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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2014-11-28Unittest for autocorrect in writerDaniel Sikeler1-0/+0
2014-04-10run unit test with en-US locale dataCaolán McNamara1-0/+10
2013-09-10Parsing master presentation objects from 'objectlist.xml'Vishv Brahmbhatt1-0/+41
2013-08-27Make sure unittest/user/config/soffice.cfg/ exitsStephan Bergmann1-0/+0
2013-08-26Some cleanup and consolidation of the Impress layout work.Thorsten Behrens1-2/+7
2013-08-26Making changes to unit-test as well.Vishv Brahmbhatt1-3/+3
2013-08-26Deleting the required files.Vishv Brahmbhatt7-0/+0
2013-08-26Few name conventions changes.Vishv Brahmbhatt1-36/+54
2013-08-26Fixed a broken unit-test.Vishv Brahmbhatt1-20/+51
2013-08-26Solved the identation problem related to "layoutlist.xml".Vishv Brahmbhatt1-5/+27
2013-08-26Adding new Slide Layouts Samples to "layoutlist.xml".Vishv Brahmbhatt1-0/+2
2013-08-26Working version of XML parser from configuration file pathVishv Brahmbhatt1-0/+8
2013-04-30Move to MPLv2 license headers, with ESC decision and author's permission.Michael Meeks1-23/+4
2012-02-24test: remove, now redundant dummy dialog.xlc / script.xlcMichael Meeks2-8/+0
2012-01-15prevent to include fonts into svg during unit testsMarkus Mohrhard1-0/+11
2012-01-15don't create lock files for unit testsMarkus Mohrhard1-0/+13
2011-12-14shrink the unit test template directory to save some duplicationMichael Meeks1680-163491/+0
2011-12-06normalize Red Hat, Inc.Caolán McNamara1-2/+2
2011-12-06Moved modifications.xcu to test, used from multiple modules.Stephan Bergmann1-0/+39
2011-12-05Remove Large Handles optionStefan Knorr (astron)3-3/+0
2011-11-11No need for test/user-template/user/registry.Stephan Bergmann21-83652/+0
2011-11-08removed Simple Handles optionTim Hardeck3-17/+1
2011-10-26more tweaks to unittests, also move registrymodifications.xcuNoel Power1-0/+0
2011-10-26Fixed test/user-template/user/registrymodifications.xcu.Stephan Bergmann1-5/+35
2011-10-25revert autogenerated foo and correct brackets in placeholderNoel Power1-1/+7
2011-10-25more support for basic/vba unit testsNoel Power1-7/+1
2011-10-25add registrymodifications.xcu to allow override of default configNoel Power1-0/+7
2011-10-07Undo basis/brand split: merge basis share/ into brand share/.Stephan Bergmann1-2/+2
2011-10-06remove old fingerprints cacheCaolán McNamara74-28449/+0
2011-10-05remove apparently noise .memdump filesNorbert Thiebaud2-8/+0
2011-10-04pretty print the user template registry to make diffs meaningfulMichael Meeks17-24/+83268
2011-09-30remove library entries for nowMarkus Mohrhard2-20/+2
2011-09-29remove file from unit test user dir that gets modifiedMarkus Mohrhard1-1198/+0
2011-09-29add user profile dir for unit testsMarkus Mohrhard1785-0/+196894