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2012-08-28gtk: sumulate native insensitivity of scrollbar buttonsIvan Timofeev1-0/+14
Change-Id: I13ac2c43aadd494389586166771b1d0e6bfb9ea6
2012-08-02gtk3: filch a fix for scrollbars w/o buttons from gtk2 codeIvan Timofeev1-0/+4
that is b38ee8c8d5bb10ade41d5ee4050ec4fda12fcbd2 Change-Id: Ib86d86616443cf48ba1d3ee0b6f96314b42dc972
2012-08-02cairo uses pre-multiplied alphaIvan Timofeev1-3/+3
Change-Id: I6cf04b10bfdd6c7b16761b2aa2f31c1392c49546
2012-07-27gtk3: ensure we re-render native commitsMichael Meeks1-1/+7
If we blit pixels to the back-buffer, we need to remember to get them to gtk3 at idle. Change-Id: Ic37660e963fbbcdd132cfba0ce739174d64148d2
2012-07-27gtk3: remove obsolete forced background renderingCosimo Cecchi1-27/+2
Change-Id: I3fabfcee9166d2b32dbadaedba6d364ae1a7559e
2012-07-27gtk3: fix colors for menubar and menu itemsCosimo Cecchi1-2/+3
Change-Id: Iea44b34fbfc189c21267e095860c3bab3217bcfb
2012-07-27gtk3: simplify codeCosimo Cecchi1-29/+14
Change-Id: Iad78f62bedb93c456830b2133b67e081ab035b5e
2012-07-27gtk3: fix tooltip colorsCosimo Cecchi1-20/+19
Change-Id: Iacd8578ee71c5e0403c3398cb1f8d427be27d603
2012-07-27gtk3: fix rendering for scrollbarsCosimo Cecchi1-33/+20
Change-Id: Ibcdc3b73b845954817f08a3f50900d96a25a8e3d
2012-05-05gtk: fix drawing of separators in vertical toolbarsIvan Timofeev1-15/+15
(regression from 0377b99b3f50a67e7845a3d728313e5a2ef36e73) * divide PART_SEPARATOR into PART_SEPARATOR_HORZ and PART_SEPARATOR_VERT * improve separator reduction: now the offset is (height*0.2) instead of 7. * rename: gVSeparator -> gSeparator * remove trailing whitespace Change-Id: I I If144509d7e061bf1b7901cd5418c4d7dbc3aa0d0
2012-04-23fix gtk3salnativewidgets-gtk build with gcc 4.4Rene Engelhard1-4/+4
2012-04-14gtk3: add approved theme color fetch / selection.Michael Meeks1-10/+24
2012-03-03gtk3: Avoid crash with some themes (unico based)Lucas Baudin1-1/+3
We didn't check wether the window was big enough to draw all the widgets. Sometimes, when the window was displaying, it was too small and drawing outside of the window caused a crash, we didn't take into account that the root point for drawing gtk3 widgets wasn't always (0,0).
2012-01-31gtk3: clobber the page / background color to white for now.Michael Meeks1-2/+11
2012-01-16vcl: introduce crystal clear separation between X11 Screens and DisplayScreensMichael Meeks1-0/+6
A DisplayScreen is a screen index as used by the upper level abstractions, an X11Screen is a wrapper around an integer X screen index.
2011-12-06normalize Red Hat, Inc. spellings, and bump to latest templateCaolán McNamara26-164/+190
2011-12-05build the print dialog for gtk3 tooDavid Tardon3-0/+98
2011-11-28Headless got moved, fix gtk3 build.Thorsten Behrens1-1/+1
2011-11-07gtk: move the file-picker into vcl/ and add Application:: factory hooksMichael Meeks2-1/+34
drop un-necessary uno service related fluff, and component instantiation. nominal move to XMultiComponentFactory from XMultiServiceFactory Include fpicker in compilation for gtk3, but more work required here Simplify setting up transient parents for picker dialogs
2011-11-04gtk3: add missing include, and rtl namespaceMichael Meeks1-2/+3
2011-11-03gtk3: Check for gtk3 >= 3.2 - we need that for broadway anywayMichael Meeks1-1/+1
2011-11-03gtk3: implement rendering for Listbox widgetsCosimo Cecchi1-28/+78
2011-11-03gtk3: translate the cairo context instead of rendering from (1, 1)Cosimo Cecchi1-21/+19
It's just way easier than doing it every time.
2011-11-03gtk3: misc cleanupsCosimo Cecchi1-4/+7
2011-11-03gtk3: implement rendering for ComboboxesCosimo Cecchi1-18/+166
2011-11-03gtk3: implement rendering for spinbuttonsCosimo Cecchi1-3/+175
2011-11-02gtk3: improve the GTK3 theming layer somewhatCosimo Cecchi1-191/+758
Improvements include: - don't create widgets when calculating the native region size, but use GtkStyleContext instead - refactor the native control drawing cycle - theme scrollbars - theme menu radios/checks/separators/arrows
2011-10-25gtk3: Use some static variable in GtkSalGraphics in order to avoid ↵Lucas Baudin1-5/+15
re-loading all GtkStylaContexts
2011-10-25gtk3: add toolbar rendering, there is some graphical bugs if you have more ↵Lucas Baudin1-6/+43
than one row in the toolbar (is it detectable in GtkSalGraphices?)
2011-10-25gtk3: Use CheckBox style (there is still a problem with the hover stage)Lucas Baudin1-9/+26
2011-10-25Gtk3 fixes, I tweaked the damage function to debug the rendering (the damage ↵Lucas Baudin1-34/+444
are is bigger to see a whole widget), if will need to be removed once we will fix that
2011-10-25Fix compilation in gtk3salnativewidgetsLucas Baudin1-2/+2
2011-10-25gtk3: implement initial native widget support for buttonsLucas Baudin1-1/+85
2011-10-25remove conditionals, and split pieces into salnativewidgetsMichael Meeks1-0/+93
2011-10-25gtk3: switch to basebmp rendering during 'draw'Michael Meeks1-2/+4
2011-07-14add missing mode-linesCaolán McNamara23-0/+68
2011-06-24make svp / headless backend's headers more publicMichael Meeks1-1/+3
2011-06-14Prepare for gtk3Caolán McNamara23-0/+644