path: root/writerfilter/source/rtftok/rtfdocumentimpl.hxx
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2016-09-12fftester: use of deleted RTFParserStateCaolán McNamara1-1/+2
2016-08-04fftester: null DestinationTextCaolán McNamara1-0/+6
2016-07-29fftester: throw on empty stack accessCaolán McNamara1-4/+27
2016-05-18tdf#96275 RTF import: fix anchor of shapes inside tablesMiklos Vajna1-1/+3
2016-05-05tdf#95707 RTF import: handle device-independent bitmapsMiklos Vajna1-1/+2
2016-03-09tdf#59699 RTF import: handle INCLUDEPICTURE fieldMiklos Vajna1-1/+5
2016-03-09tdf#87034 RTF import: fix multiple superscripts after footnote ...Miklos Vajna1-1/+0
2016-01-27tdf#96308 RTF import: fix tab stop inheritance inside table cellsMiklos Vajna1-0/+2
2015-10-12Replace "SAL_OVERRIDE" with "override" in LIBO_INTERNAL_ONLY codeStephan Bergmann1-17/+17
2015-08-05loplugin:unusedmethodsNoel Grandin1-3/+0
2015-05-12tdf#90260 writerfilter: pasted RTF documents may contain no \parMiklos Vajna1-1/+5
2015-04-21RTF import: handle d{x,y}WrapDist* picture propertiesMiklos Vajna1-0/+2
2015-04-16rtftok: handle over ownership of stream to utl::OSeekableInputStreamWrapperMiklos Vajna1-2/+0
2015-04-16RTF import: fix handling of \objdataMiklos Vajna1-0/+2
2015-04-16RTF import: allow multiple children for ooxml:OLEObject_OLEObjectMiklos Vajna1-1/+2
2015-03-29writerfilter: turn RTFDestinationState into a C++11 scoped enumerationMiklos Vajna1-3/+3
2015-02-14writerfilter: turn RTFFormFieldTypes into a C++11 scoped enumerationMiklos Vajna1-6/+6
2015-02-06fdo#75757: Remove inheritance from std::vectorMatthew Pottage1-2/+2
2015-01-24writerfilter: turn RTFBorderState into a C++11 scoped enumerationMiklos Vajna1-7/+7
2015-01-17writerfilter: turn RTFFieldStatus into a C++11 scoped enumerationMiklos Vajna1-5/+5
2014-12-30writerfilter: boost::shared_ptr -> c++11 std::shared_ptrMiklos Vajna1-8/+8
2014-12-26writerfilter: turn RTFBmpStyle into a C++11 scoped enumerationMiklos Vajna1-5/+5
2014-12-23writerfilter: turn RTFError into a C++11 scoped enumerationMiklos Vajna1-9/+9
2014-10-26fdo#82076 RTF import: handle footnote in table cellMiklos Vajna1-1/+2
2014-10-25only the now removed OOXML tokenizer called getType()Miklos Vajna1-1/+0
2014-09-06fdo#82078 RTF import: fix bold text spilling over to non-bold textMiklos Vajna1-0/+2
2014-08-16RTF import: handle pWrapPolygonVertices shape propertyMiklos Vajna1-0/+2
2014-08-13RTF import: fix handling of RTF_SHPFBLWTXTMiklos Vajna1-0/+2
2014-08-02fdo#81944: writerfilter: RTF import: don't drop fonts in stylesheetMichael Stahl1-2/+1
2014-07-27indentation fixesMiklos Vajna1-1/+1
2014-07-22fdo#77996: writerfilter: RTF import: re-work destination text bufferingMichael Stahl1-0/+2
2014-07-16writerfilter: identation fixesMiklos Vajna1-2/+1
2014-07-16fdo#80924: writerfilter: RTF import: fix shapeType PictureFrame importMichael Stahl1-1/+2
2014-07-07Use comphelper::SequenceAsVectorMiklos Vajna1-1/+2
2014-06-19indentation fixesMiklos Vajna1-2/+8
2014-06-17improve the inlinesimplememberfunctions clang pluginNoel Grandin1-2/+2
2014-06-14sw, writerfilter: identation fixesMiklos Vajna1-1/+4
2014-06-09loplugin: inlinesimplememberfunctionsNoel Grandin1-1/+1
2014-06-07writerfilter: document what RTFParserState's LO/HI/DBCH doesMiklos Vajna1-1/+1
2014-06-03RTF import: fix handling of \loch \hich \dbch \ltrch \rtlchMichael Stahl1-0/+2
2014-06-03fdo#79384: RTF import: fix literal Shift-JIS textMichael Stahl1-1/+1
2014-05-18writerfilter: drop global 'using css' from WW8ResourceModel.hxxMiklos Vajna1-17/+17
2014-05-04writerfilter: fix indentation in rtfdocumentimplMiklos Vajna1-530/+541 writerfilterThomas Arnhold1-3/+3
2014-04-05fdo#74823 RTF import: work around wrong table column width on invalid inputMiklos Vajna1-0/+8
2014-04-04fdo#76628 RTF import: allow the same font to have multiple encodingsMiklos Vajna1-5/+5
2014-03-27Second batch of adding SAL_OVERRIDE to overriding function declarationsStephan Bergmann1-18/+18
2014-03-17writerfilter: prefer passing OUString by referenceNoel Grandin1-1/+1
2014-03-05rtftok: stop sending sprm:CRgFtc{0,1,2} tokensMiklos Vajna1-4/+12
2014-03-03RTF import: fix spurious page breaks at doc end (related: rhbz#1065629)Michael Stahl1-0/+3