BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
aoo/aw080Resync to trunk, windows non-pro buildArmin Le Grand7 years
aoo/trunkCleaned up whitespace, reordered Increase/Decrease Indent in sidebarMatthias Seidel24 months
distro/capgemini/cg-4.1bump version to Lohmaier8 years
distro/cib/libreoffice-5-0./g: don't exit early on ./g checkout -fThorsten Behrens3 years
distro/cib/libreoffice-5-1Default OpenGL to off on all platformsThorsten Behrens3 years
distro/cib/libreoffice-5-2oops, forgot to commit thatMichael Stahl23 months
distro/cib/libreoffice-5-3icu: do not include non-standardized xlocale.h if U_PLATFORM_IS_LINUX_BASEDEike Rathke3 years
distro/cib/libreoffice-5-4nss: upgrade to release 3.55.0Michael Stahl11 months
distro/cib/libreoffice-6-0nss: upgrade to release 3.55.0Michael Stahl11 months
distro/cib/libreoffice-6-1libxml2: upgrade to release 2.9.12Michael Stahl2 months
distro/cib/libreoffice-6-2Disable inserting HTML comments as notes by defaultSamuel Mehrbrodt22 months
distro/cib/libreoffice-6-3tdf#136423 make SwXDrawPage::group work with a single shapeSamuel Mehrbrodt11 months
distro/cib/libreoffice-6-4Handle fancy webdav URI schemes on all platformsThorsten Behrens3 days
distro/collabora/cd-5.3forcepoint #17 nTextBreak is an index into pKernArray of len rInf.GetLen()Caolán McNamara3 years
distro/collabora/cd-5.3-3.1set Referer on link mediadescriptorCaolán McNamara3 years
distro/collabora/cd-5.3-3.2nss: upgrade to release 3.38Andras Timar3 years
distro/collabora/cd-5.3-3.4Bump version to 5.3-61Andras Timar3 years
distro/collabora/co-2021lok: sw: avoid duplicate LOK_CALLBACK_TABLE_SELECTED msgsDennis Francis2 days
distro/collabora/cp-4.0SwXDispatchProviderInterceptor: implement frame::XInterceptorInfoMiklos Vajna5 years
distro/collabora/cp-4.1Bump version to 4.1-9Andras Timar7 years
distro/collabora/cp-4.2bump png to 1.5.24 CVE-2015-7981 + CVE-2015-8126Caolán McNamara6 years
distro/collabora/cp-4.3Fix strange whitespace related compiler warning.Michael Meeks4 years
distro/collabora/cp-4.4nss: win vs2013 build fixAndras Timar5 years
distro/collabora/cp-5.0Bump version to 5.0-46Andras Timar3 years
distro/collabora/cp-5.1Bump version to 5.1-27Andras Timar3 years
distro/collabora/cp-5.3openssl 1.0.2tAndras Timar22 months
distro/collabora/cp-5.3-desktopBump version to 5.3-67Andras Timar21 months
distro/collabora/cp-6.0Bump version to 6.0-39Andras Timar7 months
distro/collabora/cp-6.0-29Change PACKAGEREVISION to 20201221Andras Timar7 months
distro/collabora/cp-6.2Bump version to 6.2-32Andras Timar3 weeks
distro/collabora/cp-6.4Bump version to 6.4-45Andras Timar5 days
distro/collabora/dcm-6.2tdf#120546 fix DOCX overriding numrule formatJan-Marek Glogowski2 days
distro/collabora/lof-4.3Remove extra #endifTor Lillqvist7 years
distro/collabora/lov-4.4Bump version for next App Store uploadAndras Timar6 years
distro/collabora/lov-5.0Info.plist: fix ERROR ITMS-90243Andras Timar6 years
distro/collabora/lov-5.1Use LibreOffice Vanilla in more placesTor Lillqvist5 years
distro/collabora/lov-5.2tdf#102382: nextEventMatchingMask should only be called from the Main ThreadTor Lillqvist5 years
distro/collabora/lov-6.0.4Open template read-onlyTor Lillqvist3 years
distro/collabora/lov-6.0.5Use Tango as default icon theme when Breeze is not includedTor Lillqvist3 years
distro/collabora/lov-6.1tdf#121778: Work around odd macOS 10.14 graphicsContextWithWindow failureStephan Bergmann3 years
distro/collabora/lov-6.4Fix problems when running a sandboxed LO as instdir/.../soffice on macOSTor Lillqvist15 months
distro/collabora/viewerFix build.Jan Holesovsky6 years
distro/collabora/viewer2starmath: Convert many services to constructors.Jan Holesovsky6 years
distro/escriba/escriba-5.2sw: fix ViewCursor.PageStyleName for multi-page paragraphsMiklos Vajna24 months
distro/escriba/escriba-5.2.1tdf#106390 Intersect the table borders with upper frames.Mark Hung3 years
distro/escriba/escriba-5.4tdf#106390 Intersect the table borders with upper frames.Mark Hung3 years
distro/lhm/libreoffice-4-1-6+backportsexpand pyuno path separatorsCaolán McNamara24 months
distro/lhm/libreoffice-5-2+backportscomphelper: fix build against CentOS6 baselineThorsten Behrens14 months
distro/lhm/libreoffice-6-1+backportstdf#135014 sw_redlinehide: fix missing frames when removing fieldmarkMichael Stahl8 weeks
distro/lhm/libreoffice-6-4+backportsAllow opt-out from document events checkSamuel Mehrbrodt3 weeks
distro/lhm/libreoffice-7-0+backportsRevert "HACK: Revert "tdf#132940 Crash in mergedlo!vcl::Region::operator=""Michael Weghorn7 months
distro/lhm/libreoffice-7-1+backportstdf#95615 android: Don't offer "Save" after opening templateMichael Weghorn3 months
distro/lhm/libreoffice-7-2+backportstdf#142618 android: Don't crash when passed MIME type is nullMichael Weghorn6 weeks
distro/mimo/mimo-4-1-4-2Ticket 385: Regression Ancrage des objets (fdo#67712)Mohamed-Ali BEN MANSOUR7 years
distro/mimo/mimo-5-4-7-2Improve the Windows SDK 10 ProductVersion-PathJuergen Funk2 months
distro/mimo/mimo-6-1Improve the Windows SDK 10 ProductVersion-PathJuergen Funk2 months
distro/mimo/mimo-6-2Bump product version to Timar3 months
distro/mimo/mimo-6-4Bump product version to Timar3 weeks
distro/mimo/mimo-7-0Update git submodulesJulien Nabet4 weeks
distro/nisz/libreoffice-6-4Weekly version bump: N9Gabor Kelemen9 months
distro/nisz/libreoffice-7-0Weekly version bumpGabor Kelemen3 months
distro/nisz/libreoffice-7-1Weekly version bump and remove branding path from our configGabor Kelemen12 days
distro/suse/suse-3.6Bump for 3.6-32Andras Timar8 years
distro/suse/suse-3.6-appupbump product version to 3.6-4, release number to 304Petr Mladek9 years
distro/suse/suse-3.6.3fix sometimes data corruption with xlsx import ( with scenario sheets )Noel Power9 years
distro/suse/suse-4.0bnc#901693 change shell command new for non-template typesAndras Timar7 years
distro/suse/suse-4.0.3Updated coreFridrich Štrba8 years
distro/ubuntu/oneiric-3.4Resolves: rhbz#761009 IFSD_Equal is asymmetricalCaolán McNamara10 years
distro/ubuntu/oneiric-3.4-allapply build repository patch external-apm-header.diffFlorian Reuter10 years
distro/vector/vector-5.4vcl: fix logic size of metafile from GraphicMiklos Vajna8 months
distro/vector/vector-7.0sw XHTML import, improved <object> handling for images: support more formatsMiklos Vajna4 days
distro/vector/vector-7.0-10.0sw XHTML/reqif export, OLE data for transparent images: avoid black backgroundMiklos Vajna6 weeks
distro/vector/vtext-6.5sw HTML import: avoid loading the Writer/Web template for the Writer filterMiklos Vajna3 years
feature/5-1-pickvcl: use a custom tag for VCL OpenGLContext's to avoid re-use.Michael Meeks6 years
feature/BorderlineFixBorderlineFix: Corrected wrong indexing in Array initializationArmin Le Grand3 years
feature/OperationSmileyOperationSmiley: Adapted TestDocumentArmin Le Grand3 years
feature/RotGrfFlyFrameRotGrfFlyFrame: Clang error fixArmin Le Grand4 years
feature/RotateFlyFrameRotateFlyFrame: Isolate SwFrame members maFrame and maPrtArmin Le Grand4 years
feature/RotateFlyFrame2RotateFlyFrame2: Unified FrameAreaDefinitionArmin Le Grand4 years
feature/RotateFlyFrame3RotateFlyFrame3: Corrected wrong static_castArmin Le Grand4 years
feature/SOSAW080SOSAW080: Solve UNO API calls that move SvxShapes to other ModelArmin Le Grand3 years
feature/SfxShell_refcountget started on refcount for SfxShellLionel Elie Mamane8 years
feature/SwFrameBorderSwFrameBorder: Converted BorderRectangle functionalityArmin Le Grand4 years
feature/accessibilitycheckacc. check: implement goto for OLE/Graphic objectsTomaž Vajngerl19 months
feature/accfixes2accfixes2: fixes compiler issuesNorbert Thiebaud10 years
feature/autostylesome Get.*Export() methods create and register families - so call them.Michael Meeks8 years
feature/barcodebarcodes: initial attempt to use zint to render bar-codes.Michael Meeks7 years
feature/base-previewfdo#70496 revert to using libmysqlclientLionel Elie Mamane8 years
feature/borderline3borderline: Extended decomposeArmin Le Grand4 years
feature/bplustreeDense B+ tree: Remove root / one level if possible.Jan Holesovsky8 years
feature/cairotdf#73071 Enable styles content panel in calc and fix spacing issueYousuf Philips5 years
feature/calc-coordinateslokit: scPrintTwipsMsgs: LOK_CALLBACK_COMMENTDennis Francis14 months
feature/calc-data-tableset the data table info to the modelMarkus Mohrhard7 years
feature/calc-parallelMove token-cache for doubles to ScInterpreterContext...Dennis Francis4 years
feature/calctiledrenderingKill saveAsWithOptions again. (merge error/oversight)Andrzej Hunt7 years
feature/calctiledrendering2DO NOT USEAndrzej Hunt7 years
feature/calctiledrendering3Impress: implement tiled rendering.Andrzej Hunt7 years
feature/calctiledrendering4DON'T USE: ignore unknown args instead of failure.Andrzej Hunt7 years
feature/calctiledrendering5TEMPORARY: use a different paint rect.Andrzej Hunt7 years
feature/calctiledrendering_altReturn to pixRect in Paint.Andrzej Hunt7 years
feature/calctiledrendering_attempt3TEMPORARY: more twips in ScOutputData.Andrzej Hunt7 years
feature/calctiledrendering_attempt3_2TEMPORARY: more twips in ScOutputData.Andrzej Hunt7 years
feature/calczoomsc lok: cope with non 100% zoom better.Michael Meeks21 months
feature/chained-text-boxesProperly #if these debug hooksStephan Bergmann6 years
feature/change-tracking-werrorThorsten Behrens5 years
feature/chart-style-experiment-markusthe default value now needs to come from the style if the style is availableMarkus Mohrhard23 months
feature/cib_contract101Revert "tdf#59454 RTF import: handle section break right before a table"Thorsten Behrens5 years
feature/cib_contract116bump patch versionThorsten Behrens5 years
feature/cib_contract136Release Behrens23 months
feature/cib_contract138Resolves: tdf#39316 add matrix empty cells to ScInterpreter::QueryMatrixType()Eike Rathke4 years
feature/cib_contract138bBump version to Mehrbrodt3 years
feature/cib_contract138cAdapt to C++20 deleted ostream << for sal_Unicode* (aka char16_t*)Stephan Bergmann3 months
feature/cib_contract139Nested list L must be a child of parent's LBodyKatarina Behrens2 years
feature/cib_contract152tdf#99680 modified clipping for PDF exportVasily Melenchuk4 years
feature/cib_contract152btdf#99680 modified clipping for PDF exportVasily Melenchuk4 years
feature/cib_contract3197curl: upgrade to release 7.65.0Michael Stahl2 years
feature/cib_contract3753sw: handle RANGE_IS_SECTION in SwXTextRange::getText()Michael Stahl3 weeks
feature/cib_contract3756oox: fixes for cang errors after refactoring:Vasily Melenchuk20 months
feature/cib_contract3756bRelease LibreOffice with crypto changesThorsten Behrens19 months
feature/cib_contract4236Don't run RequestHandler on IPC pipeThorsten Behrens15 months
feature/cib_contract4236bsw: fix use-after-free when moving multiple tables to a previous pageMiklos Vajna12 months
feature/cib_contract561Bump versionKatarina Behrens3 years
feature/cib_contract57CheckLinkFormulaNeedingCheck() for named expressionsEike Rathke3 years
feature/cib_contract57bFix spelling of AdoptOpenJDKSamuel Mehrbrodt23 months
feature/cib_contract57cRevert "openldap: mysterious build failure"Michael Stahl4 weeks
feature/cib_contract57dDisable PDF-to-PDF embedding on PDF export (hack), part IIArmin Le Grand (Allotropia)3 weeks
feature/cib_contract57etdf#125957: FIREBIRD Datatype Binary(fix)[CHAR] couldn't be filled with contentJulien Nabet8 months
feature/cib_contract6721b"Update all" should do a full reformattingSamuel Mehrbrodt10 days
feature/cib_contract891Bump product version to Behrens8 months
feature/cib_contract891bBump version to Mehrbrodt2 years
feature/cib_contract891cCheck for X11/Intrinsic.h required by officebeanMike Kaganski3 days
feature/cib_contract935Revert "framework: mutex locking revision"Thorsten Behrens3 years
feature/cib_contract935bSkip clipboard queries while the document is still loadingKatarina Behrens2 years
feature/clipboardbuild fix: missing #include <ndgrf.hxx>Andras Timar2 years
feature/cmisCMIS: fixed regression for Checkin/out entries in Files menuCédric Bosdonnat8 years
feature/componentsfwk: Use constructor feature for DocumentAcceleratorConfiguration.Matúš Kukan8 years
feature/controlstatelok: unit test GetControlStateHenry Castro16 months
feature/ fix typoKorrawit Pruegsanusak9 years
feature/cp-5.0-cairo-svpupdae getTileModeCaolán McNamara5 years
feature/cpu_intrinsics_supportbenchmark for color component swap - ScanlineBenchmarkTomaž Vajngerl4 years
feature/custom-widgetsLOK: custom widgets: simplify and correct colorsAshod Nakashian3 years
feature/dataproviderAdd Skeleton for DataProvider ClassJaskaran Singh5 years
feature/debugeventMake the inserted text more European and sensible for now.Michael Meeks7 years
feature/dematurize01Drop Core Text dynamic loading stuffKhaled Hosny8 years
feature/dialog-screenshotsscreenshots: fix sc screenshot testArmin Le Grand5 years
feature/docking_windowstdf#116563: floating windows must get input focus at some pointKatarina Behrens3 years
feature/docx-commentsexFirst cut at export of comments extended data to docx.Michael Meeks3 months
feature/drawinglayercoredrawinglayer: ITextLayouter and use it as a VisitingParameterTomaž Vajngerl3 months
feature/droid_calcimpress3android: extract JavaPanZoomController (PZC becomes an interface)Tomaž Vajngerl7 years
feature/droid_calimpress4Add libanimcore to factory list.Andrzej Hunt7 years
feature/editviewoverlayeditviewoverlay: Adapted URL in edit modeArmin Le Grand4 years
feature/eszkaMake Pivot table db & external source dialogs asyncSzymon Kłos8 months
feature/extended-tooltipsreplace PRODUCTVERSION and PRODUCTNAME in tooltip stringsMarkus Mohrhard8 years
feature/external-data-uiexternal data: test application for my UI workMarkus Mohrhard4 years
feature/fastparserfastparser impl. for ...Daniel Sikeler6 years
feature/firebird-sdbcModify DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH for firebrid to build on Mac OS.Andrzej J.R. Hunt8 years
feature/firebird-sdbc2Implement first part of FDatabaseMetaData.Andrzej J.R. Hunt8 years
feature/firebird-sdbc3Fix warnings for firebird-sdbc.Andrzej J.R. Hunt8 years
feature/fixstyles3use a map for dispatchBjoern Michaelsen6 years
feature/fontsubtitutionsAPI CHANGE: remove node FontSubstitutions from org.openoffice/VCLMatúš Kukan8 years
feature/fooloplugin:useuniqueptr in OutDevStateNoel Grandin4 years
feature/gbuild_clirework CLI support in gbuildDavid Tardon9 years
feature/gccwrappermove liblangtag to gcc-wrapperPeter Foley8 years
feature/glyphyMake using GLyphy optional at run-timeTor Lillqvist6 years
feature/go2wrap GraphicObject in a rtl::ReferenceNorbert Thiebaud8 years
feature/gpg4libregpg4libre: actually take key from user selectionThorsten Behrens4 years
feature/gpg4libre-5-4gpg4libre: actually take key from user selectionThorsten Behrens4 years
feature/gpg4libre-6-0gpg4libre: return key fingerprint / hashes including null characterThorsten Behrens4 years
feature/gpg4libre2fixup manifest writingThorsten Behrens4 years
feature/graphicobjectfix make check breakers due to GraphicObject refactorsNorbert Thiebaud8 years
feature/gsoc-basic-ide-completion-and-other-bitsGSOC work, enable interface name usage instead of it's full nameGergo Mocsi8 years
feature/gsoc-calc-enhanced-db-rangeTrying to add a simple mode less dialog for db formatting;Akash Shetye8 years
feature/gsoc-svm-writerCreate SvmWriter Classpanoskorovesis11 days
feature/gsoc-uitest-2019uitest: fixed for formatting and plugin stringconstantMarkus Mohrhard23 months
feature/gsoc14-colorsAdd recent colorsKrisztian Pinter7 years
feature/gsoc14-draw-chained-text-boxesSimply set the SdrText's ParaObjmatteocam6 years
feature/gsoc14-draw-text-background-colorIt is useful to know what macros are we expanding, and to what.Jan Holesovsky7 years
feature/gsoc14-libcmisOneDrive authFallback added in cmis_contentMihai Varga7 years
feature/gsoc14-libcmis2upload libcmis 0.5.0Miklos Vajna7 years
feature/gsoc14-personasAdded title to the Select Persona Dialog.Rachit Gupta7 years
feature/gsoc14-personas2Removed hardcoded strings.Rachit Gupta7 years
feature/gsoc15-online-updateRevert strdup to PL_strdup in nss_secutil.cNathan Yee6 years
feature/gsoc15-open-remote-files-dialogremember host nameSzymon Kłos6 years
feature/gsoc17-revamp-customize-dialogMake the Modify button functional in the Customize dialogMuhammet Kara4 years
feature/gsoc19-chart-styleChartStyle class for XChartStyle interfaceGagandeep Singh2 years
feature/gsoc2011_wizardsSet the python fax wizard as the default oneXisco Fauli10 years
feature/gtk3_kde5Support opening of (some) remote URLs through the KDE file dialogMilian Wolff4 years
feature/gtk3nativedialogsprototype native gtk3 .ui loading message dialogCaolán McNamara6 years
feature/gtktiledviewerDO NOT MERGE: dirty hacks for tiled rendering to work via libLO.Andrzej Hunt7 years
feature/ia2Gbuildify winaccessibility serviceDavid Ostrovsky8 years
feature/ia2.2Move to MPLv2 license headers, add modelines.Michael Meeks8 years
feature/ia2.3Remove WNT defineDavid Ostrovsky8 years
feature/ia2.4uia: add some possibly helpful overview documentation.Michael Meeks8 years
feature/ia2.5uia: add some possibly helpful overview documentation.Michael Meeks8 years
feature/improvexlsximportcounteract the addressing default for the testNoel Power9 years
feature/instdirlinktargetsmake the PythonTest run on WNTMichael Stahl8 years
feature/item_refactor2WIP: SvxFrameDirectionItem->Item::FrameDirectionArmin Le Grand2 years
feature/jsdialogsweld the sidebar deckCaolán McNamara2 months
feature/lfrb-vcl-openglvcl: Use the current OpenGL context for VirtualDevice and Bitmap if possibleLouis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne7 years
feature/libffilibffi bridge: Proof-of-concept implementation of libffi uno -> cpp bridge.Jan Holesovsky7 years
feature/lok-clipboardclipboard: repair unit test so that it runs in the lok mode.Michael Meeks24 months
feature/lok_cellcursorsc lok: tdf#94605 introduce uno:CellCursorAndrzej Hunt6 years
feature/lok_dialoggtv: Width, height properties should not be construct onlyPranav Kant4 years
feature/lok_dialog-backportlokdialog: Window* -> VclPtr<Window>, and a small simplification.Jan Holesovsky4 years
feature/lok_dialog2lokdialog: Window* -> VclPtr<Window>, and a small simplification.Jan Holesovsky4 years
feature/lok_sofficemainLOK: add document loading failure test.Andrzej Hunt7 years
feature/lok_sofficemain2Don't use this quick hack on Android.Andrzej Hunt7 years
feature/mac-opengl-fixesremove SAL_DEBUGs introduced earlierMarkus Mohrhard7 years
feature/macOS-weldWIP: macOS weldingTor Lillqvist17 months
feature/mailmerge-toolbarSwMMResultPrintDialog: disable from/to numeric fields by defaultMiklos Vajna5 years
feature/mar-updaterWdeclaration-after-statementMarkus Mohrhard4 years
feature/mariadbimport driver Skleleton from SDK examples into mariadb driverLionel Elie Mamane8 years
feature/misc-vba-reworkadd simple Range.Name testNoel Power8 years
feature/morkmork driver: add connectivity namespace to make VS happyDavid Ostrovsky9 years
feature/nativealphabackend bitmap test for 32-bit bitmapTomaž Vajngerl5 years
feature/notebookbarvcl: Proof-of-concept NotebookBar implementation.Jan Holesovsky6 years
feature/notes-refactoringrevert the modification writing note TextEdit contentLaurent Godard8 years
feature/ooxml-analyzeremove namespace replacing and some small updatesGülşah Köse5 days
feature/opengl-canvas-reworkFix build for newer glm versions.Thorsten Behrens6 years
feature/opengl-transitions-reworkremoved experimental matrix stackStefan Weiberg6 years
feature/opengl-vcl-textextract cairo rendering and abstract platform bitsMarkus Mohrhard7 years
feature/orcus-continuous-integrationinitial work for conditional formatting import for orcusMarkus Mohrhard6 years
feature/orcus-odfEnable cell alignment test in orcus interfaceJaskaran Singh5 years
feature/orcus-odf-rebasedremove unnecessary default constructor and operator=Markus Mohrhard5 years
feature/orcus-odf-rebased2make sure the test is not executed before the libs have been builtMarkus Mohrhard5 years
feature/orcus-rebasedcall it as wellMarkus Mohrhard6 years
feature/owncloud-provider-for-androidAndroid: improve error handling in ownCloud provider.Jacobo Aragunde Pérez6 years
feature/pdfium-mastersvx: fixup! don't include what we don't useAshod Nakashian3 years
feature/perfwork4thread-pool: Fix previous broken commit; This looks betterMatúš Kukan7 years
feature/perfwork5Windows build fix of 'All image cleanup related change'László Németh7 years
feature/pivotchartsfix crash when there are no row fields + testTomaž Vajngerl4 years
feature/print_revampPrepare to rebaseDaniel Silva3 years
feature/prioritiesadapted comments and variable namesTobias Madl6 years
feature/profilesafemodeprofilesafe: Add values for SecureUserConfigArmin Le Grand5 years
feature/propose-master-cibHandle fixed page size printer option.Jan-Marek Glogowski6 years
feature/pytablepytable: add init fileXisco Fauli7 years
feature/pyweb-wizardFixed the preview bug.Javier Fernandez8 years
feature/qt5-win+macJust define the __clang_major___WORKAROUND_GUARDJan-Marek Glogowski2 years
feature/refactor-god-objectsRefactored SwDoc::GetEditShell .Valentin Kettner7 years
feature/rendercontextrefactor BorderWindowView to use RenderContextTomaž Vajngerl6 years
feature/resolve-commentsAdd 'Resolved comments' option on View menuJim MacArthur2 years
feature/screenshotannotationscreenshot annotation: More readable markupKatarina Behrens5 years
feature/sgexperimentscenegraph: shared_ptr, findByName, SceneGraphFactoryTomaž Vajngerl5 years
feature/skiause idle priority in visualbackendtestLuboš Luňák20 months
feature/slidehackInitial reading and parsing from webservice.Thorsten Behrens8 years
feature/slidehack2fix mis-mergesMarkus Mohrhard7 years
feature/slideshow_onlySpritesno more layersMichael Jaumann6 years
feature/slideshowprimitivesWrap up plain XCanvas with view-specific render state.Thorsten Behrens7 years
feature/spellig_popup_SIDlok: Chart context menu: Disable menu items which are not available.Tamás Zolnai20 months
feature/stub_writersome more work on stubbing SwDocMarkus Mohrhard9 years
feature/svg-exportBug Fix: background objects on master pages were not stacked in the correct o...Marco Cecchetti9 years
feature/svg-optimisationsAdded using an own instance of ThreadPoolArmin Le Grand5 years
feature/svg-optimisations-5-0Added changes for KDE4Jan-Marek Glogowski5 years
feature/sw-delete-undo-reworkFix grouping of the last letter in a word ...Rosemary Sebastian4 years
feature/sw_redlinehide_4a_for_libreoffice-6-2sw_redlinehide_4a: MoveDeletedPrevFrames() should only moveMichael Stahl3 years
feature/sw_redlinehide_4b_for_libreoffice-6-2sw_redlinehide: fix tdf#113479 by removing nag dialogThorsten Behrens3 years
feature/table-styleDon't merge this branch, a less intrusive approach was pushed to master.Jan Holesovsky6 years
feature/table-style-rebasedDon't merge this branch, a less intrusive approach was pushed to master.Jan Holesovsky6 years
feature/taggedPDFPPTX import of shape descriptionKatarina Behrens2 years
feature/template_manager_improvementsFixed the Templates buttonEfe Gürkan YALAMAN7 years
feature/template_manager_improvements2Fixed the menu button resizingEfe Gürkan YALAMAN7 years
feature/themesupportImprove preview of theme color sets - add color set nameTomaž Vajngerl6 years
feature/themesupport2Unit test (with the content disabled so far) for the theming.Jan Holesovsky4 weeks
feature/tiled-editingsw: implement per-view LOK_CALLBACK_CURSOR_VISIBLEMiklos Vajna6 years
feature/tscp3TSCP: remove unneeded button in the dialog, clean-upsTomaž Vajngerl4 years
feature/unitvercosmetic changesBenjamin Ni6 years
feature/unocrsrptralias sw::UnoImplPtr to ::std::unique_ptr ...Bjoern Michaelsen6 years
feature/unostylesour little MSVC cant read C++11 proper and has special needs instead ...Bjoern Michaelsen6 years
feature/unostyles2remove (now) unused functionBjoern Michaelsen6 years
feature/unostyles3getTypes/queryInterface/getEvents: remove superfluous getArray() and simplifyBjoern Michaelsen5 years
feature/use-ogl-context-in-canvasreimplement custom sprite rendering with FBOMarkus Mohrhard7 years
feature/vcl-openglAdded flag --enable-vgl mapped to HAVE_VCL_OPEN_GL_BACKENDPtyl Dragon7 years
feature/vcl-opengl-integrationWerror, Wunused-variableMarkus Mohrhard7 years
feature/vcl-opengl2tiled rendering app now renders blank tilesPtyl Dragon7 years
feature/vclptrMake Window's inDispose map more precisely to mbInDtor.Michael Meeks6 years
feature/vlcPossibly binds a video frame into the WIN32 windowMinh Ngo8 years
feature/vlc-rbFixing windows ID settingMinh Ngo8 years
feature/vs2012download rebase if needed for all sdk versionsPeter Foley9 years
feature/wasmUpdate docs for => Glogowski2 days
feature/window-iterWindow Iterator without parent vectorJan-Marek Glogowski3 years
feature/xtiledrenderablecleanupLászló Németh6 years
libreoffice-3-5gbuild: un-break setting classpath on Windows:Michael Stahl8 years
libreoffice-3-5-0bump product version to 3.5.0-rc3+, release number to 13Petr Mladek9 years
libreoffice-3-5-1Fix lacking break in switchJulien Nabet9 years
libreoffice-3-5-2fdo#39003: fix autoformat Undo cursors:Michael Stahl9 years
libreoffice-3-5-3bump product version to 3.5.3-rc2+, release number to 2Petr Mladek9 years
libreoffice-3-5-4bump product version to 3.5.4-rc2+Petr Mladek9 years
libreoffice-3-5-5bump product version to 3.5.5-rc3+Petr Mladek9 years
libreoffice-3-5-6Fix windows build where min and max are macrosAndras Timar9 years
libreoffice-3-5-7bump product version to, release number to 2Fridrich Štrba9 years
libreoffice-3-6fdo#65650: fix Writer ODF import of list style with bullets and colorMichael Stahl8 years
libreoffice-3-6-0bump product version to, release number to 104Petr Mladek9 years
libreoffice-3-6-1fdo#53640: Correctly cache source data coming from database backend.Kohei Yoshida9 years
libreoffice-3-6-2bump product version to, release number to 2Fridrich Štrba9 years
libreoffice-3-6-3fdo#53474: Fix Windows Java Accessibility BridgeStephan Bergmann9 years
libreoffice-3-6-4bump product version to, release number to 3Fridrich Štrba9 years
libreoffice-3-6-5reset one of the sort containers before refilling, fdo#57465Markus Mohrhard9 years
libreoffice-3-6-6fdo#60462 - Small errors in the layout margins of the text boxesJoren De Cuyper8 years
libreoffice-3-6-7fdo#65650: fix Writer ODF import of list style with bullets and colorMichael Stahl8 years
libreoffice-4-0EMF+: Parse and render custom line cap data.Jan Holesovsky8 years
libreoffice-4-0-0fdo#51232: i#119987# fix Impress crash when pasting text under Outline viewHerbert Dürr8 years
libreoffice-4-0-1Resolves: fdo#61241 force area page to size itself for max visible controlsCaolán McNamara8 years
libreoffice-4-0-2bump product version to, number to 2Petr Mladek8 years
libreoffice-4-0-3bump product version to, release number to 3Petr Mladek8 years
libreoffice-4-0-4bump product version to, release number to 2Petr Mladek8 years
libreoffice-4-0-5bump product version to, release number to 2Christian Lohmaier8 years
libreoffice-4-0-6fdo#70319 "exponent followed by at least on digit" also for special case 0.0Stephan Bergmann8 years
libreoffice-4-1i#64348 basic: fix CDec() crash if string is emptyThomas Arnhold7 years
libreoffice-4-1-0resolved fdo#67094 handle <text:s> in <text:p> and <text:span>Eike Rathke8 years
libreoffice-4-1-1Updated coreAndras Timar8 years
libreoffice-4-1-2bump product version to Lohmaier8 years
libreoffice-4-1-3bump product version to Lohmaier8 years
libreoffice-4-1-4bump version to Lohmaier8 years
libreoffice-4-1-5bump version to Lohmaier7 years
libreoffice-4-1-6fdo#76663: Let's not skip the first element of a matrix in PRODUCT.Kohei Yoshida7 years
libreoffice-4-2fdo#79249 call formula compiler with error stringEike Rathke7 years
libreoffice-4-2-0bump version to Lohmaier7 years
libreoffice-4-2-1Resolves: fdo#72233 too long style names over-stretch dialogCaolán McNamara7 years
libreoffice-4-2-2fdo#75540 setProcessServiceFactory must be called before InitVCLStephan Bergmann7 years
libreoffice-4-2-3CVE-2014-0160 heartbeatCaolán McNamara7 years
libreoffice-4-2-4bump product version to Lohmaier7 years
libreoffice-4-2-5allow extensions to override Access2BaseLionel Elie Mamane7 years
libreoffice-4-2-6bump product version to Lohmaier7 years
libreoffice-4-2-7bump product release to Lohmaier7 years
libreoffice-4-2-8bump product version to Lohmaier7 years
libreoffice-4-3Resolves: tdf#73211 gtk checkboxes need erase afer togglingCaolán McNamara6 years
libreoffice-4-3-0fdo#80363 add _wfullpath to expand ".." in dictionary pathsLászló Németh7 years
libreoffice-4-3-1bump product version to Lohmaier7 years
libreoffice-4-3-2bump product version to Tryon7 years
libreoffice-4-3-3bump product version to Lohmaier7 years
libreoffice-4-3-4fdo#82038: senddoc, uri-encode got lost on MacStephan Bergmann7 years
libreoffice-4-3-5bump product version to Tryon7 years
libreoffice-4-3-6bump product version to Lohmaier6 years
libreoffice-4-3-7bump product version to Lohmaier6 years
libreoffice-4-4Updated coreChristian Lohmaier6 years
libreoffice-4-4-0bump product version to Lohmaier7 years
libreoffice-4-4-1bump product version to Lohmaier6 years
libreoffice-4-4-2Remove stray separatorAdolfo Jayme Barrientos6 years
libreoffice-4-4-3bump product version to Lohmaier6 years
libreoffice-4-4-4bump product version to Lohmaier6 years
libreoffice-4-4-5bump product version to Lohmaier6 years
libreoffice-4-4-6bump product version to Lohmaier6 years
libreoffice-4-4-7bump product version to Lohmaier6 years
libreoffice-5-0remove use of Archive::ZipDavid Tardon5 years
libreoffice-5-0-0tdf#92765: Show the real icon instead of a black square with gtk vclplug.Jan Holesovsky6 years
libreoffice-5-0-1Revert "bump gtk check to gtk+-3.0 >= 3.8"Rene Engelhard6 years
libreoffice-5-0-2bump product version to Lohmaier6 years
libreoffice-5-0-3tdf#72205 when saving changes, mark we did a prepareCloseLionel Elie Mamane6 years
libreoffice-5-0-4guard against missing paragraph storyCaolán McNamara6 years
libreoffice-5-0-5bump product version to Lohmaier5 years
libreoffice-5-0-6bump product version to Lohmaier5 years
libreoffice-5-1update creditsChristian Lohmaier5 years
libreoffice-5-1-0Related: tdf#91909 home/end don't work in impress text boxes anymoreCaolán McNamara5 years
libreoffice-5-1-1Revert "Pootle extract, manual update of emoji autocorrect files"Jan Iversen5 years
libreoffice-5-1-2bump product version to Iversen5 years
libreoffice-5-1-3bump product version to Lohmaier5 years
libreoffice-5-1-4bump product version to Lohmaier5 years
libreoffice-5-1-5bump product version to Lohmaier5 years
libreoffice-5-1-6bump product version to Iversen5 years
libreoffice-5-2update creditsChristian Lohmaier4 years
libreoffice-5-2-0bump product version to Lohmaier5 years
libreoffice-5-2-1bump product version to Lohmaier5 years
libreoffice-5-2-2bump product version to\Buildslave5 years
libreoffice-5-2-3bump product version to Lohmaier5 years
libreoffice-5-2-4bump product version to Iversen5 years
libreoffice-5-2-5bump product version to Lohmaier5 years
libreoffice-5-2-6bump product version to Lohmaier4 years
libreoffice-5-2-7bump product version to Lohmaier4 years
libreoffice-5-3tdf#114628 correct line spacing for impressSzymon Kłos4 years
libreoffice-5-3-0bump product version to Lohmaier4 years
libreoffice-5-3-1bump product version to Lohmaier4 years
libreoffice-5-3-2bump product version to Lohmaier4 years
libreoffice-5-3-3bump product version to Lohmaier4 years
libreoffice-5-3-4bump product version to Lohmaier4 years
libreoffice-5-3-5bump product version to Lohmaier4 years
libreoffice-5-3-6bump product version to Lohmaier4 years
libreoffice-5-3-7bump product version to Fauli4 years
libreoffice-5-4OFFICE-3776 xmloff: adapt ODF import to renamed text:sender-initialsMichael Stahl3 years
libreoffice-5-4-0tdf#109281 add fallback to GDI back when we can't bind a DCTomaž Vajngerl4 years
libreoffice-5-4-1bump product version to Lohmaier4 years
libreoffice-5-4-2tdf#112836 master view, bottom areas are wrongly positionedNoel Grandin4 years
libreoffice-5-4-3Resolves: tdf#111428 swap ScColumn::mnBlkCountFormulaEike Rathke4 years
libreoffice-5-4-4bump product version to Lohmaier4 years
libreoffice-5-4-5tdf#114815 pyuno: avoid 2 threads initing python in parallelMichael Stahl3 years
libreoffice-5-4-6bump product version to Lohmaier3 years
libreoffice-5-4-7bump product version to Lohmaier3 years
libreoffice-6-0possible fix for tdf#120928 - quickstart --killtray throws exceptionbrinzing3 years
libreoffice-6-0-0tdf#115269: fix crash when changing horizontal align (reportdesign)Julien Nabet3 years
libreoffice-6-0-1Branch libreoffice-6-0-1Christian Lohmaier3 years
libreoffice-6-0-2Updated coreAndras Timar3 years
libreoffice-6-0-3bump product version to Lohmaier3 years
libreoffice-6-0-4bump product version to Lohmaier3 years
libreoffice-6-0-5bump product version to Lohmaier3 years
libreoffice-6-0-6bump product version to Lohmaier3 years
libreoffice-6-0-7bump product version to Fauli3 years
libreoffice-6-1libpng: upgrade to release 1.6.37Michael Stahl2 years
libreoffice-6-1-0bump product version to Lohmaier3 years
libreoffice-6-1-1bump product version to Lohmaier3 years
libreoffice-6-1-2bump product version to Lohmaier3 years
libreoffice-6-1-3bump product version to Lohmaier3 years
libreoffice-6-1-4bump product version to Lohmaier3 years
libreoffice-6-1-5bump product version to Lohmaier2 years
libreoffice-6-1-6bump product versionto Lohmaier2 years
libreoffice-6-2update creditsChristian Lohmaier22 months
libreoffice-6-2-0Update git submodulesOlivier Hallot2 years
libreoffice-6-2-1bump product version to Lohmaier2 years
libreoffice-6-2-2bump product version to Lohmaier2 years
libreoffice-6-2-3bump product version to Lohmaier2 years
libreoffice-6-2-4Resolves: tdf#125106 fix cell protect TriState togglesCaolán McNamara2 years
libreoffice-6-2-5bump product version to Lohmaier2 years
libreoffice-6-2-6bump product version to Lohmaier24 months
libreoffice-6-2-7bump product version to Lohmaier23 months
libreoffice-6-2-8bump product version to Lohmaier22 months
libreoffice-6-3Update language-subtag-registry to 2020-04-01Eike Rathke15 months
libreoffice-6-3-0bump product version to Lohmaier24 months
libreoffice-6-3-1bump product version to Lohmaier23 months
libreoffice-6-3-2bump product version to Lohmaier22 months
libreoffice-6-3-3bump product version to Lohmaier21 months
libreoffice-6-3-4bump product version to Lohmaier20 months
libreoffice-6-3-5bump product version to Lohmaier17 months
libreoffice-6-3-6bump product version to Lohmaier15 months
libreoffice-6-4tdf#136983 partial revert NFC ww8 cleanup: remove unused variablesJustin Luth9 months
libreoffice-6-4-0fix buildRene Engelhard18 months
libreoffice-6-4-1bump product version to Lohmaier17 months
libreoffice-6-4-2bump product version to Lohmaier16 months
libreoffice-6-4-3bump product version to Lohmaier16 months
libreoffice-6-4-4bump product version to Lohmaier14 months
libreoffice-6-4-5update creditsChristian Lohmaier12 months
libreoffice-6-4-6bump product version to Lohmaier12 months
libreoffice-6-4-7bump product version to Lohmaier10 months
libreoffice-7-0gbuild: work around GDB 10 bug with DWARF5 in split debug infoMichael Stahl3 months
libreoffice-7-0-0bump product version to Lohmaier12 months
libreoffice-7-0-1bump product version to Lohmaier11 months
libreoffice-7-0-2bump product version to Lohmaier10 months
libreoffice-7-0-3bump product version to Lohmaier9 months
libreoffice-7-0-4bump product version to Lohmaier7 months
libreoffice-7-0-5bump product version to Lohmaier5 months
libreoffice-7-0-6bump product version to Lohmaier3 months
libreoffice-7-1curl: upgrade to release 7.78.0Michael Stahl2 days
libreoffice-7-1-0bump product version to Lohmaier6 months
libreoffice-7-1-1fix test for tdf#137413Luboš Luňák5 months
libreoffice-7-1-2bump product version to Lohmaier4 months
libreoffice-7-1-3bump product version to Lohmaier3 months
libreoffice-7-1-4bump product version to Lohmaier7 weeks
libreoffice-7-1-5bump product version to Lohmaier9 days
libreoffice-7-2Related: tdf#135762 Suppress cout if not command lineEike Rathke6 hours
masteruse officecfg to retrieve OdfDefaultVersionNoel Grandin96 min.
ports/macosx10.5/master( don’t squash ~ yet? ) more about panes with tabsDouglas Mencken5 years
private/Ashod/cd-5.3-3.2_import_unloadedvcl: remove swapping logic from GraphicObject to support lazy-loadingAshod Nakashian3 years
private/Ashod/cd-5.3-3.2_import_unloaded_share_GfxLinkvcl: maintain shared PdfData across swap-in and -outAshod Nakashian3 years
private/Ashod/cd- disable pdf import testsAshod Nakashian3 years
private/Ashod/cp-5.0-preinitWaE: unused variableTor Lillqvist5 years
private/Ashod/fast-calc-renderingLOK: fast tile rendering (graphics and buttons)Ashod Nakashian5 years
private/Ashod/pdfiumsvx: support importing forms from PDFsAshod Nakashian3 years
private/Ashod/pdfium_on_mastervcl: fix pdf rendering regressionAshod Nakashian3 years
private/Ashod/pdfium_on_master_fixedvcl: svx: misc improvements to pdfium importingAshod Nakashian3 years
private/EL-SHREIF/ui_loggeruitest: Reformat the python script of the CompilerAhmed ElShreif23 months
private/Rosemary/change-trackingRemove redline import tests for nowRosemary Sebastian4 years
private/Sweetshark/killswclientdont use SwClient/SwModify in unocore: NumberingRulesBjoern Michaelsen3 years
private/Sweetshark/lessdependSwContentNode: kill SwDependBjoern Michaelsen3 years
private/Sweetshark/multilistenerfixcompilesBjoern Michaelsen3 years
private/ajrhunt/c4Fix wrong conditional for zoom-saneness-check.Andrzej Hunt7 years
private/ajrhunt/cunitIncomplete: udunit integration.Andrzej Hunt7 years
private/ajrhunt/cunitdemoAdd sc.units to log area.Andrzej Hunt7 years
private/ajrhunt/firebird-improvementfirebird-sdbc: Remove the now-unneeded mallocSQLVAR/freeSQLVAR.Andrzej Hunt7 years
private/bansan/chardrawAdd missing includeVincent Le Garrec3 years
private/bubli/textboxchainingAdd widget variables, related get/dispose callsKatarina Behrens6 years
private/hcvcastro/preinitcppuhelper: method 2, load implementations to invoke component factoryHenry Castro6 years
private/hcvcastro/undo-row-commentit's raining drawing layersEike Rathke4 years
private/jmux/broken-static-winStill broken Windows static buildJan-Marek Glogowski4 months
private/jmux/mesonUpdate meson branch to master, Ubuntu 20.04 basedJan-Marek Glogowski4 months
private/juergen/TestsFix buildThorsten Behrens3 years
private/kendy/condformat-apiFew post-backport fixes.Jan Holesovsky6 years
private/kendy/condformat-fdo82014fdo#82014: Repaint & set the document to modified after condformat change.Jan Holesovsky6 years
private/kendy/mailmerge-04tdf#89214 SwDoc::GetUniqueNumRuleName: always return pChkStr if it's unusedMiklos Vajna6 years
private/kendy/mailmerge-05tdf#90230 SwDoc::AppendDoc: take care of marks when inserting page breakMiklos Vajna6 years
private/kendy/swinterpretersc: Implement S/W interpreter subsetting, similarly to openCL one.Jan Holesovsky6 years
private/kendy/testcldesktop: validate OpenCL drivers before use.Michael Meeks5 years
private/khaledhosny/color-fontsWIP color fonts supportKhaled Hosny3 years
private/khaledhosny/vcl-cleanup-fontConsolidate GetFontCapabilities()Khaled Hosny22 months
private/kohei/chart-bugsFix illegal memory access.Kohei Yoshida7 years
private/kohei/find-replace-all-perfSimple context that only contains column block position set.Kohei Yoshida7 years
private/kohei/headless-perfDetach all DocBasicItem objects upon process termination.Kohei Yoshida7 years
private/kohei/if-or-not-if-jumpAdd test for CHOOSE function.Kohei Yoshida7 years
private/kohei/sort-ref-updateAdd additional checks for undo and redo here.Kohei Yoshida7 years
private/lfrb/opengl-vclvcl: Implement basic SalGraphics methods for OpenGL backendLouis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne7 years
private/lgodard/calc_notes_import_exportexport notes bottlenecksLaurent Godard8 years
private/lgodard/tdf#117202pyprov is not deprecatedLaurent Godard3 years
private/llunak/mailmergeuse -> with pointersLuboš Luňák7 years
private/llunak/mailmerge_01copy default drawinglayer attributes when doing mailmergeLuboš Luňák7 years
private/llunak/mailmerge_02support fast MM printing in non-single-file mode only for CUPSLuboš Luňák6 years
private/llunak/mailmerge_03do not save UNO marks in undo historyLuboš Luňák7 years
private/llunak/munich_12587discard excessive (X11) autorepeat keyboard events if they overload LOLuboš Luňák6 years
private/llunak/skiainitial implementation of Skia drawing on screen in WindowsLuboš Luňák22 months
private/lmamane/basetestfirst stab at unittest for fdo#67685Lionel Elie Mamane8 years
private/lmamane/for-julien2412ne plus faire la détection automatioque une 2e foisLionel Elie Mamane4 years
private/lmamane/for-julien2412-masterfactorisation du décodageLionel Elie Mamane4 years
private/lmamane/tdf110997add a few const purely for documentation reasonsLionel Elie Mamane4 years
private/lmamane/timedate-controls-nanosecondIN PROGRESS: UnoControlModel::read/write nanosecondsLionel Elie Mamane8 years
private/lmamane/validationform controls: validate *before* propagating value, but only on commitLionel Elie Mamane4 years
private/mcecchetti/accessibility/paragraph[DRAFT] - lok: AT - get current paragraph with formatting - 2Marco Cecchetti2 years
private/mcecchetti/amd/pdf-export-jpegpdf export - avoid to export png as jpegMarco Cecchetti5 years
private/mcecchetti/bitmapcrc64Removed the crc table from the check-sum headerMarco Cecchetti6 years
private/mcecchetti/bitmapcrc64-5-0tdf#93532 - Bitmap CRC unit tests.Michael Meeks6 years
private/mcecchetti/calc-perf-unit-testsc - added fixed and variable array formula range perf testsMarco Cecchetti5 years
private/mcecchetti/calc-unit-testsc - unit tests for tdf#97369 and tdf#97587Marco Cecchetti5 years
private/mcecchetti/gl-program-binarytdf#93814: Added support for caching shader program binaries.Marco Cecchetti6 years
private/mikekaganski/multicolumnBalance the text in columns on overflowMike Kaganski2 months
private/mmeeks/aafixes44implement optimized hairline drawing for openglLuboš Luňák7 years
private/mmeeks/backportslok: add missing global notifierHenry Castro4 months
private/mmeeks/bitmapcrc64tdf#93532 - adapt CRC methods to use SalChecksum type and extend precision.Michael Meeks6 years
private/mmeeks/copy-pasteclipboard: encourage paste to show up by having some dummy content.Michael Meeks2 years
private/mmeeks/copypastelok: don't be prejudiced against a single missing mime-type.Michael Meeks2 years
private/mmeeks/cp-6.2-bitssw HTML export: handle field shadings view optionMiklos Vajna24 months
private/mmeeks/cp64mergeformula bar: Change completeFunction() to accept string instead of index.Jan Holesovsky14 months
private/mmeeks/currency-dropdownRe-work, and improvements in currency setting.Michael Meeks5 years
private/mmeeks/formula-iteratorFails: catch differences in index.Michael Meeks4 years
private/mmeeks/gldebugvcldemo: horrible scratch me - exposes internals for testing.Michael Meeks6 years
private/mmeeks/hidpi-bitsUse lazy-loading stock Image to simplify framework image lists.Michael Meeks22 months
private/mmeeks/icontesticontest: allow initial scaling to test direct bitmap rendering path.Michael Meeks7 years
private/mmeeks/opengl-backbufferImplement idle GL flushing.Michael Meeks6 years
private/mmeeks/opengl-backbuffer2tdf#93529 - move to a Mac-like double-buffered OpenGL model.Michael Meeks6 years
private/mmeeks/vcl-opengl3vcl: Consolidate size information around the GeometryProvider.Michael Meeks7 years
private/moggi/fix-opengl-context-problemsWIP more debug codeMarkus Mohrhard7 years
private/moggi/improved-dxf-xls-exporttemporary work for improved dxf xls exportMarkus Mohrhard7 years
private/moggi/opengl-4-4-build-testvcl: Don't keep a reference to the texture in the FBO objectLouis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne7 years
private/moggi/opengl-preparationfinally enable the blacklist parserMarkus Mohrhard6 years
private/moggi/opengl-vcl-winuse Impl for windows backendMarkus Mohrhard7 years
private/moggi/orcus-improvementsWIP: undo conditional formatMarkus Mohrhard7 years
private/moggi/track-win-dcDEBUG Patch: track DC deletionMarkus Mohrhard7 years
private/moggi/ui-testuitest: make the calc keycode demo a bit easier to understandMarkus Mohrhard5 years
private/moggi/vcl-opengl3implement virtual methods for OSX vcl backendMarkus Mohrhard7 years
private/mst/sw_fieldmarkhideinit fieldmark mode from options, TODO fails sw_layoutwriterMichael Stahl9 months
private/mst/sw_redlinehidehack in Show - not sure if...Michael Stahl3 years
private/mst/sw_redlinehide_2sw: rework annoying GetFrameOfModify/getLayoutFrame parametersMichael Stahl3 years
private/mst/sw_redlinehide_3sw: GSE_INP is dead since CVS import, remove itMichael Stahl3 years
private/mst/sw_redlinehide_4aHACK: ODF import: always hide redlinesMichael Stahl3 years
private/mst/sw_redlinehide_4bsw_redlinehide: adapt ToX UpdateMichael Stahl3 years
private/pranavk/modernize_gtktiledviewerpart selector etc. working nowPranav Kant4 years
private/quwex/gsoc-box2d-experimentalfix group shape crash for physics animationsSarper Akdemir11 months
private/quwex/tdf59323tdf#59323: pptx export: slide footers roundtrip unit testSarper Akdemir6 weeks
private/s.mehrbrodt/colorpicker-backportunify color selectorsCaolán McNamara3 years
private/sweetshark/swdependbroken commitBjoern Michaelsen3 years
private/tbsdy/clippingvcl: change from clipMgr to pClipMgrChris Sherlock7 years
private/tbsdy/drawserverfontlayoutvcl: Add basic textdemoChris Sherlock7 years
private/tbsdy/emfvcl: Read EMF filesChris Sherlock7 years
private/tbsdy/osl_getAllEnvironmentosl: create new function osl_getAllEnvironment()Chris Sherlock4 years
private/tbsdy/outdevVCL: Move OutputDevice map structures to own VCL header fileChris Sherlock7 years
private/tbsdy/printinfomgrvcl: PrinterInfoManager no longer a singletonChris Sherlock4 years
private/tbsdy/workbenchsal workbench: fix monitor.cxx - need to release and acquire mutexChris Sherlock4 years
private/thb/libo-6-1+backportsDisable the GL based 3D chartsThorsten Behrens3 years
private/thb/libreoffice-5-2+backportsSupport buffering SystemDependent GraphicDataArmin Le Grand3 years
private/thb/sw_redlinehide-6-1coverity#1436014 silence Dereference null return valueCaolán McNamara3 years
private/thb/wasm-upstreamingRemove RecoveryCoreArmin Le Grand (Allotropia)3 months
private/timar/cp-6.2-centos7cairo: avoid linking to freetype-2.8-only FT_Get_Var_Design_CoordinatesMiklos Vajna4 months
private/tml/android-use-bionic-linker-copyFurther hacks to use an add-on Bionic linker copy, unfinishedTor Lillqvist9 years
private/tml/android-use-faulty.libTo avoid __dso_handle problems, use android-8, says Mike HommeyTor Lillqvist9 years
private/tml/cp-6-4-28-1Don't unselect an existing selection on (long) press on iOS and AndroidTor Lillqvist4 months
private/tml/fixwintextBin ifdeffed-out and commented-out codeTor Lillqvist5 years
private/tml/iculessWaE: implicit conversion of NULL constant to 'boost::detail::sp_nullptr_t'Tor Lillqvist8 years
private/tml/lov- some reason drawing the SVG logo takes several minutes so don't do it thenTor Lillqvist2 years
private/tml/lov-6.2.1Don't use the non-public fdatasync() API when sandboxed on macOSTor Lillqvist2 years
private/tml/lov- NSS fixes for macOS on arm64Tor Lillqvist8 months
private/tml/lov-7.0.4NSApplication's appearance property exists in macOS 10.14 and later onlyTor Lillqvist6 months
private/tml/lov-7.1.2Python .so files names have changed on macOS at least for some reasonTor Lillqvist3 months
private/tml/opencl-default-1Check blacklist and whitelist here, tooTor Lillqvist7 years
private/tvajngerl/stagingvcl: add more methods to the PDFiumTomaž Vajngerl5 weeks