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2013-04-27xmllint: reformat filesThomas Arnhold11-10167/+10788
xmllint --loaddtd ./officecfg/registry/data.dtd --format ... Change-Id: I460e753d91dd48907c30fbce5d299e46087aa399
2013-04-27xmllint: reformat filesThomas Arnhold14-5309/+5207
xmllint --loaddtd ./officecfg/registry/data.dtd --format ... Change-Id: I98bea1d8c930dd6b4cb39dcf00d74a636c4f2190
2013-04-27uno:EditSectionMenu doesn't exist anymoreThomas Arnhold1-8/+0
...and it's commented out Change-Id: I0ac21e661383c26794751e05337654d29de18517
2013-04-27xmllint: reformat filesThomas Arnhold14-1392/+1351
xmllint --loaddtd ./officecfg/registry/data.dtd --format ... Change-Id: I2e03c6dcb10111707bd6f9f78248c06377908782
2013-04-27xmllint: reformat filesThomas Arnhold33-391/+335
xmllint --loaddtd ./officecfg/registry/data.dtd --format ... Change-Id: I4659aff9771626875fb582adbfcdc9efcd43d60a
2013-04-27use correct xml syntaxThomas Arnhold1-2/+2
Change-Id: I0f35be194766866c842e2dbac293cbcb4c36200b
2013-04-27indent correctlyThomas Arnhold1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ida5eb46abbc602a0afe355f9ba10059e3dddcd66
2013-04-27xmllint: reformat filesThomas Arnhold3-3896/+3886
xmllint --loaddtd ./officecfg/registry/data.dtd --format ... Change-Id: I7747171b56205fc5df8e049f6165f3eb8dc52a2e
2013-04-27remove double whitespacesThomas Arnhold1-22/+22
Change-Id: Id7d8278611feaaf285711bdaed7dd2f6e396bec4
2013-04-27xmllint: reformat filesThomas Arnhold6-1963/+2190
Change-Id: I7c1806285a325447e0a5ab19212cf1d4779988ef
2013-04-26xmllint: reformat filesThomas Arnhold2-7134/+7131
Writer.xcs is the biggest one Change-Id: Ic7eb27c14579496009c6079b7c815795c6c90e4a
2013-04-26xmllint: reformat filesThomas Arnhold11-2054/+2004
Change-Id: I87c953d8ffa2285c6acd08b6e2c1ef5810b71dfd
2013-04-26xmllint: reformat filesThomas Arnhold13-899/+851
Change-Id: I395211c53d37b02304cb87edc1c829405c215fe1
2013-04-26xmllint: reformat filesThomas Arnhold49-1370/+1396
Change-Id: Ieeadda1e69be45a1fd737a356e5987a54c82b13e
2013-04-26xmllint: reformat filesThomas Arnhold15-1501/+1133
xmllint --loaddtd ./officecfg/registry/data.dtd --format ... Change-Id: I0218762a64f2547424d5ddddf78e3fadc2b65093
2013-04-26xmllint: use <value/>Thomas Arnhold1-2/+2
Change-Id: I6894ccb114044e97b7a1f973864a2fdd8250c8e8
2013-04-26Better wording for Impress "Start from first/current Slide"Samuel Mehrbrodt2-9/+4
The menu is now: Slide Show Start from first Slide Start from current Slide ... instead of: Slide Show Slide Show Slide Show From This Slide ... I also changed the recently introduced function name/uno command for "Start from current Slide". This should make no trouble, since this function has not seen a release so far. Change-Id: I248c9d63ec28071b2887f89912aa90fa1e4afcb5 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-04-23Access Query Properties Dialog from toolbar tooZolnai Tamás1-0/+3
Change-Id: Ide4697e6903c9550d31ea22ff0a5881878fddacf
2013-04-17reformat xml file with xmllintThomas Arnhold1-33/+63
maybe this should be done for all files in officecfg... xmllint --format --recover foo.xml Change-Id: I1fe97a84a706b7d51e21d268cbf7baf32eb0f8f0
2013-04-17remove whitespace from xml tagsThomas Arnhold50-311/+311
Change-Id: I55e8c5876423969788d81524f40c54644f59a256
2013-04-17remove some newlines at eofThomas Arnhold17-253/+0
and one last <author> tag Change-Id: I4fa21ba3cb4b76327ae476f2f7f75152db478f76
2013-04-16Bug 58505 - Tweak F5 for slide display, and add Shift-F5Jakub Golebiewski2-0/+13
Added menu entry to start the presentation from current slide. Changed "Start Presentation" menu entry behavior so it starts from the first slide. Change-Id: Iebba85d2d1dcacad7da6b050e2152be5c0d47261
2013-04-15fdo#60724 correct spellingThomas Arnhold1-1/+1
Change-Id: I7318a9f4f3410edf4dbe67bf08f31682fcb4edc7
2013-04-11fdo#63350 math: move stardard toolbar to the leftThomas Arnhold1-1/+1
Change-Id: I8f57d46737315caa41f7488e82262067a35f5253
2013-04-10Create Photo Album implementationGergő Mocsi3-1/+23
Added a checkbox to enable/diable Keep Aspect ratio. Options 2 images/slide, 4 images/slide implemented. UI tweaks: dialog window remembers last used directory (via config), buttons get enabled/disabled according to the content of the ListBox. ListBox show filename only, full path is shown lower in a label. Dialog window reopens again, if slide preview is not in focus. Added a title slide: author, title. Conflicts: officecfg/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/UI/DrawImpressCommands.xcu sd/uiconfig/simpress/ui/photoalbum.ui Change-Id: I68d2a3e00f8c55b909fe4d98aa3958188653390e Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andras Timar <> Tested-by: Andras Timar <>
2013-04-10API CHANGE: cleanup of Math.xcsThomas Arnhold1-11/+0
Remove deprecated items. All are unused in the code. since 2002 (ce44de00): Misc/NoSymbolsWarning Change-Id: I98c828c81315ecbfbaa09c2571582199d2f6e833
2013-04-10API CHANGE: cleanup of Java.xcsThomas Arnhold1-266/+0
Remove deprecated items. All are unused in the code. since 2002 (d8155fb9): Install/AdditionalClasspath Install/AdditionalSearchPath Install/ExcludeVersion Install/InstallationPackage Install/PackageInstallationDirectory Install/RequiredVersion Install/Vendor Install/VerifiedVersion Install/Version VirtualMachine/DebugPort VirtualMachine/DisableAsyncGC VirtualMachine/EnableClassGC VirtualMachine/EnableVerboseGC VirtualMachine/EnvironmentType VirtualMachine/JavaLibPath VirtualMachine/JavaStackSize VirtualMachine/MaxHeapSize VirtualMachine/MinHeapSize VirtualMachine/NativeStackSize VirtualMachine/RunTimeLib VirtualMachine/SystemClassPath VirtualMachine/VMType VirtualMachine/Verbose VirtualMachine/VerifyMode Change-Id: Iefde5b6d4ff57dc708059681a247efa419c11013
2013-04-10API CHANGE: cleanup of Inet.xcsThomas Arnhold1-65/+0
Remove deprecated items. All are unused in the code. since 2002 (4f36fcfa): Settings/ooInetDNSServer Settings/ooInetSOCKSProxyName Settings/ooInetSOCKSProxyPort Change-Id: I79cd561d1e94e14bf7730f70eac1c08bbc8fe7e4
2013-04-08API CHANGE: cleanup of Common.xcsThomas Arnhold1-353/+0
Remove deprecated items. All are unused in the code. since 2002 (ce44de005c): Gallery/ID_Dialog Image/Color/PosterColor Image/Color/RotationAngle Image/Color/LeftRight Image/Color/BlackWhiteThreshold Image/Effect/MosaicX_Tile Image/Effect/MosaicY_Tile Image/Effect/SolarizationThreshold Image/Effect/TileX_Tile Image/Effect/TileY_Tile since 2004 (f1e7d342bf): OfficeObjects since 2004 (2f137724a5): ExternalApps/ExternalMailer/UseDefaultMailer ExternalApps/ExternalMailer/CommandProfile ExternalApps/ExternalMailer/Profiles MailCommandLineProfile since 2005 (c82714ccf5): Path/Current/OfficeInstall Path/Current/OfficeInstallURL Change-Id: Ia6411ef0912096ced2dc7396e9636a09ee94714c
2013-04-05unotools: remove some unused itemsThomas Arnhold1-15/+0
Change-Id: I95bcac6a3ff8cf4644c9d1596c75cac2d9cd94fe Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <> Tested-by: Miklos Vajna <> Notes: API CHANGE.
2013-04-05Remove SvtInternalOptionsThomas Arnhold1-35/+0
* only Get/SetCurrentTempURL were used, but only for compatibility reasons, to remove old temporary directories (before 2001). Those should be gone today. * MailUIEnabled was false in the xcu file. * SID_MAIL_SENDDOC* are handled some lines further. Change-Id: I482719b0de9df0a77c2fef0bf25ae1fb68926375 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <> Tested-by: Miklos Vajna <> Notes: API CHANGE.
2013-04-02Some cleanup in xcu filesZolnai Tamás1-20/+0
"x-translate" entries are unused so remove them. SFX.xcu: All entry use the same value, it is useless to add this for all language. It's enough to add an "en-US" entry and all local will use it's value. Change-Id: I88d807a092f11d057ed6ee8809eb5d6851e87f95
2013-03-29Save a Copy command does not have an imageAndras Timar1-3/+0
Change-Id: Ibd607b5324a23e6c7be0ffec8237bc9d51bbd4ad
2013-03-25fdo#60780, Save a Copy wipÁdám Csaba Király1-0/+8
GUIStoreModel now correctly calls storeToUrl instead of storeAsUrl, when saving a copy. Dialog title is correctly set. TODO: - Write help Change-Id: I4d7fc9ebc91c2129e8d8dcf9978c324bdddae129
2013-03-23Change duplicate short-cut Alt-I-URob Snelders1-1/+1
Conflicts: officecfg/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/UI/DrawImpressCommands.xcu Change-Id: I0cabf39b3844a056a6c1d83a7941715435fb6307 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Thomas Arnhold <> Tested-by: Thomas Arnhold <>
2013-03-22officecfg: remove author tag from xcs filesThomas Arnhold98-1316/+1
git blame does the same Change-Id: I79ff6866bc0de02ae841df9d15599278ade06e31
2013-03-22officecfg: remove annoying newlinesThomas Arnhold21-1881/+0
introduced due to incomplete removals (like b3321b05) Change-Id: I94c0905b654e29db19ed8cbf706b59033dce948d
2013-03-22officecfg: remove translated stringsThomas Arnhold8-162/+0
Change-Id: Ie8d5e04556dc73213e972969d7dd7461799cd396 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andras Timar <> Tested-by: Andras Timar <>
2013-03-20fdo#35546, implementing 'Create Photo Album' functionGergő Mocsi1-0/+9
Create a slideshow from a series of image files. Created the dialog window (called photoalbum.ui). Image preview is working. Options "Fit to slide" and "1 image and title" are implemented. Added a title page with the author's full name. TODO: 2 images / 4 images per slide i18n of messages UI tweaks Change-Id: I14b337187dc5d373fcd28489098fda813b5fd5f6 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andras Timar <> Tested-by: Andras Timar <>
2013-03-19move to officecfg directoryDavid Ostrovsky1-113/+0
Change-Id: Ia2b793491e4d378ac012debf0beaf6c40d0ee1e1 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: LibreOffice gerrit bot <> Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-03-18fdo#61950 move report builder from bundled extensions to plain codeDavid Ostrovsky15-0/+1374
For test sample report from fdo#61726 can be used. Change-Id: Iacf8ddc4cf8ad0a408d72e18ecb7237476afeffe Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: David Ostrovsky <> Tested-by: David Ostrovsky <>
2013-03-18better wording for the menu entryMarkus Mohrhard1-1/+1
Change-Id: I7ddb4e3b4fc39b542e2ab54a188d0953a2b7ce8d
2013-03-17Clean up indentationStephan Bergmann2-107/+186
Change-Id: I8c4be3a69544ff579f054ec455512f2bddc11944
2013-03-15first step for Insert->Chart From FileMarkus Mohrhard2-0/+10
This needs some tweaks but it looks like we are already able to choose the chart and import it. There are some more tweaks needed to handle internal vs. external data provider, errors, other components, ... Change-Id: Ib3e7f8bbf7b7f49b071d85120930624e2add91a7
2013-03-15let the translators handle these stringsMarkus Mohrhard1-26/+0
Change-Id: I240ab25258cb66786cd8882c8c4e1da5e30f8863
2013-03-11fdo#47011 autosave featureKrisztian Pinter1-1/+1
removed unnecessary prop. name "Document/UserAutoSave" from saveopt.cxx fixed autosave feature setting "losing its value" set autosave feature default value to False Change-Id: I473154b21bab53bf595a5a59e87dc16e472dcbf9 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Bosdonnat Cedric <> Tested-by: Bosdonnat Cedric <>
2013-03-11remove remaining UTF bomBorim2-2/+2
Change-Id: I3a24a7af782f538cdfad4cc58328c5ab7412c2cc Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
2013-03-08Migrate also Java and Online Update setting (fdo#57061)Petr Mladek1-0/+2
The format of the javasetting*.xml file is the same, so why not migrate it. Note that it does help for 4.0 because we modified javavendors.xml. This would cause release of the java setting even when they are not migrated. Well, the migration might be useful in the future, for 5.0 ;-) I was slightly scared to migrate the /org.openoffice.Office.Job but registrymodifications.xcu should include only stuff that can be modified. Minor updates handled this well. AFAIK, we did not change anything in this area for 4.0, so it should be fine. Change-Id: I7775c238a7c298bf877241429c197e76f2093f5d
2013-03-07WIP: fdo#47011 autosave featureKrisztian Pinter2-0/+10
Change-Id: Ib2cbcc33e6188c60c183b5f47e9ae9c9d4c91b95
2013-03-04Add new dialog to Query Design ViewZolnai Tamás1-0/+5
In Query Properties Dialog can be set properties like distinct values and limit. To open choose Edit\Query Properties. Steps of implementation: - Add new slot to Edit menu (menubar.xml): delete the slot of distinct values, because it can set in this dialog too - Separate LimitBox class from limitboxcontroller.cxx (LimitBox.hxx\cxx) With it only LimitBox header is included in the dialog source. - Extend LimitBox class to work with new layout widget (make... and GetOptimalSize()) and add it to the galde catalog - Make a class for the new dialog (QueryPropertiesDialog.hxx\cxx) and write the .ui file. (querypropertiesdialog.ui) - Syncronize the two LimitBox (querycontroller.cxx) Change-Id: Ib84bef5a2ed55030333d6151342b99ff27766538