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2013-04-19fdo#63197: convert 3 out 4 from scripting partJulien Nabet2-12/+15
2013-04-18fdo#63197, convert last gallery + template accessoriesJulien Nabet2-36/+37
2013-04-18fdo#63197: convert the rest of accessoriesgallery*Julien Nabet1-27/+36
2013-04-18fdo#63197, convert some accessoriesJulien Nabet1-15/+20
2013-04-18fdo#63197, convert accessoriesgallerydrawspeopleJulien Nabet1-3/+4
2013-04-18fdo#63197: convert psprint_config filesJulien Nabet1-6/+6
2013-04-18fdo#63197, convert sysui osxiconsJulien Nabet1-4/+4
2013-04-17fdo#63197: convert wizardsJulien Nabet1-33/+41
2013-04-17scp: remove unused macrosThomas Arnhold1-303/+0
2013-04-17fdo#63197, convert Zip_accessoriesgalleryJulien Nabet1-3/+4
2013-04-16install dicts using filelistsDavid Tardon1-144/+144
2013-04-16gbuild: use Package for odk examplesDavid Tardon1-3/+3
2013-04-16no comma after gid_<whatever>_ALL as otherwise the next entry is ignoredRene Engelhard3-3/+3
2013-04-15Related fdo#63197: fix typoJulien Nabet1-1/+1
2013-04-15fdo#63197, Convert Zip_tpl*Julien Nabet1-24/+31
2013-04-15adapt all externals to build against MSVC debug runtimeMichael Stahl2-0/+18
2013-04-15libmerged: add more libraries and cleanupMatúš Kukan2-18/+0
2013-04-15autoinstall more OOOLIBS librariesMatúš Kukan2-87/+0
2013-04-15autoinstall more PLAINLIBS_OOO librariesMatúš Kukan2-44/+0
2013-04-15autoinstall more common librariesMatúš Kukan2-32/+0
2013-04-15fdo#60924 scp2: use one variable listing them allMatúš Kukan1-28/+1
2013-04-15fdo#60924 autoinstall: add writer section; also add more libsMatúš Kukan3-15/+3
2013-04-15gbuild: deliver help files as packagesDavid Tardon7-26/+18
2013-04-15Add missing semicolonsJulien Nabet1-7/+7
2013-04-14fdo#63197: Convert list below:Julien Nabet1-24/+31
2013-04-14install librelogo using filelistsDavid Tardon2-3/+11
2013-04-14install ConvertTextToNumber ext. using filelistDavid Tardon1-3/+3
2013-04-14install extra fonts using filelistsDavid Tardon2-1013/+2
2013-04-14install fonts using filelistsDavid Tardon2-201/+23
2013-04-14fdo#63197, Convert Zip_cfgsrvbitmapunx, Zip_cfgsrvnolang and Zip_cfgusrJulien Nabet1-9/+10
2013-04-13install SDK headers from filelistsDavid Tardon1-15/+15
2013-04-13keep filename in sync with the Pyuno nameDavid Tardon1-1/+1
2013-04-13install Pyuno using PackageDavid Tardon1-15/+20
2013-04-13convert AllLangZip to install using PackagesDavid Tardon3-87/+87
2013-04-12fdo#63197, Convert Zip_autotextuserJulien Nabet1-3/+3
2013-04-11autoinstall: allow to use only one variable listing all idsMatúš Kukan1-18/+1
2013-04-11fdo#60924 scp2: use auto_foo instead of gid_foo_auto_installedMatúš Kukan2-32/+32
2013-04-11autoinstall ure private librariesMatúš Kukan1-205/+26
2013-04-11fdo#60924: autoinstall more librariesMatúš Kukan3-31/+8
2013-04-11use only major version for the system installation path on Windows (fdo#62303)tinderbox1-1/+1
2013-04-11install UI config. files using filelistsDavid Tardon3-17/+132
2013-04-11fdo#63197, Convert Zip_databasebiblioJulien Nabet1-3/+3
2013-04-10add new urelibs library merging some libraries from ure/lib/Matúš Kukan1-1/+11
2013-04-10fdo#63197, Convert Zip_databaseJulien Nabet1-3/+3
2013-04-10one variable to rule them allDavid Tardon1-202/+6
2013-04-10API CHANGE: odk: remove "store" and "reg" librariesMichael Stahl2-17/+1
2013-04-10drop undefined file IDsDavid Tardon4-14/+2
2013-04-10drop unused directory recordsDavid Tardon1-105/+0
2013-04-07Drop workarounds for Mac OS X SDKs 10.4 and 10.5Tor Lillqvist1-14/+0
2013-04-05use filelist install method for udkapi and offapiDavid Tardon1-6/+6