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5 daysRemove recently unused CTLScriptType codeKhaled Hosny1-8/+6
2023-05-14use more optional in i18npoolNoel Grandin1-10/+10
2023-05-06update loplugin:stringview* for o3tl::iterateCodePointsNoel Grandin2-9/+11
2023-05-02Resolves: tdf#154987 Add Santali {sat-IN} locale dataEike Rathke2-1/+182
2023-04-25tdf#56258 i18npool en-US: re-arrange outline numbering suggestionsJustin Luth1-20/+20
2023-04-25Group sort bo_IN.xml LC_FORMAT FormatElement for better comparabilityEike Rathke1-106/+106
2023-04-25Inherit ml_IN formats and numberings from hi_INEike Rathke1-185/+7
2023-04-25Group sort hi_IN.xml LC_FORMAT FormatElement for better comparabilityEike Rathke1-83/+83
2023-04-21Fix some getImplementationNameStephan Bergmann1-1/+1
2023-04-20Fix some getImplementationNameStephan Bergmann2-6/+6
2023-04-16Document locale data ReservedWordsEike Rathke1-4/+10
2023-04-16Resolves: tdf#154832 Add Creole (Mauritius) {mfe-MU} [0x06B2] locale dataEike Rathke2-1/+377
2023-04-13Fix UBSan function-type-mismatchStephan Bergmann1-9/+10
2023-04-12loplugin:stringview whitelist getLength and isEmptyNoel Grandin1-2/+2
2023-04-05tdf#148906: Ukrainian letters miss in bullets and numbering dialogJulien Nabet1-0/+45
2023-04-04tdf#151971: Fix used implementation names of transliteration servicesStephan Bergmann1-18/+42
2023-03-30loplugin:stringadd in variousNoel Grandin2-6/+7
2023-03-28Resolves: tdf#154433 Correct {uk-UA} quotation mark charactersEike Rathke1-4/+4
2023-03-18loplugin:stringadd use more O[U]StringCharNoel Grandin2-4/+5
2023-03-17Related: tdf#153842 {dsb-DE} remove confusing commentEike Rathke1-1/+1
2023-03-17Related: tdf#153842 {hsb-DE} does not use AM/PMEike Rathke1-5/+5
2023-03-13make more use of OUStringBuffer::append(OUStringConcat)Noel Grandin1-1/+1
2023-03-02tdf#143148 Use pragma once instead of include guardsAbdallah Elhdad1-4/+1
2023-03-01Related: tdf#153842 {dsb-DE} group separator is '.' dot instead of NBSPEike Rathke1-10/+10
2023-02-28Resolves: tdf#153842 {hsb-DE} currency symbol follows amount with blankEike Rathke1-6/+6
2023-02-15Drop 'using namespace ::std' in dirs [e-p]*Gabor Kelemen1-2/+1
2023-01-10tdf#56258 i18npool en-US: partial revert 5th outline levelJustin Luth1-2/+2
2023-01-10tdf#56258 i18npool en-US: extend outline 1.a) to 4 levelsJustin Luth1-4/+4
2023-01-09tdf#56258 i18npool en-US: document ISO 2145 compliant outline list formatJustin Luth1-1/+1
2023-01-09tdf#56258 i18npool en-US: replace illogical outline 1.(a).i.AJustin Luth1-5/+5
2023-01-09tdf#56258 i18npool en-US: change outline order to match MLA styleJustin Luth1-4/+4
2023-01-06tdf#56258 i18npool: add "adjust" to locale.dtd for outline numberingJustin Luth1-0/+1
2023-01-06tdf#56258: allow i18npool to define SvxAdjust for outlineJustin Luth3-8/+11
2023-01-05tdf#56258 en_US: increase outline levels definitions to 6Justin Luth1-2/+10
2023-01-05Revert all the recent loplugin:unocast changesStephan Bergmann2-12/+1
2023-01-03NFC tdf#56258 i18npool OutLineNumberingLevel: use ref="en_US"Justin Luth8-464/+8
2023-01-03tdf#56258 i18npool: should be a SvxAdjust, not a HoriOrientJustin Luth1-3/+2
2023-01-02NFC tdf#56258 i18npool NumberingLevel: use ref="en_US"Justin Luth48-480/+48
2023-01-01tdf#152785: typo "disabte" instead of "dissabte" for Saturday in occitanJulien Nabet1-2/+2
2022-12-17tdf#152520: Crash when using TITLE_CASE/SENTENCE_CASE in Transliteration moduleJulien Nabet1-4/+7
2022-12-14loplugin:unocast (i18npool::Calendar_gregorian)Stephan Bergmann2-1/+12
2022-11-28Resolves: tdf#148792 Add Portuguese (Mozambique) {pt-MZ} locale and dataEike Rathke2-1/+284
2022-11-27{pt-AO} change to untranslated YY,YYYY keywords, translated AA never workedEike Rathke1-20/+20
2022-11-27Resolves: tdf#150011 Switch default currency HRK Croatian Kuna to EUR EuroEike Rathke1-3/+2
2022-11-14tdf#115007 i18npool: add NatNum12 support to Persian, fix HebrewLászló Németh2-18/+3
2022-11-06-Werror,-Wdeprecated-declarations (sprintf, macOS 13 SDK): i18npoolStephan Bergmann1-12/+27
2022-11-03tdf#115007 i18npool: add NatNum12 formats to localesLászló Németh69-1/+1418
2022-11-03tdf#115007 add NatNum12 number format list items, fix title caseLászló Németh2-1/+41
2022-10-13Change split regexp from \~ to ~Eike Rathke1-1/+1
2022-10-11Deduplicate O(U)StringConcatenationMike Kaganski2-3/+3