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2012-11-28re-base on ALv2 code. Includes:Michael Meeks1-0/+17
Patches contributed by Armin Le-Grand #118898# Adapted ImpGraphic::ImplGetBitmap to correctly convert metafiles... #118485# - Styles for OLEs are not saved. Patches contributed by Andre Fischer Patch contributed by Ariel Constenla-Haile i#118505# - Remove MN_OLE_OBJECT menu item from Draw/Impress contextmenu - CWS contextmenu1 Patch contributed by Zhang Jian Fang #118876#, Add check if the OutlinerParaObject is created successfully restore a re-based rdbedit.
2010-10-26MS interop: support for cutblack slidetransition addedThorsten Behrens1-0/+3
Adds CUTBLACK slide transition to ppt import and slideshow
2005-01-28INTEGRATION: CWS impress30 (1.2.60); FILE MERGEDRĂ¼diger Timm1-6/+6
2005/01/19 15:20:47 bm #i40657# some spiralWipe effects corrected 2005/01/18 15:23:16 bm #i40657# subtype swapped for snake-wipe-top-lef
2004-11-26INTEGRATION: CWS presentationengine01 (1.1.2); FILE ADDEDRĂ¼diger Timm1-0/+222
2004/11/21 23:47:08 thb #i10000# Merge error, corrected presentation namespace 2004/11/07 01:42:03 thb #i36228# Swapped uncover left-down and left-up (was wrong before) 2004/11/05 11:19:51 dbo #i36255# fixing also slide transitions 2004/10/04 19:21:11 thb #i34946# Added missing subtypes for slide transitions, corrected various transition mappings 2004/09/27 14:40:02 cl we will do the zoom and rotate in later 2004/09/26 19:02:05 cl changes to the new xml smil spec 2004/09/02 09:16:38 cl updated presets 2004/08/31 18:57:09 cl added missing transition types and subtypes 2004/08/26 14:35:47 cl commented empty presets 2004/08/19 14:12:00 bm preliminary version of transitions 2004/08/19 10:45:14 cl new helper for transition presets