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2012-11-14Memory management improvements on GLOMenu and GLOActionGroup classes.Antonio Fernandez3-90/+133
2012-11-14Improved memory management of GLOActionGroup.Antonio Fernandez2-32/+46
2012-11-14Fixed a crash when opening an application from LO main screen.Antonio Fernandez1-2/+2
2012-11-14Menus are generated on demand now, but with some issues.Antonio Fernandez5-25/+189
2012-11-14Initial integration with Gtk+/Unity menus about-to-show feature.Antonio Fernandez4-19/+62
2012-11-14Some code reordering and cleaning.Antonio Fernandez3-50/+35
2012-11-14All Special items, including window list items are displayed, but with issues.Antonio Fernandez3-26/+61
2012-11-14Fixed crashes when executing some menu actions.Antonio Fernandez4-91/+76
2012-11-14Menu is now shown/hidden when needed.Antonio Fernandez6-37/+134
2012-11-14Radio buttons are now displayed correctly.Antonio Fernandez2-93/+33
2012-11-14Cleaned up some code.Antonio Fernandez3-40/+2
2012-11-14Added code for accelerators.Antonio Fernandez2-56/+26
2012-11-14Added code for special items.Antonio Fernandez2-5/+45
2012-11-14Cleaned up some code.Antonio Fernandez2-62/+0
2012-11-14New menu is now correctly displayed, but still have some problems.Antonio Fernandez3-215/+118
2012-11-14Menu is now generated in one step. DBus traffic improvements.Antonio Fernandez5-220/+424
2012-11-14Radio button action data is now properly set.Antonio Fernández1-31/+55
2012-11-14Added code for accelerators and special items.Antonio Fernandez5-76/+94
2012-11-14Menu is correctly displayed in all instances, but HUD remains broken.Antonio Fernandez2-18/+15
2012-11-14Menus are now working. HUD integration is broken.Antonio Fernandez4-232/+221
2012-11-14GLOMenu class is now mostly implemented, but menus are buggy at the moment.Antonio Fernandez7-815/+909
2012-11-14Items are not duplicated anymore, but launching a new instance crashes.Antonio Fernandez2-129/+164
2012-11-14Accelerator string is now set, but not displayed.Antonio Fernandez2-8/+58
2012-11-14Actions are generated during the item info filling.Antonio Fernandez5-115/+157
2012-11-14Fixed GTK3 build.Antonio Fernandez4-0/+9
2012-11-14GLOActionGroup partially implemented. Menus work but no special items shown.Antonio Fernandez4-258/+181
2012-11-14Menu is now displayed properly in all windows.Antonio Fernandez5-177/+228
2012-11-14Menu is published once. Only special menus are updated now.Antonio Fernandez2-28/+59
2012-11-14Fixed a regression with popup menus. Added a method to update menu every sec.Antonio Fernandez2-7/+16
2012-11-14Cleaned up some code and did a small refactoring.Antonio Fernandez3-114/+63
2012-11-14All menu labels are now displayed. There are some issues with repeated labels.Antonio Fernandez2-65/+27
2012-11-14Menu is displayed correctly in additional instancesm but not in the main one.Antonio Fernandez7-385/+483
2012-11-14Menu model hierarchy is now updated everytime a menu item is changed.Antonio Fernandez2-129/+85
2012-11-14Items are now correctly enabled and disabled.Antonio Fernandez2-68/+60
2012-11-14Most actions seem to work now. Enabled ImplSelectWithStart() for all builds.Antonio Fernandez3-64/+50
2012-11-14Some actions are now performed from Unity menubar.Antonio Fernandez2-6/+36
2012-11-14Added GLOMenu and GLOActionGroup. Menu is published with actions (not working)Antonio Fernandez9-115/+1238
2012-11-14Internal native menu is created in steps, but is incomplete at the moment.Antonio Fernandez3-110/+264
2012-11-14Native menu is completely build in one step.Antonio Fernandez5-127/+150
2012-11-14Menubar hierarchy fully generated. Native GTK menu is published on DBus.Antonio Fernandez8-8/+406
2012-11-14Added a "freeze" method to Menu. Menus are now displayed on console.Antonio Fernandez2-0/+37
2012-11-14Refactor of Menu classes from VCL module and Framework module.Antonio Fernandez1-25/+113
2012-11-14callcatcher: update unused code post binfilter deathCaolán McNamara2-10/+0
2012-11-13Avoid global static dataStephan Bergmann8-42/+61
2012-11-13macosx theme has a gap between edit area and up/down areaCaolán McNamara1-1/+18
2012-11-13Solve scope issues with older gtkFridrich Štrba1-1/+6
2012-11-13fontconfig < 2.4.92 doesn't have FcGetLangs, fallback to old logic in absenceCaolán McNamara1-0/+7
2012-11-13favour expandables over non-expandables for shrinking scenarioCaolán McNamara1-20/+26
2012-11-13use SetControlForeground instead of SetTextColorCaolán McNamara1-2/+2
2012-11-13merge SetDescription into SetTextCaolán McNamara3-4/+4