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2013-04-22Revert "Revert "WIP: Experimental new binary type.rdb format""Stephan Bergmann1-7/+0
2013-04-07mass removal of rtl:: prefixes for O(U)String*Luboš Luňák1-22/+22
2013-03-09Revert "WIP: Experimental new binary type.rdb format"Stephan Bergmann1-0/+7
2013-03-09WIP: Experimental new binary type.rdb formatStephan Bergmann1-7/+0
2012-06-21re-base on ALv2 code.Michael Meeks1-23/+14
2012-01-26Code cleanup: ( () ) replaced by (())Alexander Bergmann1-4/+4
2011-11-27remove include of pch header from stocNorbert Thiebaud1-2/+0
2010-10-14Add vim/emacs modelines to all source filesSebastian Spaeth1-0/+3
2010-02-12changefileheader2: #i109125#: change source file copyright notice from Sun Mi...Jens-Heiner Rechtien1-4/+1
2008-04-11INTEGRATION: CWS changefileheader (1.2.12); FILE MERGEDRüdiger Timm1-23/+18
2007-09-27INTEGRATION: CWS sb76 (1.1.2); FILE ADDEDJens-Heiner Rechtien1-0/+119