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2012-11-21fdo#56584: delete also note caption.Markus Mohrhard1-1/+1
2012-11-21fdo#54898: Test equality by order index (integer) which is more stable.Kohei Yoshida1-3/+3
2012-11-21remove conditional formats withiout range after import, related fdo#56983Markus Mohrhard2-4/+23
2012-11-20only set entries for existing sort entries, related fdo#56958Markus Mohrhard1-1/+1
2012-11-20make sure that the sort vector is large enough, fdo#56958Markus Mohrhard1-0/+3
2012-11-20fix for fdo#55875 numbers as text converted strangelyNoel Power1-1/+8
2012-11-20fdo#56776: Change in formula options should cause repaint.Kohei Yoshida1-0/+5
2012-11-20resolved fdo#56278 broadcast deletion to dependent formula cellsEike Rathke1-32/+35
2012-11-07fix ooxml color exportMarkus Mohrhard1-1/+1
2012-11-07export dxfs at the correct placeMarkus Mohrhard1-1/+1
2012-11-07fdo#53531: Time field can be represented with an extended time field type.Kohei Yoshida1-0/+2
2012-11-07halt corrupted styles with multi-saved xlsx document fdo#55418Noel Power1-1/+4
2012-11-07fix copy paste error, fdo#55673Markus Mohrhard1-1/+1
2012-11-07only delete cond formats if the correct attributes are passed, fdo#56316Markus Mohrhard1-1/+2
2012-11-05Correctly handle cell note shifting when immediate row/column is deleted.Kohei Yoshida1-4/+12
2012-11-05Fix incorrect shifting of cell notes upon cell insertion / deletion.Kohei Yoshida1-2/+8
2012-11-05Remove the correct range, or else maItems would end up with invalid pointer.Kohei Yoshida1-1/+1
2012-11-05fdo#56325: Don't forget to build_tree() in fillTable().Kohei Yoshida1-6/+10
2012-11-05Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/libreoffice-3-6-3' into suse-3.6Petr Mladek30-173/+293
2012-10-30vba procedures and macro names will result in crash, fdo#55174Markus Mohrhard1-0/+4
2012-10-30hopefully more successful attempt to solve fdo#50304Noel Power1-5/+17
2012-10-22only use non blank cells in the visible data methods, fdo#54552Markus Mohrhard1-3/+7
2012-10-22write the custom sort list info into the item set, fdo#53870Markus Mohrhard2-0/+5
2012-10-22ignore broadcaster cells to fill autofilter dialog, fdo#55712Markus Mohrhard1-0/+4
2012-10-19exchange sort settings between the two tab pages, fdo#53482Noel Power2-10/+10
2012-10-16don't insert notes from deleted cells, fdo#55885Markus Mohrhard1-4/+14
2012-10-15Check for null object. The OLE name may not always be set.Kohei Yoshida1-1/+1
2012-10-11only access first element if vector is not empty, fdo#55734Markus Mohrhard1-1/+3
2012-10-11kill this hard coded sheet limit for xlsx import, rhbz#864858Markus Mohrhard1-1/+1
2012-10-11fix for fdo#53814 Revert "there should be no need any more for this check"Noel Power1-0/+4
2012-10-09don't insert the same pointer twice into a ptr_set, fdo#55710Markus Mohrhard1-2/+2
2012-10-09xlsx fix import/export of column widths fdo#55623Noel Power3-5/+6
2012-10-05workaround broken uno implementatiion with ScRangeListMarkus Mohrhard1-0/+13
2012-10-04really export default row heights for xlsx fdo#55621Noel Power2-1/+8
2012-10-04fdo#54940 - make editing relative refs more intuitive to meMichael Meeks3-3/+19
2012-10-04Revert "really export default row heights for xlsx fdo#55621" wrong branchNoel Power2-8/+1
2012-10-04Revert "xlsx fix import/export of column widths fdo#55623" wrong branchNoel Power3-7/+6
2012-10-04xlsx fix import/export of column widths fdo#55623Noel Power3-6/+7
2012-10-04really export default row heights for xlsx fdo#55621Noel Power2-1/+8
2012-10-03fix parent style import xlsx fdo#55198Noel Power2-5/+28
2012-10-03misc comment import/export fixesNoel Power1-0/+13
2012-10-02fdo#46278 - misc comment import/export fixesNoel Power2-3/+2
2012-10-01auto-expand the first conditional format in the list.Michael Meeks1-0/+2
2012-10-01improve conditional formatting height calculations.Michael Meeks1-21/+16
2012-10-01fetime of mpCondFormat is more complex, fdo#55379Markus Mohrhard2-6/+6
2012-10-01fix vell value import from ooxml with array formulas, fdo#54558Markus Mohrhard1-8/+9
2012-10-01ooxml spec allow ext ref to non existent entry, fdo#54558Markus Mohrhard1-1/+7
2012-10-01vba procedures and macro names will result in crash, fdo#55174Markus Mohrhard1-0/+4
2012-09-28xlsx fix cyclic referenced defined names partially fixes bnc#780296 bnc#781166Noel Power2-14/+36
2012-09-28add TabRatio api and detect macro at group shape fixes bnc#770708Noel Power4-9/+36