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2014-10-24Fract: enable testsJuan Picca1-111/+0
2014-10-23Fraction: Revert "fdo#81356: convert Fraction to boost::rational<long> - wip"Jan Holesovsky1-0/+111
2014-10-09fdo#81356: convert Fraction to boost::rational<long> - wipJuan Picca1-111/+0
2014-02-23Remove unneccessary commentsAlexander Wilms1-1/+1
2012-07-11re-base on ALv2 code. Includes:Michael Meeks2-44/+26
2012-06-27targetted re-work of cppunit pieces.Michael Meeks1-4/+1
2011-11-27remove include of pch header from toolsNorbert Thiebaud1-2/+0
2011-09-12sb140: #i113503# mixing system CppUnit and OOo STLport does not work, backed ...Stephan Bergmann1-1/+2
2011-03-11Merge commit 'ooo/DEV300_m101' into intm101Jan Holesovsky1-64/+0
2010-11-19gnumake2: removing old dmake file in migrated modulesBjoern Michaelsen1-65/+0
2010-10-30fix building of testsDavid Tardon3-12/+7
2010-10-14Add vim/emacs modelines to all source filesSebastian Spaeth1-0/+2
2010-03-04sb118: #i109791# improved CPPUNIT_CFLAGS handlingsb1-3/+1
2010-03-04sb118: add missing CFLAGS+= $(CPPUNIT_CFLAGS) to loads of other makefiles, tooRene Engelhard1-0/+4
2010-02-25sb118: merged in DEV300_m72sb3-15/+4
2010-02-12changefileheader2: #i109125#: change source file copyright notice from Sun Mi...Jens-Heiner Rechtien3-15/+4
2010-01-29sb118: #i108776# changed addsym.awk to also export STLport num_put symbols, a...sb1-1/+1
2009-09-14#i103496#: split cppunit in a pure external lib and a lib depending on sal ->...Mathias Bauer2-5/+6
2008-04-11INTEGRATION: CWS changefileheader (1.2.84); FILE MERGEDRĂ¼diger Timm3-68/+55
2007-07-03INTEGRATION: CWS sixtyfour12 (1.1.2); FILE ADDEDRĂ¼diger Timm3-0/+246