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2013-11-26fdo#61272: Do the mapping correctly both for WMF and EMF.Jan Holesovsky4-58/+123
Turns out that for the WMF, we already had everything set up correctly, we were just overwriting the right settings with default data again :-) - fix that. Includes the following commits: * Revert "wmf-mm-text-1.diff: Fix WMF rendering, n#417818" * Revert "wmf-mm-text.diff: Fix WMF rendering, n#417818" * fdo#56886 EMF: Fixes some scaling problems of clipped regions, Twips Change-Id: I14b0c12b10f58eb7031f9da712dee76344c75159 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andras Timar <> Tested-by: Andras Timar <>
2013-10-04Resolves: #i123417# handle subsetting of empty ttf compound glyphs gracefullyHerbert Dürr1-2/+5
(cherry picked from commit d519b07ecd4b67cedf1fe3e1860ef33a48a01ae4) Signed-off-by: Caolán McNamara <> Conflicts: vcl/source/fontsubset/sft.cxx Change-Id: I51d4a97f1f01be49cb5ab058019cd153e23437bd (cherry picked from commit 6489f97fc428446c53c17f885963776cdcc21490) Signed-off-by: Caolán McNamara <>
2013-09-06fdo#68313 fix combining diacritics problem with Graphite fontsLászló Németh1-3/+3
Change-Id: I042a32cc9c025efcd25ccf95427bee5d6d4024fb
2013-09-06Resolves: fdo#68081 why would I want a spinner that doesn't repeatCaolán McNamara1-1/+1
surely WB_SPIN should imply repeat in the first place, *shrug* Change-Id: I1e4cb5a01d473cd0f8d907d566cd26d51a81da93 (cherry picked from commit f96771165ea145a759f1bab76cd34bb70def04f6) Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-09-03stop annoying temp full screen windows appearing on insert->index entryCaolán McNamara1-0/+8
Change-Id: I730617f5ce28149f79d1d22efbfb7eab22e5840d (cherry picked from commit 8f6b90a80c7b6e1c19422e944ca49657581e1042) Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-08-29Resolves: fdo#68192 always recode from trad symbol to apple symbolCaolán McNamara1-10/+11
Even if the symbol font bit isn't set, the oox import route lacks the ability to state that the bullet font is a font of symbol encoding. If the font is not available on the system we go into fallback logic to state that famous symbol fonts are in symbol encoding. But there is a symbol font on mac so its not unknown and that doesn't happen. And the mac symbol font is not actually in symbol encoding (seeing as it's all rearranged into the correct unicode positions) so the recode logic is skipped in this special case to map the microsoft/adobe private use area chars to the modern code points where they were moved in the apple font. I guess one alternative possible solution is to lookup all the fonts used in a openxml doc using the fonttable stream where the charset info is available. But seeing as it should only affect one particular font lets just move the encoder test outside the issymbol block. (cherry picked from commit b129867306ce918f4f8fbf9ec5f7dce86e52c9d2) Conflicts: vcl/source/gdi/outdev3.cxx Change-Id: Ic5bd3ec15c8d8d99e2cab0fb67cc4bc33081c756 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-07-08fdo#66335: fix fdo#44582 and fdo#63254 differentlyIvan Timofeev2-4/+4
This combines the following cherry picked commits: 1) fdo#66335: gtk: Revert hacks for RTL scrollbars returning false here in getNativeControlRegion results in a fallback to square buttons in vcl scrollbar code. But there is no problem in gtk+ backend in this case, let's fix the problem differently. This reverts commits 898a3e84807bccbb876e3f5583728f6d24e05e9a and e8e82bd2109b82ddd535cdac30303249c6b62942. (cherry picked from commit 48e1d9c7afe5c2a39d9a08d7a38f7c8ff39d8c84) 2) fdo#44582: fix scrollbars in RTL UI (cherry picked from commit e3a801e2454eed2e61202bbacca01fe3fcc20c1d) 3) fdo#63254: correct re-mirroring formula This patch fixes horizontal scrollbar in Calc when a sheet is RTL and UI is LTR. When a particular window (horizontal scrollbar in this case) is RTL and a whole UI is LTR this code used for mirroring and re-mirroring back coordinates. AFAICS mirroring is correct, but re-mirroring is not. The used formula comes from commit 69b684b12e42bf1396bdffca88ca880ac3c2e00b, and the same formula appears in the other variant of overloaded function "mirror": mirror(sal_uInt32, const SalPoint*, SalPoint*, const OutputDevice*, bool), but it does not affect the bug. (cherry picked from commit a08f579e3704fbd97590f9b050d250ae445725a7) Conflicts: vcl/source/control/scrbar.cxx Change-Id: I0ccaa8998fe87403b3606828eaf3f5bd1dbe6bb4 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Bosdonnat Cedric <> Tested-by: Bosdonnat Cedric <> Reviewed-by: Abdulaziz A Alayed <> Tested-by: Abdulaziz A Alayed <> Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-07-02Resolves: fdo#66502 set AutoMnemonics before calculating layoutCaolán McNamara1-3/+3
Change-Id: I3274ec9e8e4e1f61f0108a3e6ba64107128736c2 (cherry picked from commit 00601259144f5b49b516581ca6ae28fc6e524030) Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-06-11Fix bnc#795857 Use correct sizes for EMF+ bitmap renderingRadek Doulik2-7/+10
Fix pdf export wrong size issues for embedded EMF+ images. (cherry picked from commit 4c676625d4016d428e9becd5512b7cfc8b0c4b24) Conflicts: vcl/inc/vcl/gdimtf.hxx vcl/source/gdi/gdimtf.cxx Signed-off-by: Michael Meeks <> Conflicts: vcl/source/gdi/gdimtf.cxx Change-Id: I998c9535bde32fc9f452d61d7cb7609c95f5528d
2013-05-24WaE: signed/unsigned comparisonCaolán McNamara1-1/+1
Change-Id: Iaa439c268eda24d700471560927d8f4c0f2e017b (cherry picked from commit 6a0a33444255fcdbe16500de24fc5bfd74adca4b)
2013-05-23fdo#33281, i#120627 [From Symphony]the text on the Y axis is reversed when ↵Zhe Wang1-1/+6
export ppt file to PDF format. * subversion/main/vcl/source/gdi/pdfwriter_impl.cxx []Change nXOffset value from the distance of axis Y between two points to the distance between two points. Patch by: Tang Meng<> Suggested by: Wang Zhe <> Found by: Tang Meng <> Review by: Wang Zhe <> (cherry picked from commit 58b6a6161e7edd10d33fdb67510e7d68440128f9) Signed-off-by: Miklos Vajna <>
2013-05-22fdo#52540 fix hyphenation of Graphite ligaturesLászló Németh1-0/+1
Change-Id: I3c6aef6d845a7494d54b3c902654b21f3939e8cf Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-05-17obtain days in month from non-normalized date, fdo#63805 relatedEike Rathke1-1/+1
Change-Id: I05cefb96d7d6290ff7e1a89fa88b21da7a6c82a2 (cherry picked from commit 59d6bde4045e928b5d68fb23e3340fa0e48f3e33) Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-05-10Work around problem with boost::shared_array(NULL) ctor and Boost 1.53.0Stephan Bergmann1-1/+1
...claiming template<class Y> boost::shared_array<T>::shared_array(Y*) is not a viable option due to mismatched types 'Y*' and 'long int' Change-Id: I8db321cd25cd73c84fa2a3124c9ec1018c131d5f (cherry picked from commit b62048701cea5024383e19314592f2edcd9810fd) Signed-off-by: Markus Mohrhard <>
2013-05-09Fix fdo#40421 Take current clip into account for shape bounds.Thorsten Behrens1-1/+8
Seems with the extensive drawinglayer rework, we now get bitmap fills rendered via clip polygon and subsequent bitmap tiles. To get the true bound rect of the current metaaction, clip it against outdev's clip region bounds (as some reasonably cheap best-effort approximation). Change-Id: I4ecf04e2d94da21acc97362a1a65a965c7176077 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <> Tested-by: Miklos Vajna <>
2013-04-24More places where we can suppress output.Jan Holesovsky1-5/+4
Change-Id: Ib316bf40bb9b9afeb5fbdf9281f2d3b9539e346f
2013-04-24fdo#59259: Suppress the expensive parts when we are only writing to metafile.Jan Holesovsky1-0/+3
When we are launching the printing dialog, we first draw the page using drawinglayer to a metafile, and then render the metafile. Unfortunately, here we did the real operation of allocating large bitmaps, and destroying them again; all that just to throw all that away at the end of the operation. The preview sets the mbOutput to false correctly, so we can just skip the expensive parts. Change-Id: Ice77d83100eba339602bbdf374fec8546d4d1e12
2013-04-04fdo#58807 bring Beep() for basic backThomas Arnhold1-0/+40
The functionality was removed by fdo#48549. This partially reverts 0f6101cfef4c2e45d9f1f1b3a61ef94799e4526b 0bdf6fc7c71c4c49e6d6f83d56ac953272ad16d5 85cb9084533605657aca0394afe4516058a8e4ef I changed the behavior to always beep, because only the basic macro function is using Beep(). Looks like the Beep macro function didn't even work correctly before the removal, because the default was to not beep for most platforms. So I set the volume from disable (0) to 50% for XBell(). Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Thorsten Behrens <> Tested-by: Thorsten Behrens <> (cherry picked from commit 47664d3f2e12649d324b031ca6ffd5589fe3d197) Conflicts: vcl/inc/headless/svpframe.hxx Change-Id: I663ffb7af75d2fd6d2c1f94073e4412d9744de4a Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Thomas Arnhold <> Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <>
2013-04-03Resolves: fdo#61241 background style dialog too smallCaolán McNamara2-2/+3
(cherry picked from commit 1ccbb620946c7032c57054550b08ad5362fe1c3f) Conflicts: vcl/source/control/tabctrl.cxx vcl/source/window/tabpage.cxx Change-Id: Ie7396b63a64e89bb7aa7c0e284faab7ed380c4c1 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-03-28fdo#62094 - fix infinite loop in radio button group iteration.Michael Meeks1-36/+10
Simplify the code too - we copy the vector anyway, so reversing it should be cheap. Change-Id: Ie655ba3044c7e0dd5a15b0e839a3712a32a1e298 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-03-02Resolves: fdo#61656 use order and orientation combobox select pos as indexCaolán McNamara1-9/+3
not the associated entry data, which isn't set for these simple 1 to 1 position -> data comboboxes Change-Id: I0c73786bca00684cedc4672d0ad5e61d0c1f9bd7 (cherry picked from commit 9c7cf46fbf01f62ea9520c4ba1ec4748fe62b20b) Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Eike Rathke <> Tested-by: Eike Rathke <>
2013-02-26Don't abort when myPoints is emptyLionel Elie Mamane1-1/+2
Change-Id: I6bbb2a1cce1c89b94d027acf94fd712706bff422 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Michael Meeks <> Tested-by: Michael Meeks <>
2013-02-25n#780748: Basic EMF+ implementation.Muthu Subramanian2-1/+215
* Minimalistic implementation of EMF+ export * Currently exports transparent polygons. (cherry picked from commit f1fee2a65c8c1968798e1246a4b455d9160d8eb9) Change-Id: I0c24c29b77c50f898fe1b8ce1904179292a1bb72 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-02-25fdo#59405 fdo#60638: EMFWriter::ImplWrite: write EMF_PLUS "comments"Michael Stahl1-1/+14
When editing the Visio OLE object, there is a "preview" file generated, which is apparently an EMF file (strangely initially inserting the Visio object seems to result in a totally unproblematic WMF file). The EMF file apparently has almost its entire content stored in MetaCommentAction of type "EMF_PLUS", which is thrown away when writing the file again. Change-Id: I77a08454da673c1825aaa8421606737e7e8bc82c (cherry picked from commit bf8450cfa2e9e899c716fbddadd7d5485aefe520) Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <> Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-02-25Resolves: fdo#60764 sort options can grow too wide to fit on screenCaolán McNamara4-1/+49
(cherry picked from commit 7c760f34a00462d5904d0e2eed4132761c2e51c5) Conflicts: sc/uiconfig/scalc/ui/sortoptionspage.ui vcl/inc/vcl/lstbox.hxx vcl/source/control/lstbox.cxx Change-Id: Id3aed9ef251f61710b43ceda1a28c6895e91872f Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-02-25Resolves: rhbz#895196 sc filter float a11y parent of itself loop/recurseCaolán McNamara2-3/+15
Change-Id: I3679e7cfcd32a78b40c6a7b803c92ff0abe6f32c (cherry picked from commit 1b13c952f50aab2b907dab13395ab23d0955c238) Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Eike Rathke <> Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-02-25perf: avoid scaling images to the same size at some cost.Michael Meeks1-1/+3
Change-Id: Icae65a8bf48f76801c536607055be066be0bd49f (cherry picked from commit cb8fcf5a169f030827b1150c50b6ed284717e485) Signed-off-by: Fridrich Štrba <>
2013-02-11resolve fdo#60450 - Printer list is missing its border in Print dialogCaolán McNamara1-13/+20
Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Caolán McNamara <> Tested-by: Caolán McNamara <> (cherry picked from commit f10ba07935951e6c74663a35de9a79b7d66beb37) Conflicts: vcl/source/window/builder.cxx allow a custom border property for drawing areas (cherry picked from commit e258b760563dc2a69a1cc8b0c8b7b4c15a2774ad) Change-Id: I2e28b9f9d52bcb01b04f98d39d12b6d8a627bec5 1e5777e5dcc04d0aa53d1ac4b9091f310ae59035 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <> Tested-by: Miklos Vajna <>
2013-02-06implement spread button layoutCaolán McNamara1-44/+151
Change-Id: Ia17d3f4d14319adec6b0b20dced5daf5b8018c36 (cherry picked from commit 5dc0c03f797e53aef7411c26782b6d39b7e93d0c) Resolves: fdo#59767 detect outlier widths and exclude from size normalization For non-homogeneous (the default) button boxes we want in general to give all buttons the same width as the max button width. But if we detect that certain buttons are > 1.5 the average button width, then leave those outliers at their natural size and set the rest of the buttons to the max width of the remainder. (cherry picked from commit 6e81082dbb2d16f0e61527c5ad13f91d49828125) Conflicts: vcl/source/window/layout.cxx Change-Id: Ice514e741e3a7725d69e150e5752158a1c267141 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <> Tested-by: Miklos Vajna <>
2013-02-03fdo#54629 MultiSalLayout::GetBoundRect always uses level 0 fallback fontCaolán McNamara1-26/+0 X11SalGraphics::GetGlyphBoundRect In MultiSalLayout::GetBoundRect we loop through each fallback font and union each level's GetBoundRect to get the result, which seems reasonable, except that for each level that means a call to SalLayout::GetBoundRect which calls X11SalGraphics::GetGlyphBoundRect. Those sublevel SalLayouts don't know that they are sublevels so they never set the level bits on their glyphs. Which results in X11SalGraphics::GetGlyphBoundRect always searching for that glyph in the level 0 font, so there's a mismatch between the font the SalLayout's are created to use and the font that gets used. Now, SalLayout::GetBoundRect is a fairly simple thing, it just calls GetNextGlyphs 1 by 1 and X11SalGraphics::GetGlyphBoundRect on the result of that. So I *think* that if we remove the specialized MultiSalLayout::GetBoundRect in favour of the default implementation, then because MultiSalLayout::GetNextGlyphs is specialized to do-the-right-thing and set up the glyph ids correctly, then we bubble the ids down to X11SalGraphics::GetGlyphBoundRect correctly to get it to use the right font and we get the correct bounding size. defb4d60a2d22fd36a0ff3f077faa6a0932b45a4 defb4d60a2d22fd36a0ff3f077faa6a0932b45a4 Change-Id: Idefb4d60a2d22fd36a0ff3f077faa6a0932b45a4 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Lior Kaplan <> Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <>
2013-01-25Resolves: fdo#59422 if loading a ll-TT trans succeeds, don't fallback to llCaolán McNamara1-0/+1
Change-Id: I169d9e95a2ac1f22bc94e46781bfcee07b133ad4 (cherry picked from commit fbfba66ac4990875e90f7af56113ca453d83f069) Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andras Timar <> Tested-by: Andras Timar <>
2013-01-23Fix fdo#59616 - ensure BitmapEx has same-sized subbitmapsThorsten Behrens1-0/+18
Lots of code relies on the fact that the two bitmaps inside a BitmapEx actually have the same size. Enforce that convention during import. Change-Id: I436ccc33b06c627cd6347747d22c24bfaf7ca932
2013-01-17Personas: Clear the BitmapEx first, so that we can switch off Personas.Jan Holesovsky1-8/+9
[Also rename mpPersona*Bitmap -> maPersona*Bitmap, it is not a pointer.] Change-Id: I93cc56b1f30c4fe966b8de87b766e820d9e2cefa Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Noel Power <> Tested-by: Noel Power <>
2013-01-17Personas: Fix fdo#59230 - make Personas fully work in non-NWF case too.Jan Holesovsky2-2/+7
Change-Id: I19a475f198fcb24c4d66134eb67da719fc99099e Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Noel Power <> Tested-by: Noel Power <>
2013-01-17Personas: Fix one more potential crash.Jan Holesovsky1-6/+7
Change-Id: Ib7aca26c34aa8484e8c71873805ca8e8812526a7 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Noel Power <> Tested-by: Noel Power <>
2013-01-17Personas: Fix fdo#59208 - get rid of artifacts when we run out of bitmap.Jan Holesovsky2-0/+3
So far I am using the same color that is used for the workspace; should it be a problem, we can use a different color. Change-Id: I06fde7f31a9d37d2e387a7e3fd0b6d3d33f8d6e6 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Noel Power <> Tested-by: Noel Power <>
2013-01-14export cleaned up dotted version in environment and GtkWindow user-data.Michael Meeks1-0/+4
Change-Id: If865127a9a5560f4b3636fb870699e2f3bac0e83 Signed-off-by: Noel Power <>
2013-01-14fix crash with new personas when notifying windowsMarkus Mohrhard1-1/+5
Change-Id: I41e4c747c4662fb066746c0ca87d17ea6742080e Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Noel Power <> Tested-by: Noel Power <>
2013-01-14split out the ComboBox code that determines the positioning of subwidgetsCaolán McNamara1-45/+62
and re-use it to get a better calculation of the optimal size of a widget, rather than taking the current position of the subedit the upshot of this is that with CTL and/or CJK mode enabled in... a) calc, then the format->cells font dialog doesn't have squashed font size and font style listboxes b) writer, the 10.5 default size for CJK doesn't have part of the .5 clipped off it the calcComboBoxDropDownComponentBounds code should be entirely equivalent to the existing ::Resize calculation given the same input, we just call it with effectively unbounded available size in the GetOptimalSize case to find the desired margins around the subedit field (cherry picked from commit d19eab221f168aed12249ffc8a36a9f1aca5a94e) Change-Id: I85cb3ff98f23d21d7cfdcc28188e36616a19b5e8 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Noel Power <> Tested-by: Noel Power <>
2013-01-11Personas: As Michael suggested, use BitmapEx instead of BitmapEx*.Jan Holesovsky3-33/+25
Change-Id: Ib1d84b37d452785d12502095c0eedaac4a25fb6b (cherry picked from commit 0721b5b83e34de1e2fcb320d6a7deae1ad109d61) Signed-off-by: Miklos Vajna <>
2013-01-11Resolves: fdo#58301 make sure ScrollBar OptimalSize is up to dateCaolán McNamara1-2/+9
if the scrollbar sizes haven't been calculated yet then the optimalsize will be wrong, so it's necessary to enforce calculating them in that case. (cherry picked from commit f41a2804dd4a23352b7af2dd28c03df02debfb13) Change-Id: I12e95c3594ffbb508c7f79bd512e07aaf44a6eab Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Kohei Yoshida <> Tested-by: Kohei Yoshida <>
2013-01-08Personas: Broadcast the information that the Persona has changed.Jan Holesovsky1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ic563204c1a1a64d315e3e73dff30b6a6d05cfd87 Signed-off-by: Cor Nouws <> Signed-off-by: Olivier Hallot <> Signed-off-by: Adolfo Jayme Barrientos <> Signed-off-by: Michael Meeks <>
2013-01-08Fix build on linux.Jan Holesovsky2-4/+4
Change-Id: I5753a822e9f18d1afa831ece6134e030f88ad47f Signed-off-by: Cor Nouws <> Signed-off-by: Olivier Hallot <> Signed-off-by: Adolfo Jayme Barrientos <> Signed-off-by: Michael Meeks <>
2013-01-08Personas: Fix copy constructor + always reference the Application settingsJan Holesovsky3-8/+8 avoid reading the bitmaps more than once. Change-Id: I7577f5df96a5a28f1ac1f800867af5eee298663e Signed-off-by: Cor Nouws <> Signed-off-by: Olivier Hallot <> Signed-off-by: Adolfo Jayme Barrientos <> Signed-off-by: Michael Meeks <>
2013-01-08Kill workaround of i#75264 - it breaks drawing of a perfectly fine bitmap.Jan Holesovsky1-65/+0
The case where it broke was a bitmap that is very wide (3000 pixels), but not too tall - and the small height satisfied the aPosAry.mnDestHeight > 3*mnOutHeight condition. Such workarounds that are triggered only in very rare cases are a bad idea in general, unless there is a unit test. I've tested with the document from i#75264, and it works for me - there were some improvements in the bitmap scaling, hopefully the root cause is fixed by that, or maybe I just have more memory; who knows. Change-Id: I4b7a749378ef35469db78dfc680fc77f87bc4382 Signed-off-by: Cor Nouws <> Signed-off-by: Olivier Hallot <> Signed-off-by: Adolfo Jayme Barrientos <> Signed-off-by: Michael Meeks <>
2013-01-08Personas: Make the Persona working in the top docking area too.Jan Holesovsky1-2/+26
Change-Id: I1d3986675ceb7a2748a77b736beb8a654a514e0d Signed-off-by: Cor Nouws <> Signed-off-by: Olivier Hallot <> Signed-off-by: Adolfo Jayme Barrientos <> Signed-off-by: Michael Meeks <>
2013-01-08Personas: Make the Persona in the menubar working.Jan Holesovsky1-17/+44
Change-Id: I21a45159f6b27aa7beff5ec07530b14480675729 Signed-off-by: Cor Nouws <> Signed-off-by: Olivier Hallot <> Signed-off-by: Adolfo Jayme Barrientos <> Signed-off-by: Michael Meeks <>
2013-01-08Fix base location of the bitmap Wallpaper computation.Jan Holesovsky1-2/+2
The nX / nY is correct for clipping operation, but not for base; visible with WALLPAPER_TOPRIGHT style. Change-Id: I8de92b68b822a156bc376201e97ce458d1a6ba08 Signed-off-by: Cor Nouws <> Signed-off-by: Olivier Hallot <> Signed-off-by: Adolfo Jayme Barrientos <> Signed-off-by: Michael Meeks <>
2013-01-08Personas: Read the bitmaps in StyleSettings.Jan Holesovsky1-3/+107
Change-Id: I52b67c82f69059a7d2babf1b49e59f27062cc02c Signed-off-by: Cor Nouws <> Signed-off-by: Olivier Hallot <> Signed-off-by: Adolfo Jayme Barrientos <> Signed-off-by: Michael Meeks <>
2013-01-08Make LO buildable again after the GraphicFilter move.Jan Holesovsky11-177/+125
Conflicts: svtools/ q# Change-Id: I3455a7294b136400f32163626d5a7a7f2bfa898c Signed-off-by: Cor Nouws <> Signed-off-by: Olivier Hallot <> Signed-off-by: Adolfo Jayme Barrientos <> Signed-off-by: Michael Meeks <>