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2015-12-15tdf#96125 Fix broken Writer paragraph text-to-text alignment feature.Mark Hung1-1/+1
2015-12-15fix paint table border in DOUBLE_THIN styleaqcoder1-0/+18
2015-12-15tdf#96113 sw: don't overwrite fo:background-color on ODT frame importMiklos Vajna1-1/+1
2015-12-14Move var decl to where it gets actually usedStephan Bergmann1-18/+20
2015-12-14Related: rhbz#1289394 always provide the screen area the tip applies toCaolán McNamara1-3/+3
2015-12-12tdf#36722: Enable footnote separator line style NONEOliver Specht1-1/+1
2015-12-12replace homegrown map with std::map<>Bjoern Michaelsen1-104/+41
2015-12-11use preincrement here for graceBjoern Michaelsen1-1/+1
2015-12-11add test for UNO writer style families ...Bjoern Michaelsen1-8/+7
2015-12-11tdf#69977: uno::Sequence is expensiveNoel Grandin8-79/+71
2015-12-11sw: clean up no longer needed SwViewShell::isTiledRendering()Miklos Vajna5-18/+17
2015-12-10tdf#91665 l10n: replace string lists - by separate stringsJuergen Funk1-37/+31
2015-12-10sw: accept a const text node in SwRDFHelper::getTextNodeStatements()Miklos Vajna1-1/+4
2015-12-09tdf#92623 Handle StartOfContent node for copying bookmarksJan-Marek Glogowski1-1/+9
2015-12-09sw: implement addition of statements in SwRDFHelperMiklos Vajna1-1/+18
2015-12-09sw: handle RDF mark in SwFltControlStack::SetAttrInDoc()Miklos Vajna1-0/+4
2015-12-08sw: redundant condition, was checked previouslyMichael Stahl1-1/+1
2015-12-07Avoid -fsanitize=signed-integer-overflowStephan Bergmann1-1/+1
2015-12-04fix SwClient crash in SwXNumberingRules/SwXTableRows/SwXTableColumnsNoel Grandin2-13/+57
2015-12-03tdf#34957 - don't push multi-page table to next page.Justin Luth1-2/+1
2015-12-03uno:Sequence->std::vector in SmartTagMgrNoel Grandin1-13/+6
2015-12-02sw: initial SwRDFHelperMiklos Vajna1-0/+51
2015-12-02an empty string here seems no hardshipCaolán McNamara1-1/+0
2015-12-01tdf#88443:percent value fixedOliver Specht1-1/+1
2015-12-01tdf#88443: set relative width to objects with captions except formulasOliver Specht1-1/+13
2015-11-30Move uses of SwFrame pointer-to-member after definition of class SwFrameStephan Bergmann1-92/+91
2015-11-30loplugin:unusedfieldsNoel Grandin2-33/+9
2015-11-29our little MSVC cant read C++11 proper and has special needs instead ...Bjoern Michaelsen1-18/+19
2015-11-29use a range template for the frame,page,pseudo translationsBjoern Michaelsen1-25/+9
2015-11-29use the entry vector for lcl_TranslateIndex dispatchBjoern Michaelsen1-57/+69
2015-11-29remove copy patsaBjoern Michaelsen1-7/+1
2015-11-29use entries to create stylesBjoern Michaelsen1-33/+23
2015-11-29use the entry vector for lcl_GetCountOrName dispatchBjoern Michaelsen1-32/+17
2015-11-29tdf#38835: use singleton instead of staticBjoern Michaelsen1-21/+37
2015-11-29keep a reference to the static entry data for the familyBjoern Michaelsen1-50/+53
2015-11-29use Families instead of the generic 'Container'Bjoern Michaelsen1-4/+4
2015-11-29typo: m_nRedId => m_nResIdBjoern Michaelsen1-4/+4
2015-11-29clean up and reduce indent levelsBjoern Michaelsen1-8/+6
2015-11-29add ranges for pages, frames, numsBjoern Michaelsen1-13/+13
2015-11-29make GetCountOrName a private member to reduce argsBjoern Michaelsen1-10/+11
2015-11-29consolidate range voodooBjoern Michaelsen1-49/+41
2015-11-29inline trivial functionsBjoern Michaelsen1-75/+45
2015-11-29SwXStyleFamily=>sw::XStyleFamilyBjoern Michaelsen1-79/+86
2015-11-29SwXStyleFamily has no need to be in a headerBjoern Michaelsen1-0/+53
2015-11-29clean up and reduce indent levelsBjoern Michaelsen1-6/+4
2015-11-29clean up and reduce indent levelsBjoern Michaelsen1-20/+6
2015-11-29simplifyBjoern Michaelsen1-4/+2
2015-11-29OSL_FAIL->SAL_WARNBjoern Michaelsen1-15/+5
2015-11-29clean up and reduce indent levelsBjoern Michaelsen1-13/+8
2015-11-29clean up and reduce indent levelsBjoern Michaelsen1-23/+19