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2012-08-04tubes: do not queue incoming packetsMatúš Kukan4-50/+15
Change-Id: Ida0f3b9ce7cebdb0517457900d2b0b2377e6c8ab
2012-08-04tubes: avoid boost::signaling received packetsMatúš Kukan7-67/+9
Change-Id: I63e262aa05ec7c06c15eaf74201b6ac1966e2e56
2012-08-04tubes: avoid ugly SAL_DLLPUBLIC_EXPORT hereMatúš Kukan2-4/+12
Change-Id: Icd839cd70dd32f766ad52d74fcf3cff28281da7e
2012-08-04tubes: remove unused parameterMatúš Kukan4-26/+10
Change-Id: I22cd7cc866696dd7def7d7cb20d00da68d408137
2012-08-04tubes: call the function directlyMatúš Kukan3-25/+4
Change-Id: Ic9f02f7df77fabaec585c3f53bf0a86044bf27bb
2012-08-04tubes: implement another way for demoing collaborationMatúš Kukan6-10/+95
This way it affects code ~only internally in tubes/ module. Change-Id: I1fd1fa460d51ad57ae2f6df0adeb5fadfc7a8c95
2012-08-04tubes: stop collaborating when the account gets off-lineMatúš Kukan2-2/+38
Change-Id: Ic6f1bc41bc212e0c36751168f1204c41ebe0ce61
2012-08-04tubes: fix build of unit test; set include path for nowMatúš Kukan1-0/+5
Later we would want to move headers if they are not used outside. Change-Id: I863f6f00254b335af563598a195aea01595f6c99
2012-08-04tubes: stop collaborating when the contact leavesMatúš Kukan5-2/+34
Change-Id: I779aededb95eac6cbfb2fec3e97d207704244e25
2012-08-04tubes: fix leaking ScCollaboration; add it to ScDocShellMatúš Kukan1-1/+0
Change-Id: I43c951b5694ad38aa1a2e5da7cc99dfb52685349
2012-08-04tubes: use SAL_INFO SAL_WARN hereMatúš Kukan1-4/+4
Change-Id: Iae41c7f3d6718c06092d41d9b3757a821dba87b5
2012-08-04tubes: we use less symbols after bc21b49a464ae153341ee8d836993ca89b1a6919Matúš Kukan4-13/+10
Change-Id: Ibf2e3d3f5de87848ba8efb669308fe790d6622d6
2012-08-04tubes: do not use boost::signal here; call function directlyMatúš Kukan3-11/+17
Change-Id: Iaab997f3d56d76fe98d70f8cffdbb44a34500901
2012-08-04tubes: create contacts dialog instance for each document separatelyMatúš Kukan2-3/+16
This solves a crash when static dialog instance was destroyed on closing of one document but then was used in another document. Change-Id: I6ac9edb1de83f638bdf4ce7c0814fcbdf4b4b1e5
2012-08-04tubes: remove pointless defineMatúš Kukan1-6/+0
Change-Id: I5ef7f8a5a37d0a77a9dadc44e1e895581c2ebb50
2012-08-04tubes: make TeleManager::getConference() staticMatúš Kukan2-2/+2
Change-Id: Ic7023a40eb2f09802b100d9317c0a6a66d901476
2012-08-02tubes: move sc/source/ui/collab/contacts.* to tubesMatúš Kukan10-1/+456
- sc no longer directly links against telepathy - there is new class ScCollaboration derived from abstract Collaboration describing collaboration functionality for apps used in tubes/ - also added resource manager into tubes/ Change-Id: Ic89ae955f5b47490f4f4b8781bcee5dea5336bae
2012-08-02tubes: impose strict ordering on 1-1 collaborationMatúš Kukan3-10/+29
- master (the one who started the session) echoes back packets from slave, who only then, after receiving own commands executes them Change-Id: I8b5a1d1bae0d665b65fe2ec0121430178728274d
2012-07-26tubes: send file when inviting contact to MUC collaborationMatúš Kukan4-5/+6
- add UUID info to TeleConference - let SendFile function take argument for contact instead of getting contact from the channel info, what couldn't work for MUC channel Change-Id: I4dc45c084966a030ff4b503e192d452797f0bfdd
2012-07-26tubes: clean this outMatúš Kukan2-13/+8
Change-Id: I7d4cafbe51695c0ff36480311858b9167344c119
2012-07-26tubes: move mbChannelReadyHandlerInvoked to pImplMatúš Kukan2-9/+16
Change-Id: If2ddd8bdcb11727be719e8966aa689fbabd94f44
2012-07-26tubes: kill double-singletonning of TeleManagerMatúš Kukan3-55/+6
I am not sure why it was introduced in 0dae49a03c9b4816d8cdde69e30bcd2db2e30724 and hope that it's safe to remove it now. Change-Id: I62f0ac230a83473386eabc45c9fcc387f62631e3
2012-07-26tubes: TeleManger's GMainLoop* now unusedMatúš Kukan2-40/+6
Change-Id: I99b482a60155c596c4b64534f62ce4c9d4d9a94b
2012-07-26tubes: resurrect unit test to serve againMatúš Kukan5-207/+114
- make it subsequent test to be less annoying - we again inherit from CppUnit::TestFixture - currently there is no test that we've received the sent packet - nor any test for received file - to prevent exporting more symbols we link directly tubes' object files Change-Id: I79edf0c701f8c46eb45d507266f6dafc0c8eeea2
2012-07-24tubes: keep contacts dialog updated on contacts' presence changesMatúš Kukan2-0/+21
- make the dialog - TubeContacts static pointer, so there is only one Change-Id: I12f256bebc27ba31a82082d7107066de8079893c
2012-07-24tubes: init TeleManager in desktopMatúš Kukan2-0/+18
- register clients when we run --invisible - create ScDocFuncSend only if we are going to use it Change-Id: I7e33cd5a2e42e34a055146dc6c2bdac3657d6529
2012-07-23tubes: do not include telepathy-glib.h in public headersMatúš Kukan5-4/+15
Change-Id: Ib2c88f2f1fc1c9ebffbbdc9896045c3d1e5b719c
2012-07-23tubes: create TeleConferenceImpl to hide more details from publicMatúš Kukan3-61/+74
Change-Id: If1be001e336991218893e3bc455a16e73ecaab0f
2012-07-23tubes: get local callbacks out of classMatúš Kukan4-48/+26
Change-Id: I7e43d9990827c4c7d86d947e7d71a94b686642fc
2012-07-23tubes: update unused build.lstMatúš Kukan1-1/+1
Change-Id: I98842967fadc26efe8295e3acf3bcfc513b68591
2012-07-22tubes: do not crash if there is no TeleManager yetMatúš Kukan1-1/+1
Change-Id: I042c773f071d336c7d402ed7bca2a33b3a998d50
2012-07-21tubes: small cleaningMatúš Kukan1-3/+0
Change-Id: I15337276f21febba44b84d3618fedfc08013a3da
2012-07-21tubes: do not include file-transfer-helper.h in public headersMatúš Kukan5-20/+18
Change-Id: Ie66069a37c70b43cbee34130b5b63967a1c9f033
2012-07-21tubes: remove TelePacket, it's just simple stringMatúš Kukan7-139/+15
Change-Id: Iabfb50454c573ac9c01aba1b309822c4ef6fcc73
2012-07-20tubes: use SAL_WARN SAL_LOGMatúš Kukan1-4/+2
Change-Id: Ic0c291183c63bb5c4a0a7e54f80c3c8f23349a3d
2012-07-20tubes: remove unused parametersMatúš Kukan1-5/+3
Change-Id: Ia1c683f5b9245d1673a610901636921619f47406
2012-07-20tubes: clean up commented out code, headersMatúš Kukan2-46/+6
Change-Id: I5962fb38d2320199e9c45c6f339131755f817960
2012-07-20tubes: move ScDocFuncRecv::fileReceived to TeleManager_fileReceivedMatúš Kukan3-4/+79
Change-Id: Ie2ab2c2d545f6fcbdc21171868c99b1756c90792
2012-07-20tubes: send a file for collaboration when buddy session startsMatúš Kukan5-9/+66
Channels for file and for tube are independent in telepathy, so let sender create UUID and pass it to receiver, who then can bind the document to the channel. UUID for tube channel goes through telepathy. UUID for file channel is encoded in the filename for now. Tubes specific CreateDocFunc is re-introduced, so we could set current UUID after file is received and when the document is being constructed, get channel from TeleManager with this UUID. This is not immune to constructing other documents in the middle of binding proccess. Change-Id: I57c7e57a5d7d3ccd7d94677a8cf2719c78baa2fd
2012-07-20tubes: fix typo in namesMatúš Kukan1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ibaab0a1ed5774f400bc14e67742daaf06fcab391
2012-07-17tubes: do not freeze when preparing Account ManagerMatúš Kukan1-12/+1
We don't need to wait for our capabilities update to propagate from one account via the network and back. Since e3d1001c08d255c588ed6ca93f3b58b2161cce45 ContactList returns all online contacts regardless of its capabilities. Change-Id: Icf8982dd1e6aedec4f21920ff8020f8547d7b855
2012-07-17tubes: improve contacts dialogMatúš Kukan1-10/+20
- do not show until it's ready - do not close it with buttons - buttons for both 1-1 and MUC sessions - display all online contacts Change-Id: Idfbea7ffdf76ef3f31dbeeefe62d69cb5e3e64b7
2012-07-17tubes: guard unref() against "accidental" callsEike Rathke1-1/+1
Change-Id: I73b0f8faaa9b6d0707153f3150ca531a33cb0dd3
2012-07-17tubes: add possibility to invite contacts to MUCMatúš Kukan2-0/+11
Change-Id: Ia27c725aff1d16d21ee1f5abcfff9a107bd87a82
2012-07-17tubes: selectively export TeleManager's symbolsMatúš Kukan1-15/+14
Change-Id: I70053c4b1e31ecd281701bab692764ef581e0f57
2012-07-17tubes: remove now unused code, when we don't use maConferencesMatúš Kukan4-104/+1
Change-Id: I403253793791236eaf8e9fd3fc72489ebd447d99
2012-07-17tubes: associate the document directly with TeleConferenceMatúš Kukan4-42/+32
Packet communication now goes directly through TeleConference and TeleManager is used only for receiving files and new channels. This should also allow collaboration of different documents with different contacts independently. Change-Id: Iaf719dce156f1c4c9edc3db4ff0964dec0e0c944
2012-07-17tubes: remove unused TeleConference::maSessionIdMatúš Kukan3-9/+5
Change-Id: Ic6100aa03764cd62b5426e4ec1f3aeb085241c16
2012-07-17tubes: remove unused TeleManager::mbAcceptIncomingMatúš Kukan3-10/+7
Change-Id: Idb4f8e4e47be88efa9e199588936cf426b3e1ce4
2012-07-17tubes: split TeleManager::connect method.Matúš Kukan3-37/+69
Use createAccountManager instead. Optionally also register clients for accepting tubes. Will be used more later. Change-Id: I353d45e95fa130c0c578b74d016b650039358ea7