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2013-09-10Parsing master presentation objects from 'objectlist.xml'Vishv Brahmbhatt1-17/+39
Parsing the property values of master presentation objects. Also new functions added to comphelper module for expanding filepaths macro to appropriate system file paths(for configuration files present at 'Impress.xcs') Change-Id: If0381a12155673e85103ddb5d51c34ae53fe2ecb
2013-08-26Adding entries to "objectlist.xml"Vishv Brahmbhatt1-2/+13
Few more entries are added to "objectlist.xml".Only last two magic numbers of "sdpage.cxx" are left to be handled.They are slightly different from rest of the entries. Change-Id: Ic1481606a360695dc57174e5e4037169f91bd611
2013-08-26Creating a new demo XML fileVishv Brahmbhatt1-0/+8
A small demo version of new XML file, to store the remaining of the 'magic numbers' left in the "sdpage.cxx". Change-Id: I2883782dbdfd5a68f707631faec2e7b1d62a00de