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2002-07-29Fix merge from OOO_STABLE_1Sander Vesik1-6/+2
2002-07-29Merge from OOO_STABLE_1Sander Vesik5-169/+421
2002-05-09merged kh's changes in 1.0 branch into trunknidd2-13/+20
2002-02-28Fixed bug with gcc 3.X.nidd1-2/+4
2002-01-07fixes for proper use of DictMgr object and cleanup.Kevin Hendricks1-47/+54
Also fixes to prevent re-parsing of the dictionary.lst and prevent corruption of the data structures used to store the list of dictionaries to use, locales, and encodings. A mutex is already in place to prevent changes to these structures simultaneously but nothing was present to prevent reparsing of dictionary.lst Kevin
2001-12-25Fixed bugs caused by relocation in source-tree.nidd1-3/+3
2001-12-25Import of hyphenation data files.nidd1-0/+102
2001-12-25Initial import of altlinux hyphenation modulenidd8-0/+1728
2001-12-03changes so that a separate locale list is kept to betterKevin Hendricks2-47/+68
support spellchecking in multiple languages at once fixes for use OU2A and OU2ENC which created temporary variables that were passed in to MySpell which is not a good idea since those temp variables could go away before the end of the function call. Thanks to Thomas Lange for pointing this out. Kevin
2001-12-03fix lib spell to read from a parsed dictionary.lst of user installedKevin Hendricks2-96/+164
dictionaries, move dictionary location to user/wordbook now allow for spell checking with multiple dictionaries and multiple locales at the same time.
2001-09-24fix to return a spell alternative object even whenKevin Hendricks1-4/+2
no suggestions are found Kevin
2001-09-11fix thinko WNT though have been using libmyspell.libKevin Hendricks1-3/+3
2001-09-11fix makefile to use proper myspell lib name under WNTKevin Hendricks1-3/+11
2001-09-10fix path so that calle to systempath creates the proper nativeKevin Hendricks1-12/+14
path for myspell Kevin
2001-09-08adding a modified version of Thomas Lange's linguistic workbenKevin Hendricks10-0/+2131
code to create a spellchecking component for OpenOffice that uses myspell