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2013-06-05sidebar conversion tutorial: Create entry points for custom widgets.Jan Holesovsky1-1/+1
For custom widgets, you need an external function named 'makeXYZ' where XYZ is name of the type you want to construct. It exists for many already, but for those that don't yet, you need to create that. Change-Id: I3ad65886897fa73764af2372ceffeca1a57f3165
2013-06-05sidebar conversion tutorial: Introduce action commands in the .ui and .cxx.Jan Holesovsky1-12/+7
We will address the toolbox buttons in the .ui via the string constants. Change-Id: I86dc101276de0d5487de3feb772381b76880dd23
2013-06-05sidebar conversion tutorial: Create .ui in glade.Prashant Pandey1-0/+372
This one is for the Alignment property sidebar. Change-Id: I41161052c07e98d089eabe8f2e2f82bddad41902