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2018-10-20sw mso export: PROTECT_FORM shouldn't force section to protectedJustin Luth2-4/+1
2018-10-20NFC ww8 cleanup: remove unused variables, simplify, whitespaceJustin Luth2-22/+9
2018-10-20ww8import: always protect document if setJustin Luth3-8/+23
2018-10-20tdf#37778 ww8import: protect section only if protEnabledJustin Luth3-1/+13
2018-10-20tdf#112520 RTF export: write ZOrder only for toplevel shapesMiklos Vajna4-3/+32
2018-10-20sw: fix invalid cast in SwEditWin::RequestHelp()Michael Stahl1-1/+1
2018-10-13tdf120224 docx export: don't double up field bookmarksJustin Luth1-3/+9
2018-10-11related tdf#120225 ww8export: save PROTECT_FORMJustin Luth2-0/+7
2018-10-11tdf#120225 ww8import: keep textform nameJustin Luth5-4/+40
2018-09-28ofz#10523 guard aginst 0 pF->nLCodeCaolán McNamara1-1/+1
2018-09-21tdf#118502 Fix loading of eps images with replacement graphicSamuel Mehrbrodt2-0/+8
2018-09-21tdf#119875 sw: fix invalid pos of frame after 0-sized section with laycacheMiklos Vajna3-4/+39
2018-09-14lok: Avoid crash when inserting a table in a redline.Jan Holesovsky1-1/+3
2018-09-13tdf#91999 export/drawingml: shape rotate 180 is not specialJustin Luth3-1/+19
2018-09-13tdf#117988 writerfilter: IgnoreTabsAndBlanksForLineCalculationJustin Luth2-0/+5
2018-09-12sw lok: delay processing idle jobs to let LOK finish initializationAshod Nakashian2-3/+29
2018-09-12tdf#82177 docx export: eliminate invalid tcPr insideV/H bordersJustin Luth4-24/+7
2018-09-12tdf#102290 sw ui: give all columns a chance to growJustin Luth1-1/+5
2018-09-12tdf#94009 ww8export: always export section marginsJustin Luth5-0/+104
2018-09-12tdf#82177 docx export: no inside borders on outside cellsJustin Luth5-5/+27
2018-09-12tdf#115670 vml shadow: shadow is off unless explicitly set onJustin Luth1-0/+4
2018-09-12tdf#119232 ww8import: even page means default to start on page 2Justin Luth3-3/+14
2018-09-12tdf#57589 writerfilter: support hash-encoded colorsJustin Luth2-0/+8
2018-09-12tdf#37223 insert OLE tables in text tables as native text tablesLászló Németh1-3/+28
2018-09-12tdf#37223 Writer: insert 1-cell tables as text instead of OLE objectLászló Németh1-2/+21
2018-09-12tdf#118533 fix shape import: zero top margin only in first paragraphLászló Németh2-0/+3
2018-09-12tdf#118533 RTF/DOCX import: fix beforeAutospacing for first paragraphLászló Németh5-2/+23
2018-09-12tdf#107690 DOCX, XLSX and PPTX unit tests for "Open as read-only"László Németh2-0/+7
2018-09-12tdf#107690 OOXML import/export of setting "Open as read-only"László Németh1-1/+3
2018-09-12tdf#108064 OOXML export: keep preset dashes with any line widthAdam Kovacs5-27/+4
2018-09-12tdf108064 OOXML export: keep preset dashes in shape outlinesAdam Kovacs2-2/+8
2018-09-11sw: tdf#119742 fix null pointer in SetCursorInHdFtJuergen Funk1-1/+2
2018-09-11tdf#118845: make HiddenPara have higher priority deciding visibilityMike Kaganski6-17/+112
2018-09-11tdf#109229: Set "TextBox" prop before filling textbox-related propsMike Kaganski2-0/+24
2018-09-03tdf#117823 Save mail merge config item in new viewIlhan Yesil1-0/+1
2018-08-29Related rhbz#1618703: Properly handle failure encoding MS fileStephan Bergmann6-19/+43
2018-08-29tdf#116436 docx export: add missing table background fillJustin Luth4-1/+42
2018-08-29tdf#116436 doc export: add missing table background fillJustin Luth3-18/+31
2018-08-29tdf#118058 sw, sections in tables: no split for multiple columnsMiklos Vajna3-1/+61
2018-08-28tdf#119143: introduce tentative directional embedding import supportMike Kaganski2-0/+20
2018-08-21ofz#9917 use a WW8SprmIter to find the sprmCaolán McNamara2-27/+14
2018-08-21outer loop unrelated to inner loopCaolán McNamara1-30/+17
2018-08-21tdf#117127 crash on inspecting value describing a tableCaolán McNamara1-10/+12
2018-08-20tdf#118385 Avoid crash on loading documentSzymon Kłos1-1/+1
2018-08-20tdf#119294: reimplement fix for tdf#118859Mike Kaganski1-17/+32
2018-08-10sw: fix ignored frames in AppendAllObjs()Michael Stahl1-3/+9
2018-08-10forcepoint#69 ditch any unclosed m_pPosAfterTOC before dropping cursorCaolán McNamara3-5/+4
2018-08-10Resolves: tdf#118965 fix input list edit buttonCaolán McNamara1-1/+1
2018-08-10tdf#118579 ignore body in body instead of flagging as an errorCaolán McNamara1-3/+1
2018-08-10Resolves: tdf#118545 restore to historic logicCaolán McNamara1-4/+2