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2012-11-14Memory management improvements on GLOMenu and GLOActionGroup classes.Antonio Fernandez3-90/+133
Change-Id: I1c4fb268a08c2b343ac99ee9294f536c1444f707
2012-11-14Improved memory management of GLOActionGroup.Antonio Fernandez2-32/+46
Change-Id: Iaeee32c2990cb6514605d3f7bc959682d87d5d38
2012-11-14Fixed a crash when opening an application from LO main screen.Antonio Fernandez1-2/+2
Change-Id: I942bcf761c7b9ba11c47bc618d55bdc85a472705
2012-11-14Menus are generated on demand now, but with some issues.Antonio Fernandez5-25/+189
Change-Id: Icec9b685e720a369cff4d2bbfc5bf4ba6614e390
2012-11-14Initial integration with Gtk+/Unity menus about-to-show feature.Antonio Fernandez4-19/+62
Change-Id: I064cf73e23b175140bdac2616ac922c349f0f051
2012-11-14Some code reordering and cleaning.Antonio Fernandez3-50/+35
Change-Id: Ide46f6f68f3ba2632988b490820cb1ca576bab43
2012-11-14All Special items, including window list items are displayed, but with issues.Antonio Fernandez3-26/+61
Change-Id: I23a6857f7aa738c48061ab51f3c015c41abc84cc
2012-11-14Fixed crashes when executing some menu actions.Antonio Fernandez4-91/+76
Change-Id: I80bb1ed74e823d4b66df05eb15c9b5ed2e58b7f6
2012-11-14Menu is now shown/hidden when needed.Antonio Fernandez6-37/+134
Change-Id: I4a5d155918f7147c3c2933fedad96d959accca61
2012-11-14Radio buttons are now displayed correctly.Antonio Fernandez2-93/+33
Change-Id: I8a07fc7ca31b3f39e4fd2fd2c926d9ab461b4af3
2012-11-14Cleaned up some code.Antonio Fernandez3-40/+2
Change-Id: Ibab1dbac24c46dc44c0481a042171939cf8ffd9f
2012-11-14Added code for accelerators.Antonio Fernandez2-56/+26
Change-Id: I427b15dd6faca18d34d94ba0a25fd8b6b9844bea
2012-11-14Added code for special items.Antonio Fernandez2-5/+45
Change-Id: I8fb03bee33da052654559329a84d9a753d091ae1
2012-11-14Cleaned up some code.Antonio Fernandez2-62/+0
Change-Id: I47bc6a29a01a2cacd3e77a9ec9ac4f9b6223093f
2012-11-14New menu is now correctly displayed, but still have some problems.Antonio Fernandez3-215/+118
Change-Id: Ic69451bf9a4e5f63c4f0050b5967b8f2fc28d7cb
2012-11-14Menu is now generated in one step. DBus traffic improvements.Antonio Fernandez5-220/+424
Change-Id: I67e2b804fb0b7af854f695b1a0c7e8354fe91d0b
2012-11-14Radio button action data is now properly set.Antonio Fernández1-31/+55
Change-Id: Icbd44308631278e6ab65cef123d4d32befff87fc
2012-11-14Added code for accelerators and special items.Antonio Fernandez5-76/+94
Change-Id: Ibd62c4655d671e2920dea5140df8f481c2892fbb
2012-11-14Menu is correctly displayed in all instances, but HUD remains broken.Antonio Fernandez2-18/+15
Change-Id: Ia1089150ae9853649754a4de733ca4a7f8c3caae
2012-11-14Menus are now working. HUD integration is broken.Antonio Fernandez4-232/+221
Change-Id: I0f5fef169b2656a713416e28648a3260b22b43b0
2012-11-14GLOMenu class is now mostly implemented, but menus are buggy at the moment.Antonio Fernandez7-815/+909
Change-Id: Ib7c657efdd167f66e94717dda71d722196ae1667
2012-11-14Items are not duplicated anymore, but launching a new instance crashes.Antonio Fernandez2-129/+164
Change-Id: Ib3966c8578b0c4695c1f2cea89c3df234f597922
2012-11-14Accelerator string is now set, but not displayed.Antonio Fernandez2-8/+58
Change-Id: I8b1f83df1d121b1d6e126b9f10772a90f26d0efd
2012-11-14Actions are generated during the item info filling.Antonio Fernandez5-115/+157
Change-Id: I79be19a8ca565da9ca9bb8b31efc4e6e1463ba31
2012-11-14Fixed GTK3 build.Antonio Fernandez4-0/+9
Change-Id: I903f225f879644cbcf6ec02f68cc6c68c41ee878
2012-11-14GLOActionGroup partially implemented. Menus work but no special items shown.Antonio Fernandez4-258/+181
Change-Id: I7c48fbc5763daf789e7347cfedc62f14be53c934
2012-11-14Menu is now displayed properly in all windows.Antonio Fernandez5-177/+228
Change-Id: I9f8cffc3d19bb4c75c1153ff9f06fd5bab3440f6
2012-11-14Menu is published once. Only special menus are updated now.Antonio Fernandez2-28/+59
Change-Id: Ie7643e81c61ae0794bdf8a6e1e7d292f9550674b
2012-11-14Fixed a regression with popup menus. Added a method to update menu every sec.Antonio Fernandez2-7/+16
Change-Id: I419a304f2c90d07ee7a5365e0397040b7eb953d7
2012-11-14Cleaned up some code and did a small refactoring.Antonio Fernandez3-114/+63
Change-Id: I06b987a06ccadd00ee67db8e781ec5a9e42fc89e
2012-11-14All menu labels are now displayed. There are some issues with repeated labels.Antonio Fernandez2-65/+27
Change-Id: I1b92b91f34003f20aaa56558c1c0e231d1de6f94
2012-11-14Menu is displayed correctly in additional instancesm but not in the main one.Antonio Fernandez7-385/+483
Change-Id: Id7d79e47efd73ddc2eeac285c28179a5aa9ecc37
2012-11-14Menu model hierarchy is now updated everytime a menu item is changed.Antonio Fernandez2-129/+85
Change-Id: I8d591902405ae84ee8758da0ace6680b0516dbc6
2012-11-14Items are now correctly enabled and disabled.Antonio Fernandez2-68/+60
Change-Id: I93e3e4bf804ff1ec95368f2918581af33d22263c
2012-11-14Most actions seem to work now. Enabled ImplSelectWithStart() for all builds.Antonio Fernandez3-64/+50
Change-Id: Ib309112de07d125fbe3b61ea20d5e26d1016912b
2012-11-14Some actions are now performed from Unity menubar.Antonio Fernandez2-6/+36
Change-Id: I854794ab11f63306a2e976d16876fc79564e44ff
2012-11-14Added GLOMenu and GLOActionGroup. Menu is published with actions (not working)Antonio Fernandez9-115/+1238
Change-Id: I3400980e4605fbf78755532c696e021d3466675b
2012-11-14Internal native menu is created in steps, but is incomplete at the moment.Antonio Fernandez3-110/+264
Change-Id: I323b80b74218be853fe2893b3f328ff3ef74d4cb
2012-11-14Native menu is completely build in one step.Antonio Fernandez5-127/+150
Change-Id: I772c267b3c136e6baab2623dbf5538b5076d43ff
2012-11-14Menubar hierarchy fully generated. Native GTK menu is published on DBus.Antonio Fernandez8-8/+406
Change-Id: I340d3e14b590b4a694082cfb3e2200d6ad8ef39a
2012-11-14Added a "freeze" method to Menu. Menus are now displayed on console.Antonio Fernandez2-0/+37
Change-Id: I71bfc2c0272154b9ff5c2dabe7508a98950e199c
2012-11-14Refactor of Menu classes from VCL module and Framework module.Antonio Fernandez1-25/+113
Change-Id: I47aa65d3851692d38ee0741031d72fb02e9da785
2012-11-14callcatcher: update unused code post binfilter deathCaolán McNamara2-10/+0
Change-Id: I5b25d14ef2769126f98523551597f43812b9feb7
2012-11-13Avoid global static dataStephan Bergmann8-42/+61
...that (indirectly) allocates memory via rtl/alloc.h, thereby causing the rtl_cache_wsupdate_init thread to be spawned before main, as on Mac OS X that would interfere with the code in sal_detail_initialize to close all file descriptors >= 3 -- on Mac OS X the pthreads implementation makes use of KQUEUE file descriptors. * This commit removes enough global static data to make ui-preview work again on Mac OS X (where it crashed at startup when the main thread closed the KQUEUE fd used by pthreads implementation threads). gengal uses further static data (at least from module sb), so needs further clean-up. * Avoiding global static instances derived from class Application required the introduction of vcl/vclmain.hxx. * That the vcl library was linked against the static vclmain library (which only provides an implementation of main) appears to me to be a historic relic (all executables should either include a SAL_IMPLEMENT_MAIN or link against vclmain), so I removed that. Change-Id: I048aa616208cb3a1b9bd8dcc3b729ba1665729bd
2012-11-13macosx theme has a gap between edit area and up/down areaCaolán McNamara1-1/+18
in spinbuttons, so adding just the width of the up/down buttons will not take into account that intermediate space in determining the optimal size Change-Id: I219a02b3313e87f4c927d52de34eda040b13133e
2012-11-13Solve scope issues with older gtkFridrich Štrba1-1/+6
Change-Id: Icceb9586b4051009a8843b4672b79daf22e07830
2012-11-13fontconfig < 2.4.92 doesn't have FcGetLangs, fallback to old logic in absenceCaolán McNamara1-0/+7
Change-Id: Ie789bdfbf26c9cf652d43d6badfad6fec1a3eb9e
2012-11-13favour expandables over non-expandables for shrinking scenarioCaolán McNamara1-20/+26
if grid contents change their mind and want to be bigger than available space, then somethings got to give, prefer expandables as shrinkables too Change-Id: Iefd87adb722548c11df04f194cf6d6e17665289a
2012-11-13use SetControlForeground instead of SetTextColorCaolán McNamara1-2/+2
because that's persistent across unrelated style changes otherwise setting e.g. alignment will reset the color to default black Change-Id: I2b975c3914a59a93e54d72aa0975a066b5edf533
2012-11-13merge SetDescription into SetTextCaolán McNamara3-4/+4
that way the display text always matches the link text Change-Id: I3f4901803bd9354d2cd0fc29d7d91ccd8e3def54