path: root/writerfilter/source/dmapper/DomainMapperTableHandler.cxx
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2 daysloplugin:stringviewparam extend to comparison operatorsNoel1-1/+1
2020-09-18tdf#123382 DOCX import: fix range IDs in column ALászló Németh1-2/+4
2020-09-16Turn OUStringLiteral into a consteval'ed, static-refcound rtl_uStringStephan Bergmann1-1/+6
2020-09-10tdf#123355 DOCX import: fix cell range ABOVE, BELOW,László Németh1-0/+147
2020-08-28Change OUStringLiteral from char[] to char16_t[]Stephan Bergmann1-1/+1
2020-08-20tdf#135187 DOCX import: fix table style at character formattingLászló Németh1-1/+11
2020-08-18new loplugin:unusedvarsglobalNoel Grandin1-1/+0
2020-07-30DOCX import: fix overlapping floating tables when anchored inside a tableMiklos Vajna1-0/+8
2020-07-21tdf#134709 writerfilter: consider gridAfter for table bordersJustin Luth1-4/+6
2020-07-16tdf#134709 writerfilter: consider gridBefore for table bordersJustin Luth1-16/+9
2020-07-16tdf#132898 writerfilter: use last merged cell's bottom borderJustin Luth1-0/+12
2020-07-15tdf129452 writerfilter: only affect vertical Merge_restartJustin Luth1-2/+4
2020-07-13tdf#129452 writerfilter: use column, not cell when comparing rowsJustin Luth1-4/+18
2020-06-10tdf#131070 DOCX import: fix indentation of direct numberingLászló Németh1-0/+7
2020-06-04tdf#133455 DOCX import: fix table border regressionLászló Németh1-35/+4
2020-06-03loplugin:simplifypointertobool improveNoel Grandin1-1/+1
2020-05-10new loplugin:simplifypointertoboolNoel Grandin1-6/+6
2020-05-04tdf#132514 DOCX import: fix lost table style with footerLászló Németh1-5/+4
2020-04-08tdf#131959 DOCX: import tblInd from table styleLászló Németh1-0/+8
2020-04-07tdf#119760 docx: table starts at left, not mid-borderJustin Luth1-4/+9
2020-03-20tdf#118812 writerfilter: overrideTableStyleFontSizeAndJustificationJustin Luth1-4/+23
2020-03-18tdf#131304 .docx: flag new files as MS Word 2019 native modeJustin Luth1-0/+3
2020-03-12tdf#131258 DOCX: fix table styles in empty tablesLászló Németh1-1/+1
2020-03-02tdf#131062 DOCX import: fix table-style paragraph background colorLászló Németh1-2/+29
2020-02-24ofz#20801 Null-derefCaolán McNamara1-0/+2
2020-02-21Drop o3tl::optional wrapperStephan Bergmann1-19/+19
2020-02-21tdf#130799 DOCX import: fix missing inside vertical bordersSzabolcs Toth1-1/+11
2020-02-20tdf#42949 Fix IWYU warnings in writerfilter/Gabor Kelemen1-2/+1
2020-02-19tdf#118812 DOCX import: fix table style preference – part 2László Németh1-44/+106
2020-02-12tdf#129575 DOCX import: fix table style preferenceLászló Németh1-25/+54
2020-02-12Revert "revert obsolete writerfilter hacks for tdf#119054 and tdf#128752"László Németh1-0/+38
2020-02-11related: tdf#106742 sw: DOCX import/export: fix default of table indentMichael Stahl1-2/+2
2020-01-31clang-tidy modernize-concat-nested-namespaceNoel Grandin1-3/+2
2020-01-27tdf#95033 DOCX import: apply tblPrEx table borderLászló Németh1-4/+37
2020-01-07tdf#129452 DOCX import: fix bottom border of merged columnSzabolcs Toth1-3/+14
2020-01-07tdf#77796 DOCX: import table style based cell paddingLászló Németh1-0/+26
2020-01-06tdf#129450 DOCX import: fix bottom border of 1-row tablesSzabolcs Toth1-0/+5
2020-01-06tdf#129442 DOCX import: fix right border of 1-column tablesSzabolcs Toth1-0/+5
2019-12-20DOCX table import: fix interaction of 1-cell rows and "inside" vertical bordersMiklos Vajna1-1/+2
2019-12-16tdf#129242 Regression fixed for one cell table bordersSzabolcs Toth1-1/+1
2019-12-02revert obsolete writerfilter hacks for tdf#119054 and tdf#128752Justin Luth1-38/+0
2019-12-01Introduce o3tl::optional as an alias for std::optionalStephan Bergmann1-13/+13
2019-11-20tdf#124399 DOCX import: don't apply inside borders to 1-cell tablesSzabolcs Toth1-0/+7
2019-11-19tdf#119054 DOCX: fix not table style based bottom marginLászló Németh1-9/+36
2019-11-15DOCX: clean-up paragraph bottom handling of table styleLászló Németh1-30/+0
2019-11-15tdf#128752 DOCX: fix partial direct paragraph spacing in tablesLászló Németh1-0/+5
2019-10-04ofz#17992 null derefCaolán McNamara1-4/+7
2019-10-03tdf#81100 DOCX import: repeat header according to table styleLászló Németh1-13/+16
2019-08-21loplugin:constvars, look for loop vars that can be constNoel Grandin1-2/+2
2019-06-18loplugin:logexceptionnicely in writerfilterNoel Grandin1-8/+7