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2001-03-02Added support for unique, non-colliding lib*static*.dylib files for each proj...Patrick Luby1-1/+2
2001-03-01io exception now caught during endDocumentJörg Budischewski1-3/+15
2001-02-28Update for Mac OS X static data member automationPatrick Luby1-0/+5
2001-02-23Generated solar list particle for usage per projectNils Fuhrmann1-0/+5
2001-02-17Removed NOOPTFILES for Mac OS X since this is now in solenv/inc/ Luby1-11/+2
2001-02-15Turned off optimization for Mac OS X so that the sax library will not core dumpPatrick Luby1-2/+11
2001-02-15Update for Mac OS XPatrick Luby2-5/+12
2001-02-14Updated for Mac OS XPatrick Luby2-2/+10
2001-02-02Merge NetBSD changes by Michael Rauch from OO614B to HEAD.Sander Vesik1-5/+3
2001-01-04added a test for checking forbidden charctersJörg Budischewski1-12/+28
2001-01-04#82295# improved performace on by 60 percent, on solaris by 40 percentJörg Budischewski2-230/+557
2001-01-04#81589# + #81589# Improved writing performance a little, an exception is now ...Jörg Budischewski1-24/+49
2000-10-25introduced an implementation namespace to avoid this damn unix symbol problemJörg Budischewski6-15/+27
2000-10-13tests build now under solarisJörg Budischewski5-28/+33
2000-10-09chg: SyntaxMartin Hollmichel1-2/+2
2000-09-18initial importJens-Heiner Rechtien17-0/+5868