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2013-12-11sw/qa/tiledrendering/tiledrendering.ui is not for translationAndras Timar1-8/+8
2013-11-27Drop duplicate #includeTakeshi Abe1-1/+0
2013-11-15Tiled rendering: Move the common code to the right place - PaintTile().Jan Holesovsky1-25/+2
2013-11-15Update the code snippet for tile rendering to be like in touch_lo_draw_tile()Tor Lillqvist1-5/+17
2013-11-15Tiled rendering: Use VirtualDevice, and set the MapMode correctly.Jan Holesovsky1-16/+11
2013-11-15Tiled rendering: Update the adjustments in the test app .ui.Jan Holesovsky1-2/+9
2013-11-15Tiled rendering: Better way to get the values in the test app.Jan Holesovsky1-12/+6
2013-11-15Tiled rendering: Very crude way to "show something".Jan Holesovsky1-3/+19
2013-11-15Tiled rendering: The tile shows now when we request for it.Jan Holesovsky2-2/+5
2013-11-15Tiled rendering: Show the device's content.Jan Holesovsky1-1/+4
2013-11-15Tiled rendering: Do the same thing as in touch_lo_draw_tile().Jan Holesovsky2-197/+253
2013-11-15Cosmetics.Jan Holesovsky1-13/+16
2013-10-24WaE: declaration shadows a fieldTor Lillqvist1-2/+2
2013-10-24added links to the image in tiled renderingPtyl Dragon2-42/+85
2013-10-24tiledrendering extracts values when clicking renderPtyl Dragon2-305/+14
2013-10-24added callback for renderPtyl Dragon2-92/+343
2013-10-23WaE: -Werror=shadowCaolán McNamara1-2/+2
2013-10-23tiledrendering opens filesPtyl Dragon1-47/+62
2013-10-23tiled rendering file picker worksPtyl Dragon1-2/+27
2013-10-23tiledrendering extracts values when clicking renderPtyl Dragon2-38/+20
2013-10-23added callback for renderPtyl Dragon1-11/+51
2013-10-22Tiled rendering: Finishing touch to the tiledrendering.ui.Jan Holesovsky2-2/+2
2013-10-22added the tiledrendering ui from gladePtyl Dragon2-8/+283
2013-10-21Tiled rendering: VCL test app skeleton.Jan Holesovsky1-0/+101