path: root/sw/qa/extras/globalfilter
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2016-02-05xmloff: tdf#96147: ODF export: fix duplicate fo:background-colorMichael Stahl1-0/+80
2015-11-10loplugin:nullptr (automatic rewrite)Stephan Bergmann1-3/+3
2015-07-14tdf#92471: Improve color conversion to MSO highlightingZolnai Tamás1-12/+12
2015-05-29Fix Mac TBs by unhidding testSkipImages()Julien Nabet1-2/+2
2015-05-29Revert "skip SkipImages unit test on MacOs"Julien Nabet1-1/+1
2015-05-28loplugin:unreffunStephan Bergmann1-1/+4
2015-05-27skip SkipImages unit test on MacOsJulien Nabet1-1/+1
2015-05-20bin/rename-sw-abbreviations.shlibreoffice-5-0-branch-pointChristian Lohmaier1-3/+3
2015-04-01Revert "Revert "skip SkipImages unit test on Windows""Michael Stahl1-0/+2
2015-04-01Revert "skip SkipImages unit test on Windows"Michael Stahl1-2/+0
2015-03-31skip SkipImages unit test on WindowsLászló Németh1-0/+2
2015-03-30cleanup for SkipImages unit testsLászló Németh1-22/+29
2015-03-30Unit tests for SkipImagesLászló Németh3-0/+72
2015-03-21Avoid C style cast in sw_globalfilter testZolnai Tamás1-11/+11
2015-03-21Char highlight: convert LO character background to MSO highlightingZolnai Tamás2-0/+73
2015-03-21Char highlight: test related to editing of MSO background attributesZolnai Tamás2-0/+117
2015-03-21Char shading: use a marker for character background imported from MSO shadingZolnai Tamás1-4/+14
2015-03-21Char highlight: export character background to MSO formats based on settingsZolnai Tamás1-0/+4
2015-03-21Char highlight: ODT filtersZolnai Tamás2-8/+25
2015-03-21Char highlight: DOC filtersZolnai Tamás1-7/+9
2015-03-21Char highlight: RTF filtersZolnai Tamás2-0/+80
2015-02-06shared_ptr<T>(new T(args)) -> make_shared<T>(args)Caolán McNamara1-3/+3
2014-12-18sw: Use appropriate OUString functions on string constantsStephan Bergmann1-6/+6
2014-12-11coverity#1257737 Dereference null return valueCaolán McNamara1-0/+1
2014-12-08Build fix (for gcc 4.7).Kohei Yoshida1-9/+7
2014-12-08Test for Writer import / export of graphic shapesZolnai Tamás2-0/+90
2014-12-08Generalize this test for other Writer filtersZolnai Tamás2-0/+84
2014-12-07Test for linked graphic export / import of WriterZolnai Tamás3-0/+63
2014-12-02add mode linesTakeshi Abe1-0/+2
2014-11-10Fix build.Jan Holesovsky1-5/+4
2014-11-07Use SAL_N_ELEMENTSZolnai Tamás1-1/+1
2014-11-07Build fix: back to C++98Zolnai Tamás1-2/+2
2014-11-07Make these tests weaker to fix build.Zolnai Tamás1-13/+3
2014-11-07Make SwGrfNode swapping methods privateZolnai Tamás3-22/+42
2014-11-07Test for swapped out image loss during Writer exportZolnai Tamás2-0/+110