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2018-04-23weld SfxPrintOptionsDialogCaolán McNamara1-9/+13
2018-04-14look for check buttons without underlinesCaolán McNamara2-0/+7
2018-04-14look for radio buttons without underlinesCaolán McNamara1-0/+8
2018-04-12weld SvRTLInputBoxCaolán McNamara1-0/+108
2018-04-11weld PlaceEditDialogCaolán McNamara1-47/+35
2018-04-11weld RestartDialogCaolán McNamara1-1/+7
2018-04-02drop the spurious invisible_char[_set] propertiesCaolán McNamara3-14/+0
2018-03-07make all the .ui message dialogs explicitly modalCaolán McNamara2-0/+2
2018-03-05Resolves: tdf#116188 set min version on all .ui files to 3.18Caolán McNamara9-9/+9
2018-03-01give ok, cancel, help buttons those namesCaolán McNamara1-1/+2
2018-02-25convert all help responses to gtk's -11Caolán McNamara5-13/+13
2018-02-22weld native message dialogsCaolán McNamara2-11/+7
2018-02-19reserve negative responses for internal responsesCaolán McNamara1-2/+2
2017-12-01tdf#114098 Show vertical scrollbarXisco Fauli1-0/+1
2017-09-22Ditch now unused GraphicExportDialog, GraphicExportOptionsDialogEike Rathke1-253/+0
2017-07-21migrate to boost::gettextCaolán McNamara10-112/+112
2017-04-14convert fileview context menu to .uiCaolán McNamara1-0/+25
2017-02-27tdf#105299 Dialogs must not be resizableheiko tietze2-0/+2
2016-08-02Related: tdf#101196 prompt to restart after OpenGL config changesCaolán McNamara1-1/+16
2016-07-13Resolves: tdf#100340 make compress graphic dialog less wideCaolán McNamara1-3/+3
2016-07-13Resolves: tdf#59570 scrollbar used instead of sliderCaolán McNamara1-2/+2
2016-06-23tdf#46279 Show restart message after extension installationirem1-1/+16
2016-05-23resort restart reasonsCaolán McNamara1-30/+30
2016-05-23tdf#99211 Use the restart dialog for notifications about restartirem1-0/+45
2016-05-03tdf#99211 Use the restart dialog for notifications about restartirem1-0/+15
2016-04-11tdf#79656 Restart now window for language changeBerk Gureken1-4/+19
2016-01-28"the mail merge" -> "mail merge"Caolán McNamara1-1/+1
2016-01-04Related tdf#96833: Allow port with more than 4 charactersJulien Nabet1-2/+2
2015-11-06Add title to image export options dialogYousuf Philips1-0/+1
2015-10-18mark number as untranslatableStanislav Horacek1-1/+1
2015-08-29remember password for all types of serviceSzymon Kłos1-3/+3
2015-08-14User field before Refresh Repos button in the formSzymon Kłos1-7/+7
2015-08-14added 'Remember password' checkboxSzymon Kłos1-6/+23
2015-08-14added mnemonic_widget propertiesSzymon Kłos1-6/+5
2015-08-14added password field in the Add service dialogSzymon Kłos1-4/+34
2015-08-14Rework of the 'Add service' dialogSzymon Kłos1-225/+95
2015-08-14Show unavailable services with disabled controlsSzymon Kłos1-16/+5
2015-08-14Port field without buttons, max 4 charsSzymon Kłos1-2/+4
2015-08-14Port field on the same line as HostSzymon Kłos1-18/+20
2015-08-14The Add Service dialog width changed to 400+ pxSzymon Kłos1-0/+1
2015-07-16Move remotefilesdialog.ui to where it belongsMaxim Monastirsky1-241/+0
2015-07-16Open/Save button should be the default buttonSzymon Kłos1-2/+3
2015-07-16RemoteFilesDialog: handled save buttonSzymon Kłos1-1/+0
2015-07-16the base of breadcrumb widgetSzymon Kłos1-2/+6
2015-07-16added fields for name and filtersSzymon Kłos1-1/+60
2015-07-16new dialog type flags, resizable fileViewSzymon Kłos1-4/+8
2015-07-16added SvtFileView, basic loading of the root directorySzymon Kłos1-2/+25
2015-07-16services reordering, changed PlaceEditDialog UISzymon Kłos1-453/+335
2015-07-16CMIS types moved level up to the service type listboxSzymon Kłos1-90/+52
2015-07-16added the delete service optionSzymon Kłos1-0/+8