path: root/sc/qa/extras/sceditfieldobj-cell.cxx
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2013-04-26forgot thoseThomas Arnhold1-0/+3
Change-Id: I8ae6f047744581dbddfbd10b08bc6e4fcf34b0de
2013-04-22Move to MPLv2 license headers, with ESC decision and author's permission.Michael Meeks1-23/+4
2013-04-07mass removal of rtl:: prefixes for O(U)String*Luboš Luňák1-2/+2
Modules sal, salhelper, cppu, cppuhelper, codemaker (selectively) and odk have kept them, in order not to break external API (the automatic using declaration is LO-internal). Change-Id: I588fc9e0c45b914f824f91c0376980621d730f09
2013-01-31Use a method from UnoApitest instead of implement a new one in calcMarcos Paulo de Souza1-1/+4
In calc, we see a lot of implementations of createFileURL. So get ride of all it and start to use the UnoAPitest::createFileURL method. Also, clean the UnoApiRest::createFileURL method, fix the path from UnoApiTest and moved some testing files to the right dir that the file belongs. Conflicts: sc/qa/extras/scoutlineobj.cxx Change-Id: Ic02f13777503729ac70da590f4a42866f17ea9b2
2012-07-09UNO API test for ScEditFieldObj wrt its properties.Kohei Yoshida1-1/+39
To detect a bug such as fdo#50587. Change-Id: I3822af8d592b8aca31c1d4fecc925d0df20d27da
2012-04-30Test setPropertyValue().Kohei Yoshida1-1/+2
Change-Id: Idbad933cf5e3b297e7131e66202a0250b4c3def8
2012-04-30Test for XPropertySet. This is still work-in-progress.Kohei Yoshida1-2/+9
Change-Id: Icf8ddddb9a45435968bc43d8bc7a033ce5cfd702
2012-04-28Fixed crash on tear down during cppunit test.Kohei Yoshida1-0/+3
Change-Id: I5573e554420967d8942295cabe788a9e56835ba0
2012-04-28Renamed the file to make room for the header version of the same test.Kohei Yoshida1-0/+162
This ScEditFieldObj is used for both cell fields and header/footer fields. Change-Id: I8c51de5d173ae934ea604c68030cd84b13f90ef3