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2001-05-08Support encryption of streams!Martin Gallwey1-40/+42
2001-05-08made getEncryptionKey inlineMartin Gallwey1-7/+4
2001-05-08Clean up inline methodsMartin Gallwey1-9/+16
2001-05-08retrieve and use encryption data recieved from the manifestMartin Gallwey1-29/+31
2001-05-08Remove an unused method, no longer write EXT descriptors for compressed strea...Martin Gallwey1-32/+54
2001-05-08Remove unused 'aSequence' memberMartin Gallwey1-4/+4
2001-05-08If we have an encrypted stream, decrypt it! (if we can!)Martin Gallwey1-33/+43
2001-05-08Update manifest import to reflect new manifest.dtdMartin Gallwey1-5/+35
2001-05-08Change manifest import to reflect new manifest.dtdMartin Gallwey1-47/+87
2001-05-08Change manifest export to reflect new manifest.dtdMartin Gallwey1-46/+83
2001-05-08Update new defines to reflect new manifest file structureMartin Gallwey1-8/+18
2001-05-08Encode unsigned byte streams, not signed byte streamsMartin Gallwey2-16/+16
2001-05-08Pass the encryption key as a parameter to saveContentsMartin Gallwey1-3/+3
2001-05-08only deliver the dtd from the manifest directoryMartin Gallwey1-1/+1
2001-05-08remove unused methods and add nCurrentDataBegin member to track uncompressed ...Martin Gallwey1-5/+4
2001-05-08Re-arranged the encryption dataMartin Gallwey1-6/+20
2001-05-08Make IterationCount 32 bitMartin Gallwey1-5/+6
2001-05-02#86337# fix name settingMartin Gallwey2-43/+64
2001-04-30fix manifest entryMartin Gallwey1-9/+12
2001-04-30Fix raw copying of streamsMartin Gallwey1-6/+5
2001-04-30set default to be compressedMartin Gallwey1-3/+3
2001-04-30Fix import of mediatype and make the manifest.xml compressedMartin Gallwey1-19/+21
2001-04-30fix copying of raw streamsMartin Gallwey1-7/+4
2001-04-30Fix raw copying of streams + clean up constructorMartin Gallwey1-5/+5
2001-04-30Fix copying of raw streamsMartin Gallwey1-20/+29
2001-04-27#86409# initial importMartin Gallwey4-0/+485
2001-04-27#86409# Support encryption in package files + a couple of optimisationsMartin Gallwey33-686/+1009
2001-04-23Corrected misspellingVladimir Glazounov1-3/+3
2001-04-23Make function conform to prior exception specificationMartin Gallwey1-2/+3
2001-04-19CVS is doing wierd things so putting this back here for now...Martin Gallwey1-0/+152
2001-04-19moved from main inc directoryMartin Gallwey1-205/+0
2001-04-19Moved header files outside of main inc directoryMartin Gallwey1-228/+0
2001-04-19some misc. code clean ups and now use the new XManifestReader/XManifestWriter...Martin Gallwey7-544/+378
2001-04-19moved from main inc directoryMartin Gallwey4-0/+434
2001-04-19misc code clean upsMartin Gallwey9-245/+145
2001-04-19Moved these headers from main inc directoryMartin Gallwey1-0/+119
2001-04-19link with manifest.lib alsoMartin Gallwey1-3/+4
2001-04-19Build manifest alsoMartin Gallwey1-1/+2
2001-04-19Cleaned up the header files and inc directoryMartin Gallwey10-257/+153
2001-04-19initial importMartin Gallwey1-0/+184
2001-04-19Initial importMartin Gallwey10-0/+1179
2001-03-26fix service nameMartin Gallwey1-3/+3
2001-03-23fixed service name / implementation name confusionMartin Gallwey1-4/+4
2001-03-23fixed service/component name confusionMartin Gallwey1-7/+13
2001-03-22#85420#: register component correctlyMichael Brauer1-6/+5
2001-03-19allow backwards compatibility to pre-626 builds with an #if SUPD>625 check ar...Martin Gallwey1-2/+25
2001-03-19also deliver the manifest DTD fileMartin Gallwey1-0/+1
2001-03-19added attribute to ensure a namespace declarationMartin Gallwey1-2/+2
2001-03-16comply with MI's required change for package->packages, as package is a reser...Martin Gallwey18-139/+139
2001-03-08#84734# Only allocate aSequence for deflated streams, and free the memory use...Martin Gallwey1-6/+8