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2019-04-26ITERATE_ALL_LANG_DIR_LPROJ appears to be unusedStephan Bergmann1-14/+0
The Bundle_Contents_Resources_Lang dir gids (its only use) have been unused since f0b57c30fdb5ecdd25879844159b9038399bc6de "Info.plist et al were no longer found when creating a .dmg", and those Contents/Resources/*.lproj dirs are created on demand now, anyway. Change-Id: Ia3e867307c4fc31180594d507721577a21cc20b1 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Stephan Bergmann <>
2019-04-26DIR_ISOLANGUAGE_ALL_LANG_LPROJ is apparently unusedStephan Bergmann1-13/+0
...since dfc4ace4278d6c9e77ec150f947a1a6ee454d70d "fdo#62442: Move the InfoPlist.strings files into the app from langpacks" Change-Id: Ia9913f3edcce1e9a9156de54a43d24766f8682ae Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Stephan Bergmann <>
2018-05-02tdf#116240: Include --with-help=html in installation setsStephan Bergmann1-1/+7 extending the hackery in helpcontent2/ (see comment there). (Ultimately, the gbuild HelpTarget machinery should probably be adapted to the needs of this new help format, once the old help format is no longer supported?) The Perl packaging code finds source files through the "include" paths specified in instsetoo_native/util/ To avoid potential name clashes, put the new .filelist files into workdir/CustomTarget/helpcontent2/help3xsl/filelists/html-help/ sub-directories. read_filelist in solenv/bin/modules/installer/ does not strip white space following the last item in a file list, but (with HAVE_GNUMAKE_FILE_FUNC) the gb_HelpTarget_get_translation_target .filelist files (which are then transformed with sed into the .html .filelist files read by the Perl packaging code) may contain such trailing white space. So $(strip ...) their content in solenv/gbuild/ This is the core part of a change spanning core and helpcontent2. Change-Id: I82e0093ea2064725327330c5485f8e581573e1f2
2017-08-17use correct final language dir namesCaolán McNamara1-1/+4
Change-Id: Iafbdf4961a35809d3c6a778a3292b70456b55913 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Eike Rathke <> Tested-by: Jenkins <>
2017-07-21migrate to boost::gettextCaolán McNamara1-5/+5
* all .ui files go from <interface> to <interface domain="MODULE"> e.g. vcl * all .src files go away and the english source strings folded into the .hrc as NC_("context", "source string") * ResMgr is dropped in favour of std::locale imbued by boost::locale::generator pointed at matching MODULE .mo files * UIConfig translations are folded into the module .mo, so e.g. UIConfig_cui goes from l10n target to normal one, so the res/lang.zips of UI files go away * translation via Translation::get(hrc-define-key, imbued-std::locale) * python can now be translated with its inbuilt gettext support (we keep the name strings.hrc there to keep finding the .hrc file uniform) so magic numbers can go away there * java and starbasic components can be translated via the pre-existing css.resource.StringResourceWithLocation mechanism * en-US res files go away, their strings are now the .hrc keys in the source code * remaining .res files are replaced by .mo files * in .res/.ui-lang-zip files, the old scheme missing translations of strings results in inserting the english original so something can be found, now the standard fallback of using the english original from the source key is used, so partial translations shrink dramatically in size * extract .hrc strings with hrcex which backs onto xgettext -C --add-comments --keyword=NC_:1c,2 --from-code=UTF-8 --no-wrap * extract .ui strings with uiex which backs onto xgettext --add-comments --no-wrap * qtz for gettext translations is generated at runtime as ascii-ified crc32 of content + "|" + msgid * [API CHANGE] remove deprecated binary .res resouce loader related uno apis com::sun::star::resource::OfficeResourceLoader com::sun::star::resource::XResourceBundleLoader com::sun::star::resource::XResourceBundle when translating strings via uno apis can continue to be used Change-Id: Ia2594a2672b7301d9c3421fdf31b6cfe7f3f8d0a
2014-04-14typo: dependend -> dependentThomas Arnhold1-1/+1
2013-12-06Zip .ui translations per UIConfig target.Matúš Kukan1-0/+16
Fix installer / scp2 to not ignore directory prefix in 'Name'. Change-Id: Ib319363c8be73a72029f1ba3833e518e15c55e29 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: David Tardon <> Tested-by: David Tardon <>
2013-08-08fdo#62442: Move the InfoPlist.strings files into the app from langpacksTor Lillqvist1-1/+36
The digital signature of an app bundle includes an integrity check for the Resources subtree. This is the normal place for Mac apps to have their read-only non-code "resources". In LibreOffice it is currently not much used, though. The signature thus breaks when a lang pack installer is run and plops its InfoPlist.strings file into the "Resources" subtree. This file contains translations of strings in the app's Info.plist file. For LibreOffice, it contains translations only for some of the file type names in Info.plist. (Why only some, I don't know.) Files installed by a lang pack insaller into other locations in the app bundle don't harm the signature. Making the InfoPlist.strings files be distributed as part of the main app bundle instead of in langpacks should keep the signature valid even if a lang pack is installed. The InfoPlist.strings files are small so the size of the main app should not grow significantly. This required introduction of a new functionality in scp2: The possibility to generate a list of several complete File or Directory stanzas, one for each language for which translations are being built. (This is different from the existing functionality, used for files that go into lang packs, where a stanza contains several Name or HostName attributes (or whatever the term is) where the attribute names are qualified with the language code in parens.) Change-Id: I3afd9b08944fe1bccb5f0c881d740d260f589e39
2013-06-03re-base on ALv2 code. Includes:Michael Meeks1-21/+12
Patches contributed by Mathias Bauer gnumake4 work variously Patches contributed by Andre Fischer Fixed getcsym.awk to handle #-comments that contain special regexp chars. 118778: Added ADDITIONAL_REPOSITORIES environment variable and its automatic setup in configure. 118160: Added external CoinMP library. Patches contributed by Herbert Duerr #i119168# use generic LICENSE file for langpacks and sdks macosxotoolhelper: need to quote perl regexp if it may contain regexp metachars allow gbuild with empty sysroot on linux Patches contributed by Ingo Schmidt native373: #164472# improvements for msi database Patches contributed by Jurgen Schmidt adapt setup package scripts to handle special DS_Store file for developer snapshot builds imported patch extensions_i117681.patch Patches contributed by Michael Stahl gbuild: should be optional xslt filter: remove the FLA horror wordml import filter: replace FLA usage with plain XSLT Patch contributed by Oliver-Rainer Wittmann i#88652: applied patch, remove unicows deps Remove lots of OS2 conditionals, re-extract Rhino Java, unwind cppunit pieces, cleanup Mac image bits, remove coin-mp and re-package lpsolve, Oxygen & Crystal, fixup qstart bits, expand MPLv2 subset checking. Change-Id: Iad5c8a76399620b892671633c0d8c29996db3564
2013-05-21do not second-guess help langs for installationDavid Tardon1-10/+2
Change-Id: I48484ca81008fe650aa9fa0eb561e3b2ff33399c
2013-04-18remove unused macros from macro.plThomas Arnhold1-36/+0
Change-Id: If69e4c42f487249d7ba5bb3e164f61470ff12ddd
2013-04-17scp: remove unused macrosThomas Arnhold1-11/+0
Change-Id: I48ac97bd6ac8cbd534e50c617f3d54ff10bd2908 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Matúš Kukan <> Tested-by: Matúš Kukan <>
2013-04-15gbuild: deliver help files as packagesDavid Tardon1-1/+1
Change-Id: I52904567d0c7434af3f013cad7c3d9a8a67ac9f2 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: LibreOffice gerrit bot <> Reviewed-by: David Tardon <> Tested-by: David Tardon <>
2012-11-11Kill set_oenv remnants (by just renaming the required timestamp file)Matteo Casalin1-1/+1
Change-Id: I779128111a4f69235a4c8cc6510018fc61d1b24b Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Tor Lillqvist <> Reviewed-by: Tor Lillqvist <>
2012-08-02scp2: SHORT_RESFILE_ALL_LANG seems to be unusedMatúš Kukan1-11/+0
Change-Id: I62b313fc8d8c6dfc821012783365307c8280a96c
2012-05-29run silentlyDavid Tardon1-1/+0
Change-Id: I75474c2f0e938987c28dcfa1f31428e77de03e90
2012-05-29gbuildize scp2David Tardon1-48/+0
Change-Id: If9a0906a76943160cfdbd647b26a801bc4389615
2012-02-05replace SOLARSRC by SRC_ROOT and get rid of SOLARDEFIMG usesNorbert Thiebaud1-1/+1
2010-10-12cleanup - re-build if your config changesMichael Meeks2-24/+30
2010-10-06Allow using --with-poor-help-localizations=ALLFridrich Štrba1-0/+2
Useful for packaging of all localizations in one installer, but not wasting space with all the help
2010-02-25sb111: merged in DEV300_m72sb2-10/+2
2010-02-12changefileheader2: #i109125#: change source file copyright notice from Sun ↵Jens-Heiner Rechtien2-10/+2
Microsystems to Oracle; remove CVS style keywords (RCSfile, Revision)
2009-10-21CWS-TOOLING: integrate CWS buildverbosityVladimir Glazounov1-1/+1
2009-10-13 15:51:48 +0200 fs r276867 : allow building with 'nodep'=='' 2009-10-11 22:39:56 +0200 fs r276820 : silence a compiler warning in a file only used when VERBOSE!="" 2009-10-09 14:37:43 +0200 fs r276807 : let not override the non-presence of $VERBOSE the given command line arguments 2009-10-09 14:36:25 +0200 fs r276806 : also deliver spirit/home/classic/debug/impl 2009-10-08 13:38:07 +0200 fs r276789 : not that many line feeds in --show mode 2009-10-08 13:13:01 +0200 fs r276788 : minor adjustments requested by hjs: - replaced space/tab mixes at beginning of lines with mere tab - made "nothing to update" message for the ZIPALLTARGET target more prominent - removed useless "echo > /dev/nul" statements 2009-10-07 13:32:12 +0200 fs r276753 : #i105585# 2009-10-07 11:31:59 +0200 fs r276742 : #i10000# missing dependency between stoc/security and stoc/util 2009-10-06 22:59:59 +0200 fs r276729 : CWS-TOOLING: rebase CWS buildverbosity to trunk@276699 (milestone: DEV300:m61) 2009-09-29 12:04:58 +0200 fs r276518 : #i10000# 2009-09-29 12:04:25 +0200 fs r276517 : oops 2009-09-29 12:01:07 +0200 fs r276516 : #i84497# removed some more (non-diagnostic) 'echo ------' directives 2009-09-29 11:59:29 +0200 fs r276515 : #i84497# removed some more (non-diagnostic) 'echo ------' directives 2009-09-29 11:52:32 +0200 fs r276514 : #i84497# removed the various 'echo ------------' directives from verbose mode, as per hjs' request 2009-09-29 11:44:16 +0200 fs r276513 : do not duplicate IDLC call commands with different verbosity switches 2009-09-28 21:43:50 +0200 thb r276502 : #i84497# fixed potential recursive macro def + extra ls * solenv/inc/ now setting via VERBOSE!:=, removes warning and my spurious "recursive macro definition" error * solenv/inc/ one extra ls silenced for app target (and quiet mode, that goes without saying) 2009-09-23 08:57:01 +0200 fs r276366 : use ULFEX_VERBOSITY instead of duplicating the ULFEX call 2009-09-21 11:42:26 +0200 fs r276320 : ignore output paths 2009-09-21 11:04:27 +0200 fs r276318 : silence another compiler warning, which only hits us when actually using this (debug) file, which is the case only when slideshow is compiled with a env variable VERBOSE, thus came up in CWS buildverbosity 2009-09-21 10:30:14 +0200 fs r276313 : make some output depend on VERBOSE==TRUE, not COMMAND_ECHO="" While both are equivalent at the moment, COMMAND_ECHO finally is an implementation default of the VERBOSE flag only, so better rely on VERBOSE as the primary verbosity flag 2009-09-21 09:56:57 +0200 fs r276311 : forgot to re-generate from tg_zip before committing 2009-09-21 09:52:11 +0200 fs r276310 : #i84497# even less verbosity 2009-09-17 11:02:47 +0200 fs r276232 : #i84497# verbose implies VERBOSE nowadays, and VERBOSE==FALSE should not lead to -DVERBOSE 2009-09-15 22:59:37 +0200 fs r276189 : #i105022# copy fix for this P1 into this CWS 2009-09-15 11:56:35 +0200 fs r276165 : CWS-TOOLING: rebase CWS buildverbosity to trunk@276043 (milestone: DEV300:m58) 2009-09-14 17:45:10 +0200 fs r276137 : #i84497# don't duplicate zip lines w/ and w/o -q switch, use a variable instead (maintenance) 2009-09-14 15:01:33 +0200 fs r276124 : #i10000# 2009-09-11 23:58:46 +0200 thb r276083 : #i84497#: More quiet-build fine tuning - silenced rsc for real (properly filtering options for cpp, and a pretty brutal amputation of the tool blurp, which would have needed cmd opt parser duplication) - silenced - silenced - silenced zip via -q (in quiet mode) - silenced various idl, resource, transex whatever tool, passing appropriate options down to them '-QQ' sometimes - silenced dmake, pointless blurb that something does *not* need update removed - silenced the old starview idl compiler, to not output tool's name & progress chars in quiet mode 2009-09-11 21:13:59 +0200 thb r276081 : #i84497#: More bits on the quiet mode of the build. The bulk of the changes is disabling those annoying "echo ------------------" lines for the quiet build, which has the stretch goal of outputting *exactly* one line per file compiled/linked/processed. Apart from that, silenced a few especialy annoying module-specific makefiles (basically adding $(COMMAND_ECHO) in front of a gazillion rules). Additionally, slightly tweaked what idlc regards verbose, normal, and quiet mode; this was to have it echo exactly one line per idl file processed (the fact that quiet mode did not echo *anything* for idl files was a bit too much for my taste) 2009-09-04 09:14:35 +0200 fs r275777 : don't emit the link parameters if VERBOSE!=TRUE 2009-09-02 10:31:15 +0200 fs r275700 : #i10000# 2009-09-02 08:44:14 +0200 fs r275697 : update svn:ignore to ignore the output paths 2009-09-02 08:40:54 +0200 fs r275695 : #i84497# less verbose output during build, unless a dedicated '-verbose' switch is given 2009-09-02 08:40:28 +0200 fs r275694 : GRAPHITE is missing in the BUILD_TYPE 2009-09-02 08:40:05 +0200 fs r275693 : #i84497# less verbose output during build, unless a dedicated '-verbose' switch is given 2009-09-02 08:39:25 +0200 fs r275692 : #i84497# less verbose output during build, unless a dedicated '-verbose' switch is given 2009-09-02 08:39:02 +0200 fs r275691 : #i84497# less verbose output during build, unless a dedicated '-verbose' switch is given 2009-09-02 08:38:09 +0200 fs r275690 : #i84497# less verbose output during build 2009-09-02 08:37:06 +0200 fs r275689 : #i84497# don't emit that much noise, unless a '-verbose' switch is given
2008-09-29CWS-TOOLING: integrate CWS native199_DEV300Rüdiger Timm1-1/+3
2008-04-15INTEGRATION: CWS obr08 (1.8.58); FILE MERGEDVladimir Glazounov1-1/+12
2008/02/28 13:16:30 obr #i85831# include translations for OpenDocument types on MacOS X
2008-04-10INTEGRATION: CWS changefileheader (1.12.8); FILE MERGEDRüdiger Timm1-23/+19
2008/03/31 16:07:04 rt #i87441# Change license header to LPGL v3.
2008-04-10INTEGRATION: CWS changefileheader (1.8.90); FILE MERGEDRüdiger Timm1-22/+18
2008/03/31 16:07:04 rt #i87441# Change license header to LPGL v3.
2008-03-18INTEGRATION: CWS sb83 (1.11.2); FILE MERGEDVladimir Glazounov1-11/+3
2008/02/06 14:06:05 sb #i84200# streamlined image set processing 2008/01/29 16:00:16 sb #i85112# merged in cws_src680_native121
2008-01-04INTEGRATION: CWS native110 (1.10.240); FILE MERGEDOliver Bolte1-3/+2
2007/11/12 16:02:42 is #i82248# into source directory 2007/10/04 11:04:53 is #i82251# repackaging, part 3
2008-01-04INTEGRATION: CWS native110 (1.7.308); FILE MERGEDOliver Bolte1-2/+2
2007/10/04 11:04:47 is 1.7.308.1: #i82251# repackaging, part 3
2007-02-06INTEGRATION: CWS ause074 (1.9.8); FILE MERGEDVladimir Glazounov1-4/+4
2007/02/02 11:12:22 hjs #i74085# avoid useless shell calls
2007-01-25INTEGRATION: CWS ause069 (1.8.56); FILE MERGEDOliver Bolte1-6/+6
2006/12/12 12:39:49 hjs #i70359# remove forced shell calls 2006/10/18 17:12:33 hjs #i70359# remove forced shell calls
2006-11-21INTEGRATION: CWS ause071 (1.5.526); FILE MERGEDVladimir Glazounov1-2/+5
2006/11/03 18:36:14 hjs 1.5.526.1: #i71145# regenerate if script was changed
2006-11-01INTEGRATION: CWS native69 (1.5.492); FILE MERGEDVladimir Glazounov1-2/+22
2006/10/19 12:31:56 is 1.5.492.1: #i66224# poor help files patch
2006-08-14INTEGRATION: CWS ause061 (1.7.412); FILE MERGEDJens-Heiner Rechtien1-3/+4
2006/07/12 13:09:53 hjs 1.7.412.1: #i67276# force overwriting
2005-09-09INTEGRATION: CWS ooo19126 (1.6.244); FILE MERGEDRüdiger Timm1-48/+21
2005/09/05 17:48:39 rt #i54170# Change license header: remove SISSL
2005-09-09INTEGRATION: CWS ooo19126 (1.4.278); FILE MERGEDRüdiger Timm1-48/+21
2005/09/05 17:48:39 rt #i54170# Change license header: remove SISSL
2005-03-18INTEGRATION: CWS ause024 (1.5.26); FILE MERGEDKurt Zenker1-3/+3
2005/03/16 14:43:51 hjs #i43704# include languages present in WITH_LANG only
2005-03-01INTEGRATION: CWS vq13 (1.4.6); FILE MERGEDKurt Zenker1-6/+6
2005/02/26 15:03:05 vq #i43294# Fix W32-4nt build in scp2.
2005-03-01INTEGRATION: CWS vq13 (1.3.6); FILE MERGEDKurt Zenker1-3/+3
2005/02/26 15:03:05 vq #i43294# Fix W32-4nt build in scp2.
2005-02-21INTEGRATION: CWS ause022 (1.3.48); FILE MERGEDVladimir Glazounov1-3/+4
2005/02/16 16:17:36 hjs #i42566#, #i42554# fix rebuild problems
2005-02-21INTEGRATION: CWS ause022 (1.2.54); FILE MERGEDVladimir Glazounov1-3/+4
2005/02/16 16:17:35 hjs #i42566#, #i42554# fix rebuild problems
2005-01-20#i10000# fix missing targetHans-Joachim Lankenau1-5/+12
2005-01-13INTEGRATION: CWS babelfish (1.1.2); FILE ADDEDKurt Zenker1-0/+84
2004/12/17 17:05:27 hjs #i37105# write new file only if information changes 2004/12/15 16:20:48 pjanik #i37105#: generate during the build
2005-01-13INTEGRATION: CWS babelfish (1.1.2); FILE ADDEDKurt Zenker1-0/+276
2004/12/17 17:05:27 hjs #i37105# write new file only if information changes 2004/12/15 16:22:58 pjanik #i37105#: generate during the build
2009-10-27Merge latest DEV300 and CWS sb111skotti1-2/+18
2009-10-21#i101955# registry_en-US.xcd is effectively empty (fallback en-US ↵sb1-0/+16
configuration data is stored in the main non-localized xcd files), so need not be installed
2009-08-04#i101955# consolidating xcs/xcu files in xcd files (for now in new ↵sb1-2/+2
postprocess/packregistry); extended configmgr2 to search for multiple xcd files per layer; removed some (relative, wrong) DOCTYPE SYSTEM paths from xcu files to avoid xsltproc warnings; extended scp2 EXTRA_ALL_LANG to work with extensions other than zip (i.e., xcd)