one. In most cases, a previous line count was apparently wrong (similar to df423c53829faa96f46acd71887fd0f8697c49e9 "fix Lithuanian thesaurus"). But: * ro/th_ro_RO_v2.dat had three cases that look like lines got oddly duplicated. And the excessive whitespace in the middle of the line in the second case looks odd, too. * uk_UA/th_uk_UA.dat leaves me completely clueless. I edited it so that it passes through idxdict, but it definitely needs inspection from a native speaker and/or expert in that thesaurus .dat format. Change-Id: Ieeb36e3bcd335917076c82816241ef569e1bd5c7
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