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2014-09-19Remove unused XFastTokenHandler functionsMatúš Kukan2-21/+0
Change-Id: I0d8072f1194aa837932dcffd6dc6a3761bbdc74e
2014-09-17bnc#584721: Import subtitle block to master slidesZolnai Tamás1-6/+3
For some reason subtitle block was skipped for layouts. It seems we can enable it for layout too, it appears well on master slides. Change-Id: I23ec7d4fcce045099bfca9e94a8c9335beaf7468
2014-09-17bnc#584721: Do not add extra title and outliner blocks to master slideZolnai Tamás1-0/+11
There are master slides / layouts imported from PPTX in which there is no title or body layout block, but so far Impress added these by default to the master slides if they were missing. Now they are skipped by the importer code. Change-Id: I256a4e78639ea39d0f87a94e6676422c7dbcde4a
2014-09-17bnc#584721: Right text inside the title area on master pageZolnai Tamás1-0/+1
With setting bClearText to true the default text used inside LO will be removed. Before that change the imported text was appended to the end of the LO default text. Now it contains only the imported text. Change-Id: I9f5eb0e20468a35c64130a433367cd3845ac7e3c
2014-09-15Ensure we export correct label placement value for clustered bar chartsMiklos Vajna1-1/+5
This is similar to 7b8073906adca8dae24c04a23708a3f3d582218f (Ensure we export correct labal placement value for percent/stacked charts., 2014-08-07), in case a clustered bar chart has a top placement ("t" in OOXML), then MSO complains as well. Change-Id: Iffd991127784e0e732f6ae55de956a328a3a53e5
2014-09-14Replace struct EmbeddedWAVAudioFile with simple string.Matúš Kukan9-52/+25
Change-Id: I6659b6e1be865546f380a28e4803fbe593de0803
2014-09-14bnc#591147: OOXML import: Import video file too.Matúš Kukan1-13/+27
Change-Id: Ie9b6c5ff866269e5d7a26d025cb1c0d884ff1134
2014-09-14Move oox/drawingml/*hxx internal headers to oox/inc.Matúš Kukan125-160/+2605
Do not export LinePropertiesContext class as visible. And move GraphicProperties to its own header. Change-Id: I047c181e9f2adc7e59885f59663ea56c7eb898ed
2014-09-12Partial revert of e910705421b40f3accff684e956854ff68761574Stephan Bergmann1-3/+2
"Use Any.get<T>(..) instead of Any.getValue(..) and ugly cast." An empty OString means a different thing than a char* nullptr to FastSerializerHelper::startElementNS. Broke CppunitTest_sd_export_tests at least --with-export-validation. Change-Id: I4ad23c4130bf39708064569b964bcb7fb44cd3b0
2014-09-11SAL_WARN_IFTomaž Vajngerl1-12/+12
Change-Id: Ic2644f8a0f2f1479779aef2d6b0886604c139acb
2014-09-11Use Any.get<T>(..) instead of Any.getValue(..) and ugly castTomaž Vajngerl1-19/+29
Change-Id: I1c76ee7c7873e76fb1682475141c14dd658bff4a
2014-09-11more consistent code style in drawingml exportTomaž Vajngerl1-80/+210
Change-Id: Iba6670fbeb064ee1b1ee54a96267f660c86e18f2
2014-09-11Make GetProperty more clearTomaž Vajngerl1-21/+26
Change-Id: I23ba7950364fa402f1337e8557c3cf8cd9c810cc
2014-09-11bnc#892610: OOXML import: Improve chart number formats.Matúš Kukan6-27/+25
If sourceLinked is used, do not set "PercentageNumberFormat" even if showPercent is true. The format string should be used for "NumberFormat". c8cc89ff802d86b1f3a69afe1b4835b7df7f70c7 unnecessarily disabled "LinkNumberFormatToSource". Use that for data labels but not for axis. Also, actually make attaching number format supplier work for Calc. Previously, non standard formats were added into wrong supplier, and they were thrown away later because it was attached too late. (See also ChartModel::attachNumberFormatsSupplier) Change-Id: Iaf9945abc3d82d0ac63d9f36b8888eb49f39ab57
2014-09-10Clean-upVinaya Mandke1-4/+4
Change-Id: I66255e8bc37191e859c134eab7d7f8117cd9181a Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Michael Stahl <> Tested-by: Michael Stahl <>
2014-09-09Better place to initialize mnThemedIdxMatúš Kukan2-8/+2
To make 'if (rBackgroundFillStyle.mnThemedIdx != 0)' actually work as intended. Avoids invalid call to pTheme->getFillStyle() which is not supposed to return 0 here. Change-Id: I323e2628cba64167240e8f0b945e6693b47b8e77
2014-09-09oox: improve code formattingMichael Stahl1-0/+2
Change-Id: I16b1a80401369a8d78ea87a96daa3ee03d502e6f
2014-09-09oox: fix 0-pointer crash in sd_import_testsMichael Stahl1-2/+7
(regression from 43efd9b40d40b791a2c2deedcac36b99f7efb2cf) Change-Id: Ib8ee521cf8142000cbd38a7475772cc3455f7357
2014-09-09bnc#480256: OOXML import: Respect table background properties a bit moreMatúš Kukan3-6/+37
Only getBackgroundFillProperties() (fill) was used. Use also getBackgroundFillStyleRef() (fillRef). Also, do not replace table background color value with cell color, we have to interpolate the two colors (if cell color is transparent). Unfortunately, we don't use background table property in LibreOffice, so this seems to be a best workaround. Change-Id: I21bcc87a149c9f6d865ebee4012132ccc3a54af2
2014-09-08Presumably, all numeric values shall be written as i4Stephan Bergmann1-8/+6 47c5454ea67632278d69a1ddfe97d74f5cc4449f "fdo#83428: Custom Properties dropped while exporting to docx," not just ones of UNO type double. At least, that fixes CppunitTest_sc_subsequent_export_test's testPivotTableTwoDataFieldsXLSX to not write a "DocSecurity" <property> without content (and thus fail validation). Change-Id: I2d764e65ec2af61139c6564f644d27aa9a00bd7d
2014-09-08loplugin:implicitboolconversionStephan Bergmann1-1/+1
Change-Id: I6caec8c11fab5fc8f1318be676e4bdf5f9cdbac5
2014-09-07-Werror=unused-variableJulien Nabet1-2/+0
Change-Id: I73274d0226999f0f6d8bd681a522ba81d14ebe3e
2014-09-07fdo#83428: Custom Properties dropped while exporting to docxHeena Gupta1-0/+91
Change-Id: Ic289fc446e49fb096cbfad789299736318019e91 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Muthu Subramanian K <> Tested-by: Muthu Subramanian K <>
2014-09-04MSO finally decided to follow the spec, fdo#83312Markus Mohrhard1-1/+11
Change-Id: I8c611b49e3bf4645736425bd33c2994ae2c28337
2014-09-01fix typo Sufface->SurfaceThomas Viehmann1-2/+2
Change-Id: I90847d0edbc2c13e405562647b150012bc5df7e2 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Markus Mohrhard <> Tested-by: Markus Mohrhard <>
2014-08-29Fix build with boost-1.56.0.Jörg Sonnenberger1-2/+2
Change-Id: I61686bf61ff1e0561c385492c563e4495456ca47 Signed-off-by: Thomas Klausner <>
2014-08-28bnc#822347: if number type is not set, skip numberingTomaž Vajngerl1-0/+3
If numbering is detected then (level is > 0) and the number type is not set, the defult bullet symbol is written. This is not correct as the default should be SVX_NUM_NUMBER_NONE which should skip numbering or set it to none. With this change the numbering is skipped (as in MSO). Change-Id: I8d08a6325509c7bd6f96f64c8d29e5f3045458ca
2014-08-28drawingml: remove AUTONUM macro, unneded checksTomaž Vajngerl1-55/+57
Change-Id: Ie0ad7ed9df9d0d1b19fa09b3a4b93a5cbd6b41c6
2014-08-28reduce nesting in WriteParagraphNumberingTomaž Vajngerl1-102/+120
Change-Id: I49a3c3449d8354ce5e2a6e42414fbefdfc489388
2014-08-28drawingml: Use SVX_NUM_NUMBER_NONE as default numbering typeTomaž Vajngerl1-1/+1
Change-Id: I159fcf41fdb6c49687004e959d4032aef28678a5
2014-08-28sanitize "using" and "using namespace" declarationsTomaž Vajngerl2-48/+29
Change-Id: I0b0cccc2d9cfe721c1ed421e614c4350a6b3dc7c
2014-08-28PPTX import: fix missing document metadataMiklos Vajna1-0/+2
Without this, the creation / modification date is lost on import. Change-Id: I0b74ac91aee7b8b3e0bc763247086a3a39816bc1
2014-08-25use ptr_vector to prevent memory leakMarkus Mohrhard4-24/+26
Found by Lsan. Change-Id: I727098ea3861bacf89209615e4b46e986a72c1ce
2014-08-25import the sourceLinked attributeMarkus Mohrhard1-1/+1
Change-Id: I74cdf7a09b2e6e3b3cd8f07b5d3495dcc66848c5
2014-08-22bnc#880448: Improved handling of placeholder shapesMatúš Kukan2-18/+26
If subTitle placeholder is not found, try body instead of title. And use body text styles instead of title, for subTitle. Also improve PPTShape::findPlaceholder to find placeholder with just nSecondSubType type without the same index. Change-Id: I470e7268088eb989fb934007dfcf704f67d8cb1d
2014-08-20remove whitespaceMarkus Mohrhard1-6/+0
Change-Id: I5634bf40e8ccc4ce076409907c13f9c6f52d11a3
2014-08-19writerfilter: fail on mistyped namespace URL'sMiklos Vajna1-1/+1
And also fix one typo detected by this new check. Change-Id: Iaa7a4bb0b6dc3f81e5dd0b352584029cfed4ffbb
2014-08-17remove executable bitsThomas Arnhold1-0/+0
Change-Id: Iec785ae538de81325812b1e6fe33115789b39770
2014-08-15oox: sort namespaces in generated headerMiklos Vajna1-1/+1
Otherwise it's next to impossible to reasonably diff the generated code after a change. Change-Id: I13f98532535bfe3f4915677cb3346300f25e0cfa
2014-08-13warning C4245 signed/unsigned mismatchMichael Stahl1-1/+1
Change-Id: If28543252ee2265e9edd7d7963c1751bd21e754d
2014-08-13update_pchThomas Arnhold1-0/+6
Change-Id: Ic1dae7aac2f4367b4196ba3128c0aea9be1fbbda
2014-08-12Add reference to 'DomainMapper' to some DOCX import classesAdam Co1-0/+2
The reason for adding 'DomainMapper' is to be able to check during import in these classes whether or not the import is in a 'styles.xml' file or not. Also added blank handling for new XML nodes. Reviewed on: Change-Id: Ib2acde736d96f30eda40ee327991dc6ae0ed7f25
2014-08-08Forgot to add break here.Kohei Yoshida1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ic7322f111ca6732243741296d7b5f577af28bf14
2014-08-07Disable export of label placement properties for radar charts.Kohei Yoshida1-1/+3
Change-Id: Ib9e5801bc13ccf146ddd5aa79b7cd7d2a640e203
2014-08-07Ensure we export correct labal placement value for percent/stacked charts.Kohei Yoshida1-7/+37
Normal charts allow a variety of label placement options, but percent/stacked charts only allow three variants, and exporting a wrong value would trigger MS Office to think the file is corrupt. Change-Id: I8bdc1dc072b29e8df2c506b6b16c61279df12045
2014-08-07bnc#821916: Better algorithm to find placeholder shape.Matúš Kukan3-73/+62
Placeholder type seems to be more relevant than index. Change-Id: I9d6c6cad8e0a51b2385801f65d7d1c697ad7998e
2014-08-07Area chart also doesn't support label position property.Kohei Yoshida1-0/+1
Change-Id: I612ca7426b2b3de07d4afe1d78cd809f1f6b37bb
2014-08-07Default data label placement may vary depending on chart types. Get it right.Kohei Yoshida3-12/+32
If we export a wrong placement value, MS Office will flag the file corrupt and the loading will fail. Change-Id: I7ca1239cd390494c1181ecdb3310c5f88bb18f9b
2014-08-07Doughnut charts don't support label placement option. Don't export it.Kohei Yoshida1-2/+17
Change-Id: I6d0e2c099869120bdf594813468a3c5ba4bb46fd
2014-08-07cppcheck: Same iterator used with different containersJulien Nabet1-1/+1
Change-Id: Idc7f16dc4c81857d7a3f508ed830904d90a762b0